I've seen Hurt Locker, the award winning film by the ex wife of James "Avatar" Cameron, which I liked because it was gritty and used a relative unknown in the title role.
With the above in mind I wanted to know why Kathryn Bigelow would use the Actress Jessica Chastain in the title role. Could it be the fact that they look very much alike? Hmmm, on with the review...
The plot is simple and apparently based on true events (says the opening credits at the start of the film).
I thought the script, though well written, was penned by Mr Aesop or Hans Christian Anderson but I'm very cynical re: the reasons of this film.
Anyway, here's the plot in a nutshell....
In 2003, Maya (Jessica Chastain), a young CIA officer, has spent the entirety of her brief career, focusing solely on intelligence related to Osama bin Laden, the so called leader of the so called terrorist organisation called al-Qaeda.
Maya believes based on the body of evidence collected by the CIA that OBL is the so called mastermind of the September 11 attacks in the United States. 
She has just been reassigned to the U.S. embassy in Pakistan to work with a fellow officer, Dan. During the first months of her assignment, Maya often accompanies Dan to a location not revealed to us the paying viewer for his continuing interrogation of Ammar, a detainee with suspected links to several Saudi terrorists. Dan subjects the detainee to torture, including water boarding, and humiliation which includes pulling down his trousers in front of the beautiful Maya. 
Now the scenes of torture were sometimes too much for me to bare, and in some instances seemed to be portrayed on screen in ‘Real Time’ which made me feel very uncomfortable.  It reminded me of the film featuring Samuel L Jackson as the chief interrogator and torturer of the terrorist played by Michael Sheen in the film Unthinkable (I'm vomiting in my own mouth at the very thought of the film!!!!)
This film has no surprises because if you don't know about the 10 year hunt for OBL then you must have been living in the adjacent cave that "they" said he was hiding in (but I'm showing my total dislike of the subject matter me thinks).
This film shows you that the Americans tortured their captives to extract information from them, which ultimately leads to them being able to kill their target, carry the dead weight out of a volatile area, and then get Maya to positively identify him even though he had a nasty bullet wound to the face then finally the "respectful West" give him a traditional Islamic Burial at sea.
Question...  We all know someone who is a Muslim. Have you ever been to a Muslim burial at sea? Have you ever heard of a Muslim being buried at sea?
I just wanted to know because the news tells us that this is what the American authorities did after they had received the body delivered to them by Navy Seals 6.
Here's an article worth reading about the Seals and the mission that you’ll not have seen in the mainstream media which raises one serious questions peeps, and here's another mainstream account.

You decide which account you choose to believe but do use Derby QUAD as the place you choose to watch it because the seats are comfy…
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Article by @gmanzen / 12th February 2013


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