Monday 4th February 2013 - More cuts than a clumsy knife thrower

Where I work, as far back as I can remember we’ve all been able to eat drink and be merry due to our meals being subsidised.  Well not anymore, we all got the memo telling us that because of cut backs, we have to pay full price for all of our meals now (the tight gits).  What they failed to put in the memo was that all of the big wigs upstairs, due to our cut backs can dine for free, so if we the subordinates are broke then the only thing we’ll be dining out on will be the smell from their belches.  As per usual it’s always the little people that suffer right?
Well on the same vain, Conservative Cabinet ministers are pushing for more cuts in the welfare budget in order to save their own behinds and protect their departments from the Treasury’s demand of £10bn in savings, breathe in folks, things are going to get tighter.  
The Government’s decision to target Schools, Defence Equipment, Health and International aid budgets has caused a rift in the Cabinet because this will mean other departments could be up against cuts which could total £28bn from 2015-2018.  Those that will suffer in these budget cuts will be the police, transport, criminal justice, local government, and employment, remember if they suffer, we suffer.  The police are stretched as it is, does this mean that crime rate is going to rise, or will we receive the usual made up statistic bull crap that we get fed and are made to believe.
Nick Clegg is against these cuts and wants the Prime Minister to concentrate on cuts for the rich pensioners on their TV licence, bus passes and winter fuel allowances although Mr Cameron has promised to ‘conserve’ these.  Well, why wouldn’t he.  At the end of the day, the Government is going to do as it sees fit, and not meaning to sound crude but like a good fart we just have to stand firm and brace ourselves.  

Tuesday 5th February 2013 - Nuclear ‘waste’ of time and our money

Due to poor payment and mistreatment, the domestics at my work place went on strike for a week, this meant that bins were overflowing, the smell from the men’s toilets was obscene to the point where even they didn’t hang around like they usually do reading the paper on the loo.  Our boss’s, who at first poo pooed the idea (pun intended) but soon realised that they were up a certain creek without a paddle (literally) realised how valuable the domestics were to the company, that they very quickly granted them their rights.  Thank God the domestics are back and in full force because we all have a role to play.  Let the big clean up commence.
Which leads me nicely on to the fact that Britain has been storing hazardous waste in outdated facilities for years, which will cost nearly £70bn to clean up?  What the?! How has this happened? We talk about being in a triple dip recession, yet the government allows oversights (if it is an oversight) such as this?  Well I guess since us taxpayers will be paying for it, what do they care.  
The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) have said that there are 14 big projects at the Sellafield plant in Cumbria of which 12 are behind schedule and about five of them are over budget, but despite all of this, private companies who run the plant are still being paid very well.  Nuclear executives are also being paid around £690,000 a year by ‘we’ the tax payer without their wages being capped.  Yet ‘we’ have to suffer cuts and we certainly feel every one of them…   
I can’t believe they are still receiving such wages for not actually getting the job done; anyone else would have been sacked.  Margaret Hodge who is the chair of PAC is unsure how long the clean up of the hazardous waste will take or even how much it’s going to cost us taxpayers.  Blooming cheek eh.  The Major Projects Authority (MPA) has been called in to review the biggest and most critical projects, and should publicly report on progress of risk reduction programmes against budgets and plans.
How has it been possible to fall so far behind in the decommissioning of nuclear waste? I guess it’s another fine mess the government has got us into eh. They need to come up with a ‘new clear’ plan.

Wednesday 6th February 2013 - Going, Going, gun

I went to visit a friend the other day, whose next door neighbour thinks it’s funny to constantly play tricks on her.  We were both sat in her kitchen when her neighbour ran in brandishing a gun, pointed it at us and the pulled the trigger of which a flame came blazing from the barrel.  After I’d changed my underwear, cleaned up my own mess and taken my heart pills, the realisation that his supposed gun was a cigarette lighter was a great relief (as well as on my bowels).  Due to me being a lady, I won’t repeat what I called him after shoving the barrel where the sun doesn’t shine; he wants to act like John Wayne, well now he can jolly well walk like him.
I find it ironic that a former top Navy seal sniper was shot dead at point blank range in Texas.  Chris Kyle who documented his career in his bestselling autobiography called ‘American Sniper’.  
Here is a man who was called ‘the devil’ by Iraqi insurgents who placed a bounty on his head of $20,000 (12,700) due to his relentless killing of 106 of them between 1999 and 2009 of which Mr. Kyle said, he felt no remorse.  
During his career, Mr. Kyle had completed four tours of duty; he’d won two Silver Stars and five Bronze Stars for bravery.  To date he has the highest number of killings by a US military sniper. 
Mr Kyle was one of two men shot dead (the other man was also ex military) at a Texan gun range by another ex-soldier called Eddie Ray Routh (notice he goes by three names like most other assassins).  The story is he suffers from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or was he another Manchurian candidate.  
President Obama has been pushing for tighter gun laws, yet like former president George Bush he was caught with a weapon in his hands.  It may have been harmless clay pigeon shooting, but it makes you wonder why the White House released the photo‘s, because it doesn’t make him poster boy material for the White House, but it will keep gun lobbyists sweet.  People say it’s not the guns that are dangerous but the people behind them.  Yet weapons are put in the hands of these people.
Chris Kyle loved guns and was in the process of writing another book, why him? What did he know that we shouldn’t? Was it just another case of a random shooting? Or is it a question of, you live by the sword, you die by the sword...hmmm.  
I’m constantly shooting myself in the foot for one thing or another and sometimes even left holding that invisible smoking gun.  Go figure.

Thursday 7th February 2013 - The children are our future

My kids seem to think that above our front door read the words ‘The Ritz’, well I’ve got news for them, and it’s not good news.  Generally my children are very good and I know they would never embarrass me in public (if they value their lives).  Sometimes though if they are pushed to help around the house they give the impression as if they are Moses and I’m Pharaoh as they plead with me to let their people go.  
Never mind the burning bush, they’d better be put their backs into sweeping so all I can see is a burning brush.  If I’m at work and they get home before me they know the rules are that they start dinner, I heard my son mutter the word ‘neglect’ a word that was quickly retracted when I ‘neglected’ to pay him his allowance.  
It’s a very sad but true story that on average 1.5 million children actually suffer from neglect in Britain.  Professionals such as police, teachers and social workers from about 27 local authorities told investigators from YouGov that it was a regular occurrence to come in contact with neglected children, but the resources to help were minimal. 
The Government defines neglect as a “persistent failure to meet a child’s basic needs and/or psychological need.”  I find this statement to be ironic and very sad considering all of the cuts that the government has imposed on low income families which they are being persecuted for.  Action for Children is looking into why vulnerable families are not being protected. 
In this instance they don’t need to look much further than number 10 Downing Street.  Too harsh?  Then who is to blame? Stress can cause a very negative reaction, not everybody has a broad back and can soldier on. This is a prime time for communities to work together. 
Just like Whitney Houston sang, I too believe the children are our future; neglect shouldn’t be a thing of the future but of the past. 
Women, we go through labour to have our children, let’s make sure our labour isn’t in vain.  Although my kids would say I went through child labour so that I could use them for child labour…  Well the chimneys won’t sweep themselves eh…

Friday 8th February 2013 - Community Spirit

If you’re a regular reader of Citizen Jane you will know that I’m always banging on about community spirit, if we listen too the news we will see that we are being steered into the direction of divide and conquer.  Only we can put a stop to this by showing team spirit within our community, it’s the only way forward.  Live, love and laugh for today because tomorrow is a different day.
I am just one persons opinion, think for yourselves and spread the love.
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Article by Citizen Jane / 8th February 2013


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