I do love my life, I really do. Why? It's because of the varied days that make it up.  Take for instance last week.  I'm chilling minding my own business and I get a call to interview Danny Dyer who's doing a Q&A at Pride Park which is the home of the city's professional football team Derby County.
Will I take the opportunity to conduct interviews with the hardest man on British TV? Well by the title of the piece I guess I do.
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An evening with Danny Dyer, at Pride Park, for one night only.

I remember receiving a call from an old friend called Clifton Mitchell who has an office complex which is next to our ZeN Office. Clifton was a Heavyweight boxer and since his retirement has concentrated on being a trainer, manager and all round successful businessman.  So the office block has offices on the first floor however on the ground floor he has a fully working and functioning boxing gym.
I do remember a few years ago watching Clifton on the TV show called "Homes Under The Hammer" buying the very same building which looks very impressive and imposing to say the least! (But I digress).
So Cliff calls me on Wednesday 23/1/13 and asks me if I'm free on Saturday 26/1/13 if so would I mind doing an interview and Q&A with Danny Dyer.  I told Cliff that I would have a look in my very expensive but seriously underused diary.
I opened the pages that creaked.  A moth flew out which I brushed away and refocused my eyes onto the pages and the 26th in particular.
Pages were blank so I said to Cliff "Yeah, I'm sure I can fit Danny in (as I adjust my tie Jonathan Ross stylee).
So to swot up....
Now when I think of @MrDDyer (his Twitter name) I think of TV shows such as Real Football Factory and Danny Dyer's Real Hard Men and you can possibly fall into the trap of thinking he is the same person on TV as he is off it. This was my chance to find out for myself.....
I'm a man who enjoys being on time so I arrived early and made some notes and generally checked out the room which was empty bar a few staff members who were tidying the room.
The beauty about the room is that from any angle you could see the pitch which only a few minutes previously Derby County Football team had just taken a beating but being a Liverpool fan the beaten feeling would not affect me until the next day when we met the mighty Oldham who promptly kicked our rich bottoms all over Boundary Park (but I digress).
An hour later the room was nice and full which helped me to understand the attraction of Danny.
Talking about attraction.  I looked on his Twitter Page and he has 299,000+ followers which is two hundred and ninety nine more followers than me!
I'm introduced to Danny in a waiting area and we immediately talk footy.  I pointed out to him the obvious that he was a West Ham fan and how did he thought Big Sam (the manager) was doing?
He felt that before Sam had arrived, West Ham played pretty football but were getting nowhere and now they are competitive.....
We then went through how the night was gonna go and parted company.  As I'm leaving the room and walking up the corridor, the co promoter explains to me that Danny wants a nice chilled evening and will answer anything and feel free to take the Mickey with him because he will do it to me!  I have to point out that Danny had a bodyguard that was a mountain and because of this the only thing I would be calling him would be Sir!
My job was to announce the Comic/Impressionist Mike Maguire whose claim to fame is that he was the guy who a few years ago impersonated the voice of Kevin Keegan (the then previous England national team manager) over the phone talking to Sven Goran Erikson (the then current manager).  Also Mike was very experienced having done work for Sky, last week he had put five dishes up for them he informed me!
Ladies and Gentlemen....
So I introduce Danny to the full house and they love him because he represents them, ordinary working class people with no pretensions. He answered all questions put to him even ones that made a seasoned old boot like me!
I can't repeat most of the questions due to this being a family orientated site however he was asked what his next film was. "Run with your Wife" which was coming out on 14th February (which I thought was a joke but he quickly pointed me in the correct direction).
Another question I asked him was if he was going to be joining the cast of UK television's most popular soap opera called EastEnders? Which he said he was going to join up because they had asked him to, however apparently the producers had seen too many C words for their liking and had thus withdrawn the offer.  I said that I had heard that it was in fact he who had turned them down due to finding the demands of appearing in a big soap to be too pressurising? That's when I understood what C word had offended the producers...
All in all Danny was a funny and pleasant young man who in my opinion is a younger version of @CharlieSheen ( I'm not saying that's an insult or a compliment however there's more to life than sex, drugs and Rock N Roll no matter what Charlie or Danny says.....
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Article by @gmanzen / 7th February 2013


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When Gman met Danny Dyer