Monday 28th January 2013 - Is 16 and 17 years of age to young to vote

Sometimes my kids forget themselves and think that they are the parent, but by the widening of my eyes with the burst blood vessels in there corners soon jogs their memories of who is actually in charge.  Now I’m not saying that they don’t have a say in my house, but as well as the fact that children should be seen and not heard but also as they remember that I’m madam speaker.  Mine is a democratic household….  Ahemm.
Members of Parliament are backing calls so that 16 and 17 year olds can vote, what is that all about? So we say that they cannot drink at that age because their not responsible enough, marriage without parental consent is also out of the question, and don’t even think about getting a tattoo before you’re 18, yet the government will give these youngsters the responsibility to make a dent in decisions for our nation.  Talk about a way to confuse our youth.
Although the vote isn’t binding on the Government, the Conservatives are against it, but Labour and the Liberal Democrats are all for it.  As a result, 16 and 17 year olds are expected to vote in next years referendum on Scottish independence.  Does the Government want to push for the age reduction because they feel that they might be able to manipulate the youth? 
I mean…Come on… If you don’t look over 25 in a supermarket you have to do the long walk of shame to put your booze back (which I might add constantly happens to me), yet school kids are being given the opportunity to vote.  Now I’m not belittling the brain capacity of our youth, but society can very quickly rob us of our childhood one way or another, but I guess all of this is only relevant if you think that your vote counts or not?
If you are 30 plus, think back to when you were in your teens what your young mind was consumed with, was it politics? I’m sure 9 out of 10 people will say no.  Your mind was probably in the same gutter as mine.

Tuesday 29th January 2013 - My baby don’t care for the contraception injection 

I went to visit my friend today only to find her wrestling with her dog, after the laughter had subsided I asked her what she was doing, she informed me that her dog had worms and all other ailments.  Apparently, she was sick and tired of it dragging its backside along her carpet (yuk) so she was trying to force feed him pills to help aide his ailments because as we all know dogs cannot administer there own medication, but if they could it would be a fine trick.  My friend loves her dog dearly and will let him lick her face, while she pets and spoils him.
Unfortunately this wasn’t the case for many Ethiopian Jewish immigrant women living in Israel, who unbeknown to them were given the contraception injection Depo-Provera without their consent.  
The government (as they would) denied all knowledge of this invasive act, although the Health Ministry’s Director General has since ordered gynaecologists to cease administering the drug (the very same drug the government know nothing about).  It was a mystery as to why birth rates had dropped considerably in these women; they were given the drug every three months, which is a long lasting and highly effective contraception.  This is no doubt an infringement of these women’s rights and a violation of their bodies.
About 100,000 Ethiopian Jews relocated to Israel under the Law of Return since the 1980s.  The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned that illegal immigrants from Africa threaten the Israeli’s existence as a Jewish Democratic state, (but I guess that’s a whole different debate).  
That aside, what is the governments excuse for the administration of this birth control, which is should surely be a personal decision?  The lack of respect and dignity for these women is outrageous, this is definitely a case of if we tolerate this, without doubt our children will be next, well I guess if they keep injecting these women, there will be no children to even think about.  
Now back to my friend, I seem to think that her dog got his own back, I watched him vigorously licking his backside, then he trotted over to my friend who as per usual petted and spoilt him, while he…..  Yes….  Licked her face, I would have wretched if I didn’t find it so funny.

Wednesday 30th January 2013 - personalised drug treatment on the NHS

I was so sick of people using my mug at work and then not washing it up properly leaving their dried dead skin on the rim and then leaving the inside in such a state that only copious amounts of bleach could cleanse it.  I decided to buy them all a personalised mug, now there isn’t any excuse to use anyone else’s.  Although just in case of mutiny, I now hide my mug…  And I don’t mean my face.
Well the NHS isn’t thinking about personalising mugs but they are thinking about personalising drug treatments.  Scientists are introducing the human genome project into doctor’s surgeries.  These personalised treatments for cancer patients will be put into practice within the next five or ten years.  Well this is what they tell us, surely there must be a drug that can cure most ailments, yet they choose to let people wait.  Why? Because money talks.
The legal drug industry is a lucrative business.  Why make money from just one pill when they can make billions from many pills.  We are made to think that this is an idea in process? Do they have the finished product ready to go? Pharmaceutical companies are the biggest drug pushers going. I know it sounds awful but even though they tell us that personalised medicine called rapid DNA sequencing (not quite so rapid though eh) could save millions on the NHS and could prevent cancer spreading, we the people are a commodity so the more drugs dispensed to we the people the more profit there is for these legal drug pushers. 
Tomorrow’s world ideas were formed in yester year, so all of these so called cures are available but it just serves their purpose to filter it out slowly, killing off us useless eaters.  You can see one doctor on the NHS and then change to private and see the same doctor but get treated differently, sad but true. 
I used to know a guy who used to personalise drugs, he would write the name of his buyers on the little bags. 

Thursday 31st January 2013 - Council Tax bill to rise for the poor

I used to think that I lived like everyone else until I realised I was the only person who used newspaper or leaves to wipe my bottom.  Friends harshly but fairly told me I was poor, I daren’t tell them what they thought they were drinking whenever I made them a cup of tea or coffee.  The soil in my back garden is quite rich….  Shhhh.
I know I’m not the only poor person around, and for those of you in my club be prepared the rise of council tax bills.  If you are on benefits and currently pay little or no council tax or if you are in a low paid job, then the tax increase will affect you.  Since the Government imposed a 10 per cent cut on available budgets, local councils have reduced council tax benefits for low earners, which I think is very gracious of them…..  Not….
As if things aren’t bad enough, it feels like just another kick in the backside for us.  I can understand why people struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but we’ve got to remember ‘they’ put is in this position in the first place.  It leaves a bad taste in the mouth to know that some of Britain’s poorest families are already struggling with falling wages as well as job cuts whilst the cost of living continues to rise, yet tax credits, benefits etc are being severely severed.  It’s seems like a doom to fail situation.  
Some local council’s are demanding a higher payment for low income, which means their support, will not be as generous as the current system.  Two in three councils will impose a flash rate cash cut, which some of you older folks will recall played a leading role in Maggie Thatcher’s downfall in 1990 and was later scrapped along side her job.  But I guess not many people cried over that fact.
Governments state that they are all for the people, but we the people forever fail to witness their love for us.  We don’t care or want to hear about whether Nick Clegg will be sending is son to a public, state or private school, most of us are struggling to keep our kids in school uniform, so to keep rubbing their wealth in our faces is just rude, to the point where we find it quite ‘taxing’.

Friday 1st February 2013 - All about the paper 

At the moment everything we hear about on the news is all about money, whether we have it or not.  I know I keep banging on about the community spirit, but when money comes and goes and you’re part of a community it matters not. The Dells sang about things being “All about the Paper”
Most people think without money, their life isn’t worth much.  These are the times when we need to pool our resources if we want to survive.  Remember as Malcolm X once said “Tomorrow’s belongs to those who prepare for it today”.
I am just one persons opinion, think for yourselves and spread the love.
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Article by Citizen Jane / 1st February 2013


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