I was chilling at home watching the cup match between Swansea City and Chelsea FC.  Swansea were already winning from the first leg so as long as they didn't lose by 2 or more goals they were guaranteed playing in their first final since the year of the Donkey (so sorry, I mean, Donkey's years).
The term "Donkeys Years comes from the fact that Donkeys live long unless they are mistaken for a horse at a certain Irish abattoir but I won't go there eh!
The Swans as they are affectionately called have been to a major final twice. Once in 1926 (10 years before I was born) and 1964 (a year before my current wife was born) so I do understand why they wanted to get there again this century because based on their previous record they may not get the opportunity to have a family day out in the capital city for a long time (but I digress).
Swansea are The Form team at the moment playing great "Ticka Tacka" football implemented by Roberto Martinez, followed by Paulo Sousa, superseded by Brenden Rodgers and developed further by "The Great Dane" and voted the best Danish player ever" Brian Laudrup.
With less than 15mins to go the ball goes out, however, the ball boy, which every home club provides for the match seemed to deliberately waste time.
Now if you've read my posts before you will know that I'm a big football fan, but I do try to be fair.  I believe that winning at all costs is equal to losing, if it means you cheat.
For example, my team Liverpool scored their second goal via a handball by their Top Scorer and "Public Enemy" to the British Media Louis Suarez.
I tweeted at the time that I thought he was wrong to do it and when the same player admitted a few days ago that he had used "Simulation" (i.e., dived) in a match I applauded his honesty even though the TV pundits slaughtered him.
So with the above in mind you can see that standards of fairness are important to me.
So imagine my horror when I saw the Young Ball boy do what he did however it didn't end there.....
The Chelsea player Eden Hazard with 13 minutes of normal time left tried to retrieve the ball from a Ball boy who clearly was trying to slow things down.
Hazard tries to get the ball off the kid (teen) but the boy deliberately falls on the ball so Hazard kicks the ball from under the "petulant child" who feigns injury, Hazard retrieves the ball and the kid is left on the floor writhing around in agony!
The boy gets treated and Hazard gets sent off for violent conduct.  The Swans have issued a statement that the boy and his father will not be taking the accusation any further.
Now on the face of things, it looks as if Eden is mentally suffering from "Paradise Lost Syndrome" or he clearly is a "moral Hazard" but let's look deeper into the story and not be force fed Bovine Excrement by the ‘Lamestream’ Media.
The boy is the 17 year old son of one of the football club's directors which is fine so far.  However let’s see what sort of kid he is.  Now I could describe him as a spoilt brat but I won't, I'll let his twitter account entry written earlier the day of the match confirm the truth. 
His twitter account includes a post where he describes himself as "the king of ball boys" who was "needed for time-wasting".  He also says it is going to be his last appearance (I see the boy has Prophetic abilities too based on his last comment!)
Now Chelsea are out, and Swansea are in their first final in 48 years and I'm pleased for them however if they want to win friends and influence people in a positive way, they should consider a few things.  They should help the kid to be a man by "encouraging" him to "man up!" i.e., to publicly apologise for his involvement in the distasteful episode that shamed his Dad, club and himself.
Apologise to Eden, who didn't do anything wrong, bar show his passion for the game and wasn't physical with the boy, rather he was the victim of the kids desire to join the cast of Glee!
Now I know, getting the young man to do the above is tough, however, every year he will get older, but unless he does the right thing he will only grow physically, but not mentally. 
It isn't about being right, but doing right.  The F.A are gonna throw the book at Eden which they shouldn't, rather they should look at the video again and recognise that the player was playing the game at the highest level, and passions were running high.  His actions, on reflection, were not violent only passionate, and we need to see when our team is losing that the players still care...
Swansea's achievement in reaching this cup final will sadly be overshadowed by a kid who by his own admission is utilised by the club to (and I quote the youth) "to waste time."
To bring us, the avid viewer and football fan to focus, the Swans hierarchy should set their own house in order, and to do that is easy, "do the right thing" doing the above and teach all the ball boys that etiquette and flair shown on the pitch should be adopted by all connected with the club…
Remember children learn from adults.  Adults; be the best you can be, extolling impeccable values and your children will automatically follow suit.....
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Article by @gmanzen / 28th January 2013


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