Monday 21st January 2013 - Food Banks are a thing of the future

Whenever I go to visit my mum I can never leave her house without it looking like I’ve done a monthly shop at the supermarket….  Is it wrong of me to time it when I know I’m low on goodies?  Only kidding folks (sort of).  She’s like a woman on a mission, grabbing things and asking me if I’ll use this or that and before I can even answer it’s been whipped into a bag and placed with the other five bags that are by the front door.
I’m always grateful for these little food parcels, especially because my mother has wonderful culinary skills, so the food going into these bags is quality stuff so much better than dry water crackers with a bottle of milk of magnesium to wash them down.  
Food banks are on the incline at the moment across the UK due to all of the severe cuts that the government has imposed on us.  We are living in 2013 people, how has this happened? Inner cities are taking a big hit with the big battle of poverty.  More and more people are living on the bread line but even that line is taking cuts, to the point of no more bread just the line.
Parents are going hungry just to make sure that their children get to eat.  In Liverpool alone 6,000 ‘new’ families have signed up for food parcels.  So much for the Western World eh…..  All those years of telling people we are better than everyone else only to go back full circle to families dying from lack of nourishing food whilst the fat cats eat to the point of waste and then to add insult to injury watch us alley cats lick our own backsides in the hope of finding something that tastes remotely like a meal.
Gross I know but true right….  Thank God for those food banks otherwise children abandonment levels would be high in the hope of survival.  What a terrible thought but one that is a reality.  Ten years ago food banks rarely existed if at all, yet they are becoming common around the UK.  Find our more.
If you wish to know where your local food bank is check out this link
As a nation we are in a financial mess, but who put us there, where are the money people that could potentially bail us folks out such as the Rothschild’s and Rockefellers (which Jay Z’s record label is by a co-ordinated instance named after, how did a rapper get such status is the question we need to be asking? But that’s another story.) But like the biblical king they sit and feast at their grand tables whilst we dine on their crumbs whilst their dogs lick our sores.  
It is only material stuff that we can’t take with us to the grave, but I guess for some people unless it‘s amongst their own, sharing isn‘t an option.  Greed is a lifestyle that can cause shutters to come crashing down and doors to close.  
I know I’ve gone off at a tangent but the above rant is to emphasise the fact that food hand outs have no need to be in existence here in the UK especially in this day and age, yet here we are…  The Government needs to take responsibility and you can take that to the ‘food’ bank.

Tuesday 22nd January 2013 - Goldman Sachs…  Or should it be Goldman Sucks

Now that I’m home I’m feasting on the food that my mother gave me, bless her.  But I’ve noticed the prices on some of the produce; I had to reach for my heart pills whilst gripping my chest in the shock of how expensive it all was.  It’s a good job my mother got them from the “whoops” section….  You’ve got to love whoops and thank GOD for it too.
Another one of the big wigs (who I imagine has never heard of whoops) Goldman Sachs made more than a quarter of a billion pounds last year just by speculating on food staples.  How can banks be making money on a food crisis? Surely this is morally wrong?  
In 2012 Goldman Sachs made approximately £251m by investing its client’s money into wheat, maize, coffee and sugar this is according to the World Development Movement (WDM). This has given them a boost in profits, which has allowed them to reap the benefits and pay bonus packages to its bankers of £250,000.  
Due to failed harvests last summer in the US and Ukraine, this has caused food prices to go sky high.  Yet as per usual it is the little people that suffer and people like Goldman Sachs that fuel financial speculation.  They invented a system to manage commodity funds that invests money into things such as pension schemes, wealthy people, and insurance companies, so on and so forth.  This is so that they can corner the market together.  A WDM commodities derivatives expert calculated the amount of revenue they believed the bank has made even though Goldman has always tried to hide the breakdown of its profits.
Goldman Sachs is advising clients that corn is one of its top trading commodities for 2013 even after a very bad drought in the USA has shrunk stockpiles down to their lowest level since 1974.…..  I wonder how much they would invest in the corn that has rested on the side of my little toe since 1974?

Wednesday 23rd January 2013 - British people to have a say on EU referendum….  Really

I remember when I used to tell my kids that if they tidied their bedrooms and helped around the house then I would allow them to have more of a say on how our household was run….  Of course this was only said in jest but they didn’t need to know that.
I wonder if David Cameron thinks that we’ll fall the same baloney I told my kids.  He is offering we the public an in or out referendum by 2017 on whether Britain should remain in the EU.  He’s promised that if we vote for the Conservatives in the 2015 election and they win then he has promised the public the choice (just a little nudge then.)  EU or bust.
If it’s bust will this mean the end of foreign investments? Or is this a case of the plan has already been decided, and we are being fed a yarn that we will actually be involved in such a big decision.  Why now, we’ve never been involved before.  Are majority of the Brits bothered whether we do or don’t? 
If Britain left the EU how would this affect us?  If we do leave the EU, won’t this cause a threat to the global economy as we try to emerge from our financial crisis? Let’s pray that David Cameron has a great poker face.
The Conservatives little dig at the Labour Party saying that “Those who refuse to contemplate consulting the British people would make the exit more eventual”.  Mmmm…  Really….  Will a referendum create uncertainty? Ask yourselves this question, regardless of whoever is power, would we still be at the same crossroads….  What do they really think of we the peoples involvement in it all, remember once they take away the ‘referen’ we’re just left with plain ol’ dum.

Thursday 24th January 2013 - From my cold dead hands

I never saw the need to buy my children toy guns to play with, my son used to ask me all the time, moaning that his friends had them to play with so why couldn’t he.  When he saw the look on my face he learnt very quickly to use his imagination and improvise by using gun fingers and making strange peeyow peeyow noises with his mouth.  He also learned to mime those noises too when he knew mummy was tired or had a headache….  Such a good boy.
Apparently in less than a decade gun crime has fallen by more than 40 per cent in Britain’s inner cities due to police improved intelligence.  But I guess these are the crimes that we hear of, there’s no accounting for unreported gun crime.  The big question is where did the guns come from? Who put these weapons in the hands of babes?  Can we still keep blaming movies for glorifying gun crime? Do we blame the underground dealers, or are we to believe these weapons are provided to whittle down the masses?
The new worry is 3-D printing technology where it is feared it might be used to create weapons.
Whenever we take technology that one step further it always comes back to bite us on our ass.  The Home Office did a stud back in 2006 where they discovered that a new semi-automatic handgun with ammunition could be purchased for £1000, Although a group of British soldiers who are to be sentenced this week due to smuggling five handguns into the country to sell to members of the London underworld for approximately £3,500.
Trident teams have gone to great lengths to hinder the rise of gun crime, such as number plate monitoring etc.  This is all well and good but what about the weapons that have a “made in Britain” stamp on them.  At what point did we lose sight of the fact that we are turning into a mini USA.  Statistics count for nothing; they are just words to alleviate our fear.  Web of lies.
I knew someone once who joined a gun club and he used to bore us with the famous quote that he heard actor Charlton Heston say “from my cold dead hands" unfortunately for him when you go out in extreme weather conditions, that’s exactly what happens….  Frost bite is no joke.

Friday 25th January 2013 - Don’t be afraid to be different

It’s so easy to shut our doors on the outside world and due to economical and social pressure selfishness is on the incline, but if we become the positive example and our actions back up our words, neighbourhoods should become easier to live in.  Go on give it a go, don’t be afraid to be different.
I am just one persons opinion, think for yourselves and spread the love.
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Article by Citizen Jane / 25th January 2013


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