Monday 7th January 2013

I arrived at work this morning to hear my boss having a rant at one of my work colleagues who in turn came out of his office in tears….  Oh it’s so good to have things back to normal after the last week and a bit of mayhem.  January is usually the month of depression for those who have spent a fortune on ‘stuff’ for friends and family.  Happy to say I didn’t spend a penny…  Well only when I needed the toilet…..
Joking aside, lots of people are in financial trouble to the point where children are likely to be taken away from their families this year through lack of funds.  Parents are struggling to cope with all of the cuts and benefit changes.  The chief executive of Cafcass (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) Anthony Douglas has stated that he expects to see a leap in child neglect cases due to the fact that thousands of families in Britain will be standing on the financial precipice in the coming months.
Is this what it has boiled down to, the government showing us such disregard, help is way off in the distance, they no longer believe that the children are our future but ‘money’ in their eyes is their baby and they will do whatever they can to nurture it, feed it and watch it grow, irrespective of the casualties the grooming leaves in its wake.  Last year Cafcass had to deal with 7,278 care applications between April and November, Mr Douglas believes that the increase in the economic difficulties will take away the support for the people who are only barely managing to hold things together.
How long is this going to go on for? Is this an ideal way to make people become insular because they have so little, they don’t want to share what little they’ve got, not realising that if we pool our resources we can overcome their sordid plot.  
It must be awful to be in the position that you can’t even look after your own kids and have to give them up, I would fight to keep my kids, but I wouldn’t ever tell them that…..  It’s good to keep them on their toes.

Tuesday 8th January 2013

I spoke to my nephew today he told me that he’d lost his job and had been forced to sign on.  Now, we come from a working family so the thought of him signing on filled him with dread.  He said that inside the Benefits office was like going back in time.  He overheard a women ask a guy if he was actively seeking work and did he have a career path in mind, she was rewarded with the answer “yes I want to be a helicopter pilot”.  What the…..  Where is this place where dreams are not granted but you still get paid?
Now I’m not saying that everyone who is on the dole is on it for the ride, there are thousands of people like my nephew who are on the dole and not out of choice but necessity.  The fight between Labour and The Conservatives (a fight I would pay to see, I wonder who would win) regarding benefits cuts is on.  Not everyone is a blackguard and is out for all they can get, there are some genuine people who want to work but are part of the masses applying for that one advertised job.
The government make these cuts and statements to support the workers and looks down upon the so called scroungers, yet jobs are on the decrease with people on the increase and money ‘supposedly’ scarce, but their answer is that those who have more will get more and those who have little are losers with a capital ‘L’.
I wonder if these MPs actually live in the real world, to understand the needs of genuinely real people.  It makes me laugh when for a lark they do an experiment with us lab rats by living our lives for one day at most a week and then go back to their so called world stating that they couldn’t live like we do and how do we do it, then claim their expenses for the experiment and offer no solutions.
The UK is a registered company and we are its commodities, yet we the people are treated with such disrespect when people start to leave the country, this is what affects our economy, yet what are the government doing to hold people here.  Taxes, taxes, taxes and not much love.  Before money dominated people and the bartering system was in place, the world still turned and people survived.  Who gets a cut from benefits when benefits have been cut?
My nephew decided not to sign on, he’s now training to be a helicopter pilot…. Go figure.

Wednesday 9th January 2013

I woke up late this morning and as you know I’m always in trouble with my boss at work so I had to make that mad dash without having a shower or any breakfast…  By 11am I was chomping at the bit very ratty and my concentration levels were zero…  OK, so it’s my usual day at the office.
At least if need be I’ve got the funds to curb my appetite (well most days anyway) unlike the kids that are sent to school by their parents without any breakfast.  Is this because of lack of time or lack of funds? When I was a kid my parents used to get us all up and we had to eat breakfast together before we did anything else.  They were strong believers in that the first meal of the day was the most important.
Blackpool’s local authorities have become the first in England to provide ‘free’ yes folks ‘free’ (well I’m sure it will be coming from out of our back pockets in some way) school breakfasts for all of its primary school pupils.  They are putting the pressure on for others to follow suit.  Teachers and council leaders are all for it after seeing children arrive at school hungry and unable to concentrate on due to lack of food and energy.
Authorities around the country are urging teachers and heads of schools to help stop the affect of rising poverty by making sure children start there day with a good square meal.  Surely Governments should bare the brunt of some of this responsibility; capitalism has really thrown a spanner in the works.  There will always be money to buy weapons and run government campaigns, yet children are going to school hungry…  Priorities eh…
I guess the saying “Children should be seen and not heard” will soon be changed to “Children should be seen and not fed”….  The first one was always the best….  Good times eh. 

Thursday 10th January 2013

My daughter asked me when she’s old enough if she could build a little house at the bottom of our garden….  Of course I told her a resounding no…  It’s not that I don’t love her, but my roses (which I also love) grow beautifully at the bottom of the garden and it would be a shame to uproot them, also where would I put my compost heap? Anyway there are plenty of places she can move to close by so that she’s within reach to bother me. She tried to bribe me by saying she’d do the cleaning etc, that’s not going to wash with me, she doesn’t do it now.
Speaking of bribes, rural councils will be offered cash incentives to allow more homes to be built in their areas, this is due to the Government trying to sort out the ‘so called’ housing crisis.  What I want to know is, what are they doing about all of the properties in towns and city centres owned by city councils that are standing empty and have done so for years to the point of the work that needs to be done on them is going to cost thousands.
Why does the planning minister Nick Boles feel the need to cut into our green landscape when there are properties that can be renovated and used for local communities.  The way things are going it is impossible for people to afford such properties, it’s getting to the point where there will be no such thing as a first time buyer due to cost.  Apartments and houses have already been built and lay dormant and empty due to this yet they want to build in places where the reason that people moved there in the first place was to get away from built up areas.
If Councils agree to this and win the backing of the local people in a referendum they will then receive 25 per cent of the community levy which tops the current 15 per cent, this is a tax on the that developers carrying out the building work and the money can be used for projects to improve the local community.  These are projects that should be taken care of without the bribe, especially when the local people are already paying their taxes.  
I remember those care free innocent days when a backhander was something my friends boyfriend used to give her after his football team used to lose on a Saturday…. 

Friday 11th January 2013

What have you done today to make yourself stand out and be different? Who have you encouraged? Whatever you do be yourself when doing it because you’re the best person suited for the job. 
I am just one persons opinion, think for yourselves and spread the love.
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Article by Citizen Jane / 11th January 2013


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