This is my last regular review for a while (if not for ever!) due to no longer feeling welcome to go to Westfield Cinema Deluxe in Derby.  I won’t go into details rather I will say that I felt that the management treated me (in my opinion) unfairly.

I don't feel angry now and at the time of incident I wasn't angry then but being shaven headed and "Chocolaty Brown 24-7/365" I do realise that if you do not understand my culture you can be intimidated by my presence.

Anyway, I’m not going to talk anymore about the incident, now to tell you about the film...

The Impossible

This is the amazing story of a family that go to Thailand for a holiday for Christmas.  When they get to their hotel they are pleasantly surprised to be upgraded to an apartment with excellent sea views!

Now this would be a dream come true for anyone however on Boxing Day the biggest most devastating Tsunami the world had ever seen hits the country and in their case, their world.

The scene when the wave hits and completely separates the family is awesome and makes you glad that you, the viewer are safe in the cinema unlike the Belon family.

The film states at the start of the film that it is a true story and not based on a true story.

What is the difference? Well if the film states that it is "based" on a "true" story then they will exercise creative licence on the story but use true elements.  A "true story" means story/film you are watching is accurate so with this in mind the makers of The Impossible are saying it is an accurate film telling the experiences of the Belon family.

I mention the above because what you see on screen is amazing and is one of the best disaster movies I have ever seen.

Naomi Watts plays Maria Belon (Mum), Ewan McGregor is Henry (Dad) and Tom Holland plays the young son and they are all excellent in this film in particular Tom.

There is a moment of nudity which isn't gratuitous rather it is relevant.

What is wonderful about this film is that even though the subject is horrific (250,000 dead, millions displaced), it shows small touches of how compassionate people can be in such adversity however if your still cynical on how precise this film is then please read the excellent piece below written by Simon Jenkins who was there at the time and has commented on the accuracy of the film.

Read his comments via this link.

Finally, to all who have read my reviews over the years, THANKYOU for you dedication and if you still want to read my stuff then may I suggest you follow me on twitter @gmanZeN where I will be constantly talking, just not so much about films...

Article by @gmanzen / 7th January 2013


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REVIEW: The Impossible