Monday 31st December 2012

Everyone appeared to be in a good mood at work today, all set to celebrate and welcome in the New Year, (just in case you’ve had a bash on the head tomorrow we’ll be in 2013) but what does this mean, will we remain in the same position as last year? Will we want to change the world for the greater good? Does entering a New Year mean anything other than partying? Will you aim to be the change you want to see? Or will talk be cheap?
Speaking of cheap GPs are being asked by the NHS to stop providing unnecessary expensive drugs when cheaper alternatives are available, this is all due to the NHS trying to reduce their annual £8bn medicine bill.  The NHS Commissioning Board has found that there is a waste of £33m a month (folks) and that’s just on two branded heart drugs.
An overall study has found out that if GPs were cost-conscious, the total saving across all prescriptions could be as much as £1bn a year, which is almost a quarter of the annual savings that the NHS is expected to make each year.
How about making a really massive saving and stop pumping us with unnecessary drugs that are more harmful to our health than we realise, do we even enquire what is in our drugs, or do we just believe what we are told?  What about the healthy alternative sourced from the land like they used to do in the olden days (although through ignorance people were branded witches and killed for such methods)? 
I’ve never been called a witch before but I have been called the name of a female dog……  You got it….  Princess.

Tuesday 1st January 2013

Once again it’s been a day of feasting, food, food and more food; I won’t need to eat again for the rest of the year….  If only I’d said that yesterday eh.  Well now that the madness is dying down people are starting to slow down on everything such as drinking, eating and merriment.  This suits me fine.
Local authorities have taken it that one step further and have slowed down the speed limit in parts of some towns and cities.  More than a third of local authorities will have stopped or are planning to stop drivers from exceeding over 20mph on some of the roads.  Eight million people are already living under local authorities where 20mph is in operation, places such as Bristol, Liverpool, York, Newcastle-upon-Tyne as well as parts of London.
So folks if you’re not vigilant then you could very quickly lose your licence, the government isn’t there to help us but to hinder us otherwise they wouldn’t keep putting obstacles in our way, now I’m not saying we should be out there tearing down the highways and byways but 20mph…  Come on….  I can understand it if it’s outside schools etc, but we all know how they like to spread things out, they’ll do anything to our money as well as our licence, well it just means less cars on the roads, which then be an excuse to hike up the road tax…..  We know their game…..
Folks do be careful out there, because there are some parts of cities that cars shouldn’t be driving at 20mph….  Well not unless they want to meet a lady that works the night shift eh…..

Wednesday 2nd January 2013 

Now is the time of year when people start to think about their weight, I don’t know why the start of the New Year does that to people….  New beginnings I guess…..  Well new beginnings of a backside you don’t want to keep.
Well guess what there trying to sell to us now…..  That overweight people live longer than those of a healthy weight….  What….  Do you think that slowly and surely, they are trying to kill of the useless eaters?  A new study shows (I’d like to see the person who founded this study) that moderately overweight people have a 6 per cent rate of premature death than an ideal weight person and mildly obese people have no increased risk at all….  Are we to believe this baloney? 
The National Centre for Health Statistics who have studied the link between obesity and mortality caused some controversy in 2007 when they published a similar analysis that showed being fat doesn’t shorten lives.
Tam Fry who is a spokesman for the UK National Obesity Forum has stated that “The consequences of people taking this research and deciding let‘s eat and be merry will be catastrophic.”  How can anyone encourage obesity?  Or is this just another ploy to encourage us to eat their nasty GM foods.  Hmmm
I bought a mirror the other day, the sales person convinced me it was from the circus’s house of mirrors and that’s why my shape looked the way it did in it…. I’m not convinced, why does everyone else who looks in it appear normal, because of this I asked my friend if I’d put on weight…  She said “fat chance of that happening”….  Not a great choice of words. 

Thursday 3rd January 2013

My boss is so tight, he refuses to put heating on in the office, you can’t just sit at your desk, and if you stop moving around you’ll probably die from hyperthermia.  He’s constantly asking us girls “why are we smuggling peanuts”.  
In a way, I understand his meanness due to the fact that fuel bills are being hiked up.  Six million households will be facing a hefty average bill of £530 in the next quarter.  The figure shown is £50 higher than last winter’s bill.  Around 20,000 elderly died last year of a cold weather related illness, if this isn’t a clue that people are struggling to pay their bills so keep the cost down, then I don’t know what is.
This bill is really going to hit those who have spent to excess over the Christmas period, which people are being encouraged to do and then slammed with this ridiculous bill just after…..  Nice…
This means that our average fuel bills will be £1,343, home owners have been subjected to fuel poverty….  The heating turned down low whilst wrapped in a blanket…  I beseech the government to show me how they are helping us again.
I’ve now found a way for my boss to turn the heating on at work; I’ve started wetting myself to keep warm…  

Friday 4th January 2013

A New Year beginning with New Years resolutions that people make and have usually forgotten before January is even up, but if we make it a life long plan of helping each other, working together as a community it then becomes a commitment rather than a whim.  Let’s be the positive difference so that others will then want to do the same.
I am just one persons opinion, think for yourselves and spread the love.
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Article by Citizen Jane / 4th January 2013


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