This year has been a bumper year for blockbusters but not all big films were in my opinion any good. Take John Carter of Mars. The critics hated it and based on the published takings, the general public thought it stunk too, however, I didn't, I infact loved it.
This leads me to talk about the next and final film I'm gonna review this year which I think is a very apt film.
Come closer and walk with me as I attempt to Connect ...The ....Dots...
Tom Cruise has starred in many action films. My favourite ones thus far are Mission: Impossible and The Last Samurai. I thought Knight and Day could have been brilliant if it had removed the jokes/comedy elements. Jack Reacher has no comedic moments.
Reacher is a wild card, a highly decorated warrior once employed as a brilliant internal investigator, who has now quit the army and disappeared off the map, a hero for hire. Technically he's a one man A-Team!
He was born on a military base in Berlin in 1960. A graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, he served 13 years in the Military Police, during which time he became part of a fictional military police unit, the 110th Special Investigations Unit, formed to handle exceptionally tough cases, especially those involving members of the United States Army Special Forces.
He received many military awards during his career, including the Silver Star, the Defence Superior Service Medal, the Legion of Merit, the Soldier's Medal, the Bronze Star, and a Purple Heart.
Since leaving the Army, Reacher has been a drifter. He wanders throughout the United States because he was accustomed to being told where to go, when to go and what to do for every day of his life from military childhood to military adulthood. He also felt he never got to know his own country, having spent much of his youth living overseas on military bases and at the military school West Point. He usually travels by hitchhiking or bus. As a drifter, the only possessions he carries are money, a foldable toothbrush and, after 9/11, an expired passport and an ATM debit card. He has never possessed a driver's license.
Let's go back in time.
In July 2011, Cruise was in negotiations to play the role of Jack Reacher. Author Lee Child said that it would be impossible to find a suitable actor to play the giant Reacher and to recreate the feel of the book onscreen (what about The Rock?), and that Cruise had the talent to make an effective Reacher. Child also said, "Reacher's size in the books is a metaphor for an unstoppable force, which Cruise portrays in his own way."
Of Cruise's relatively small stature, Child said, "With another actor you might get 100% of the height but only 90% of Reacher (I see now why he didn't use The Rock now!). With Tom, you'll get 100% of Reacher with 90% of the height." 
The above statement by Childs is in my opinion after watching the film, very accurate.
"So what's the plot" I hear you ask? Read on...
The film starts with a sniper who is seen setting up and then “picking off” people at random. We see the shooter from start to finish, carefully perfecting each detail. We see his targets and then he shoots. Next thing we know, the cops are on the scene looking for fingerprints. They find several clean ones and then they apprehend the shooter. 
We see the sniper being interrogated and he's given a sheet of paper to sign confessing to (in their opinion) the open and shut case. He takes the paper and writes "Get me Jack Reacher."
Do bare in mind Jack is a virtual ghost. He can’t be found. He finds you.
Jack makes himself known to the defence lawyers and he initially believes the sniper is guilty however he decides to look deeper because the evidence though adding up doesn't in his analytical mind, quite add up.
Even though this is an excellent film, and I would suggest you go watch it, I want to digress and talk about the spate of shootings that heave been taking place in The US of A.
The killings that took place in Aurora in the cinema during the screening of The Dark Knight Rises.  The killings of the worshipers at the Sikh temple in the USA.  The Newtown killings in School at the USA.
All the people were killed by a "lone shooter" as confirmed by the media, however, there are many reports on YouTube pointing out by various eye witnesses that in all the above mentioned cases there were others involved. 
Some of the links below are interesting in that they show that Sandy Hook was on "The Map" (literally in the case of the 3rd link) even if we daren't believe what's clearly staring us in the face. See the links for yourself...
Sandy Hook Massacre Official Story Spins out of Control
Sandy Hook, police shutdown
Lower Part of Gotham Renamed "Sandy Hook" in Dark Knight Film  
Now back to the film...
All the evidence points to the fact that the trained sniper is guilty and is working alone based on his past.
I really don't want to spoil this film for you by revealing spoilers suffice to say that in 2013 I will be arranging to do talks about the correlation between film and events that happen in the world that are described as atrocities.
In conclusion, I think Tom Cruise is a brave man to associate himself to such an eye opening film for those who choose to "connect the dots!"
Tom, if you're reading this, take my advice: Hand over the IMF franchise to Ryan Gosling and considering that the writer Lee Child has written 17 books in the Jack Reacher series you should bulk up and try and do as many more films with this character as you possibly can because you're onto a winner. 
Great film, great actor but do connect...the...dots....

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"what's the 411?" 
you know it makes sense........

Article by @gmanzen / 27th December 2012


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