Tonight, on Channel 4, the second series of the documentary ‘Coppers’ continues with a look atNottingham’s Police frontline. 

“[The episode was] filmed during the summer of 2011 when the shooting of Mark Duggan by police in London sparked the biggest civil unrest for decades, this high-octane episode offers a unique insight into the riots across England, through the eyes of police as the 'thin blue line' is stretched to breaking point.”

“Coppers captures shocking scenes asNottingham's frontline officers find themselves in the middle of some of the worst anti-police violence in a generation, with police cars and stations under attack from bricks and petrol bombs.”

In the weeks that followed the riots, there was much talk about the ‘real reason’ behind the scale of violence, unrest and lawlessness. 

The results of a collaborative study by the Guardian and London School of Economics (LSE) suggested that widespread anger and frustration at the way police engage with communities was a significant cause of the summer riots in every major city where disorder took place.  The findings corroborated The Metropolitan police's internal report on the riots, also released last December. 

Following tonight’s documentary, we would like to hear from you.

Do you agree with these results of the study?

Does the documentary illustrate how difficult it is to be policeman/woman in today’s society? 

Were the riots inNottinghamreally that bad?

Article by Lucy G / 16th January 2012


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Channel4 ‘COPPERS’ Hits Notts