Monday 17th December 2012

My kids came home from school asking if they could go on an exchange school trip to America, now I’m not one to molly coddle my brood but I have to say I’m wary about sending them on the trip due to recent murderous events over there. Why is it, at this time of year, people are either happy due to consumerism or acting crazy, all by design too.  

The murder of the staff and pupils at the primary school in Newtown, Connecticut does not promote ‘Tis the season to be jolly’.  Why does this keep happening? Why do they tell us that only one gun man is involved in these situations, there never is only one, there is always a look out, one to watch the back of the other, (well that’s what happens in Western films anyway).

Is this a clever way for the government to enforce there gun control laws (not that I’m condoning weapons) but if the people comply with the government, then what? There are more of us who watch films and don’t act upon what we’ve seen than those that do.  Who put the weapons in the hands of the people in the first place? Now that it’s backfiring (no pun intended) all of the blame and blood is now on the hands of the people.

The government is never going to give up their weapons or stop gun manufacturers from making and selling them to countries around the world and so the vicious and violent circle continues.  Who will be the one to set the example?

Below are two different views for gun rights.  What’s your view?

"A few remedies for the right to bare arms" - Huffington Post

"My Cold Dead Hands" - You Tube

OK, what was I thinking, now my kids are driving me crazy, all their friends have gone on the trip so I’m left to entertain them…?  Somebody hold me back.

Tuesday 18th December 2012

I Remember when I was younger and my older sister had a paper round job, she always used to treat me and my little sister to sweets with her meagre wages.  I remember on the days when it snowed she used to ask me to get up and help her on her rounds which started at 6 am, needless to say on those mornings heavy sleeping was in order, no matter how much she tried to shake me awake.  With my innocent mind I used to think it was slave labour….  What did I know eh?

Now a paper round is nothing in comparison to what the children in the Central African Republic have to face, this very poor country where children are forced into slavery, they experience brutality and violence and some are forced to kill. UNICEF is looking to restore hope into the lives of these children by appealing to the good hearts of the wealthy western world.

The appeal will be to raise money to support the work of UNICEF….  Where is the help of the countries government? Is money worth more than the lives of these children? How is it that these rebel groups are able to run amok without the military successfully stepping in? Divide and conquer.  UNICEF wants to train staff to help provide health, basic food and shelter for the former child soldiers. How is it, these children can lay their hands on weapons but food is scarce.  

UNICEF’s aim is to reunite these children with their families if they can be found if not foster parents will be employed.  These poor children must have seen and experienced some unimaginable things (and my kids think they’ve got it tough).  If we all shout loud enough governments have to sit up and take notice of us, but if you are a soldier of truth then be prepared for the backlash. The universal rule of divide and conquer needs to be knocked on its head…..  

It’s a crying shame how some adults can use children and put them in such vile situations.  My kids moan when I send them to the shops …. Talk about putting things into perspective. (No, unfortunately that’s not the new name of a children’s home).

Wednesday 19th December 2012

Things are very tight all round at the moment and I don’t just mean my clothes….  Note to self…..   (STOP EATING SO MUCH).  Well it is the festive season, well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it…  With all of the cuts the government isn’t making it easy for people to survive.

Young mothers are stealing to provide for their children especially over the Christmas period.  Is this a simple case of desperate time’s calls for desperate measures? The way the economy is at the moment it is making it easy/difficult for people to steal instead of sing for their supper these days.  

Does peer pressure play a big role in this or are people generally that desperate?  With everything thrown in such as mortgages/rent, fuel prices, energy costs, grocery shopping etc, the government isn’t giving people room to manoeuvre.  Why do they want us to be so vulnerable? Do they think in our weakness they can be strong? They aren’t helping us anytime soon.  Talk is cheap and ‘we’ the people aren’t seeing any actions.  Only the elite are prospering while we suffer.  More than £500m is expected to be shoplifted over the next six weeks according to the Centre for Retail research. If they can determine this figure, then why don’t they just lower the price of ‘material things?’

Are we paying over the odds for everything? Is the title rip off Britain a perfect name for this country? Or should we be grateful for small mercies? Yes, we don’t have to walk miles for clean water….  But what do they put in it? Yes, we don’t have to dig for grain but we do have to pay over the odds for our produce.  How are single parents meant to survive and provide for their children when a couple pooling their wages are just managing to hold things together?  How dependent does the government want us to be on them so that we aren’t dependent on each other?

I know I keep banging on about it but hey ho, (now there’s a statement not to be shouted loudly on the Forest Road) that’s me, but we should definitely invest into our communities.  

I know everything is relative in regards to where we live….  Where I live relatives want to know everything.     

Thursday 20th December 2012

I received a letter from the bank to say that I’d gone over drawn by £5.00, the letter they sent me cost me £25.00.  How does this make any sense, there’s a reason why I’m over drawn, does the bank think that it’s helping me by worsening my situation….  I mean…. £25.00 where’s the love….

They tell us that we’re in a recession and we are supposed to believe them, yes things are tight, but let’s be honest it is all by design, keep the masses down….  Without hope, so that we won’t fight back.  To top it of the new Bank of England governor Mark Carney (now I’m not saying that his job is easy) has landed on his feet with a wage packet of a mere £874,000 a year, which broken down is £480,000 wages, £144,000 pension and £250,000 housing allowance … What is that all about, we are constantly told that there isn’t any money in the coffers, I guess you have to become a banker to survive this current economic climate.  

Where does the money come from to pay for such lavish wages…?  Oh yeah our rip off fines for going overdrawn…..  Bucking Fankers….  I‘m not bitter.

Friday 21st December 2012

We are coming up to the end of the year, it’s a time to look back and reflect, on what we can change, let’s do away with selfish thoughts and think about those who are in need.  Let’s be the change we want to see.
I am just one persons opinion, think for yourselves and spread the love.

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Article by Citizen Jane / 21st December 2012


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