Monday 10th December 2012
I overheard a guy talking on the bus about his trip to Jamaica, he said he thought that it was legal to smoke marijuana over there so he went out walked along the beach and scored some dope, she then left him so he scored some drugs instead.  It’s inevitable to say that the police were involved, there was a lot of bending over and cavities were searched, tears were shed as quickly as his under-crackers.  
Needless to say on the return flight back as well as an in-flight meal a haemorrhoid ring cushion was required, I really want to mention that he was the ‘butt’ of every ones jokes but I feel that would be to cr‘ass’.
The Government has ruled out the rethink of legalising cannabis, now I’m not condoning drugs but I find it hypocritical that the government to want to ban something that is grown naturally yet allow pharmaceutical companies to legalise their drugs that have terrible side effects and have also caused death.  These companies know about these effects and hide the information and because of this the drugs keep getting approved by the FDA (Food and Drug administration).
How is it that the Government approves of so many ‘legalised’ drugs? Does money pay a key factor? Are we technically the guinea pigs for these drug companies? How is it with all of these legal drugs more and more people are dying of cancer as well as other diseases?  Should we take the hint and realise that they are ’legally’ trying to bump us off with their laboratory made drugs, does that make us their rats? Well I guess like a rat it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve peed and pooed myself whilst on the move in public, but I guess that another story.
Tuesday 11th December 2012
I have a friend who said that she knew how the homeless felt, now just for the record, she lives in a five bedroom detached house that has three bathrooms, a big garden and a double garage.  It just so happens that one night after a heavy session on the lash, she couldn’t find her key so she ended up spending the night outside on her patio…From this she feels that she has experienced homelessness, I would say it was more like hopelessness.
The Government has made a bold statement that if we, the public see someone who is homeless then we must ring the new homelessness hotline on 0800 500 0914 or visit which will intern alert a network of welfare charities that may help them.  StreetLink is an organisation for those who are concerned about someone sleeping rough. [Meet StreetLink]
Is this taking away the rights of the people? Does everyone want to have a roof over their heads, being governed by a mortgage as well as other things? [The American Who Quit Money to Live in a Cave] should people have the right to choose where they dwell….  Or not as the case may be? 
Housing Minister Mark Prisk has urged people to offer a hand-up rather than a handout by calling StreetLink which the government has funded with £250,000 (which I’d like to know with all the cuts where this money has come from) but how long would it take for the help to arrive? Usually wherever the governments involved things tend to get dragged out.  But as a community should there be people on the streets who don’t want to be there? Shouldn’t we reach out and help our fellow man? 
Have we been put into this situation by design? How can we have so many people homeless when up and down our highways and byways there are houses that are boarded up and stand empty which could be used within our communities to house the homeless with aid? Or would this be too much to ask?
When my fella is getting on my nerves I become homeless…..  Or should I say I go ‘home-less’….  Works for me.

Wednesday 12th December 2012

Now I don’t know about you but whenever I access my emails I want to read them privately without someone looking over my shoulder, which is what my boss does to me at work, usually followed by the threat of “if I don’t get any work done then I can check my emails down at the dole office” which I think is quite harsh considering they don’t even have WiFi there.  He just loves snooping into my business.
Which leads me nicely into the fact that the government are readdressing the ‘snoopers’ charter’ which if passed will give the police and security services the power to monitor everyone’s internet.  Now are we all happy with this? Is it catch 22 where it would help to catch the criminals, but the innocent also get caught up in the line of fire? Should it be a case of if you’re innocent what have you got to worry about? Or is it another way for them to keep tabs on us yet again without our agreement? 
This damning verdict on the snooper's charter is the start of a longer battle
The Prime Minister and the Home Secretary Theresa May wanted the Communications Bill to become law but after criticism from Nick Clegg as well as other MPs, they are to rethink this decision.  Some have claimed that the Bill could make the UK an unappealing place to live, governed by people watching our every move, knowing where we are at all times…..  Wait this feels like déjà vu….  Like the afore mentioned has happened already….
Surely as a nation we wouldn’t want our rights to be taken away and not because we are hiding something (but just on principle), we talk about democracy, liberty and ignorantly wonder how people who live in communist countries put up with such close scrutiny yet would we really (bearing in mind there are more of us than of them) allow them to be so bold.  Have we lost our voices, I don’t believe we have, I guess some of us just need to find them.
How simple were our lives before we got too technical, not saying that it’s a good thing or a bad thing but for that balance there will always be positive and negatives…..  But “Techno” notice of me I’m just having my usual rant.

Thursday 13th December 2012

How is it that it takes Christmas to bring out the strange behaviour in some people, I saw a woman hold another in a headlock so that she could get the toy her child required. It wasn’t a pretty sight I can assure you….   Most people are getting into the Christmas spirit (usually the spiced rum), carols are being played in stores children are excited whilst at the other end of the scale parents are panicking about what gifts to purchase as well as how they are going to pay for it all.
Even with all the madness that is ensuing, the high street shops are still suffering, whilst internet shopping is on the increase.  Is this the reason why we can no longer communicate with one another because everything is now at the touch of a button and people no longer have to leave there homes for things anymore whether it be for work, shopping or even banking? High street stores are constantly playing catch up when it comes to meeting their targets. There has been a permanent sale on in most shops for the passed 8 years which is hitting them hard for a loss.  Will this eventually cause our High Street shops to become extinct?   
Is internet shopping the new way forward….?  Is it the only way forward? Should the high street shops lower its prices? But in order too do this should landlords lower the rent and work with shop owners especially the independent ones for it to be a win win situation? Greed causes a lot of problems in today’s society bearing in mind we can’t take it with us.  
My kids think I’m cruel for telling them Santa doesn’t exist (If you still think Santa is real look away now…..  Oh too late).   

Friday 14th December 2012

How can we get over the divide and conquer issue? We must unite and rule by speaking and encouraging the truth, but without war, it’s the only way to educate our children, violence begets violence so therefore peace can only beget peace.  Why would we want to live any other way? 
I am just one persons opinion, think for yourselves and spread the love.
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Article by Citizen Jane / 14th December 2012


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