Monday 3rd December 2012

One of my colleagues is funny and she doesn’t even know it, you know those people that say things without thinking which turns out to be pure comedy without them even trying, I told her that some friends of mine were going to Blackpool but I wasn‘t able to go, she said and I quote “That’s not right, how can a place discriminate so blatantly, how can there be a pool just for black people.”  This is said in all seriousness as I’m trying to hold it together.
Speaking of Blackpool, Ed Davey the Energy Secretary is trying to put stringencies in place on the extraction of shale gas by hydraulic fracturing also known as “fracking” (what a fantastic word), due to this method causing two small earthquakes near Blackpool last year.  More than 60 per cent of countryside’s could be used for the exploitation of shale gas, governments are giving the go ahead for this new energy source since North Sea oil (well, if it generates money, why wouldn‘t they eh.) 
Maps that have been drawn up by the Department of Energy and Climate Change are suggesting that more than 32,000 square miles of Britain, (sites are North Southern England, the North West, the North East and Central Scotland which ‘coincidently’ are areas held by Conservative MPs) which is 64 per cent of the landmass that could be considered for exploration and development licences, that said just because this large area has potential shale reserve, this doesn’t mean all the areas will be developed.  Which is a good job really otherwise we would end up looking like a war torn place.
If companies want to carry out “fracking” which is done by propagating fractures in rock layers to extract the natural gas they contain, they would have to get planning approval from the government.  Then we wonder why we get slammed by ‘unnatural’ disasters such as the floods etc, is this because we keep fannying around with what’s ‘natural’….  Why can’t we just leave things alone? Current proposals are just for exploration at the moment so; no one is “fracking” in the UK at the moment which is a good ‘fracking’ job eh….  Let’s face it; the government doesn’t want to ‘frack’ us off more than they do already.

Tuesday 4th December 2012

My friends son is ten years old and has been nominated to be head boy at his school for the second year running, you see my friend is a very good role model for her kids, don’t get me wrong she still feels that inner rage when she thinks that they aren’t fulfilling their potential.  Not to the point of having to ring social services or anything.  Her son is a bright young man with impeccable manners…..  Well whenever we’re around him anyway…
I find it quite sad when I hear that 2,000 primary school-age children between 10 and 11 were arrested last year alone in England and in Wales.  This works out to be on average about six per day.  Wow, how can this be possible?  The police arrested 209,450 under 18’s last year which is a ridiculous amount of our youth.  When the government took the role of the parents from out of our hands, things began to change.  Now I’m not saying we must beat our children to the point of them being unrecognisable.  But we shouldn’t have to live in fear of our own kids.  
How is it that the government who are way over there, have the ability to mentally penetrate our homes and take away our rights as a parent, we all know it takes a village to raise a child yet it feels like the villagers have all packed up and left with no forwarding address.  How is it that the government can tell us not to discipline our children, yet as soon as another country offends them off they go to war (well they send others to fight their battles).  Children no longer respect their parents, but how can you respect someone who hasn’t got much of a back bone to be able to reprimand their kids, we are not their friends (they have enough of those, who come and mess up our houses, but I’m not bitter) we are their parents so therefore we need to act accordingly.  
The above statistics of our troubled youth is very sad, surely we should be the example, and how has it come to the point where children can speak to adults however they please without a conscious thought.  It makes me laugh how the government acts like it’s perplexed by the ways of our youth, yet they set the chaotic ball rolling in the first place….  Divide and conquer eh….  If they can get us to fight amongst ourselves then we won’t take any notice of what their doing elsewhere….  
I have to say if my kids acted and behaved with such disrespect as the afore mentioned youth, then they’d better pray that the police come and arrest them…..

Wednesday 5th December 2012

My friend has been trying for a baby for some time now, she has been to the doctors and they’ve said that there isn’t anything wrong with her, but her husband is reluctant to go and get checked out, he said that he thinks they should just keep practising (ahhem)…..  It turns out that he had the right idea as she announced the other day that she is pregnant (woo hoo).  The stud muffin can’t stop bragging about his strong Olympic swimmers, he keeps looking down at his groin and singing the Spandau Ballet song “Gold” at the top of his voice, if he carries on my friend is talking about putting him to pasture.
Men brace yourselves because studies have confirmed a decline in the reproductive health of males.  Between 1989 (which I might add was a very good year) and 2005 the average counts of sperm has fallen by a third (so watch where you tread)…..  This was discovered in the testing of 26,000 males, reasons for the cause of this low count has ranged from toxins in the environment, poor diets and now for my favourite reason….  The tightness of underwear….  Well no wonder the youngsters are able to bosh (for want of a better word) lots of kids out due to them wearing their under crackers half way around their ankles.
What is it that they’re putting in our foods to cause such problems for our guys?  Is this another attempt at trying to stop us over populating the planet? Is this another way to control us? Should we be concerned? Has our modern lifestyle contributed to the fact that our men are getting tooled up but are running out of ammunition…..?  
I’d like to know who these people are that actually count the sperm, are they given a calculator or do they have to use their fingers…  Just a thought.

Thursday 6th December 2012

A colleague of mine was telling me how her sister was in serious debt with various people.  She’s was told that she couldn’t borrow anymore money, and she needed to find a means to pay it all back, the family has stepped in to help which has helped her out.  She was constantly robbing Peter to Pay Paul
and was constantly looking over her shoulder for the bailiffs, she said that her sisters kids were that used to seeing the bailiffs presence at their home that they have started calling them Uncle….  
I just find it funny that Britain (and other countries) is in so much debt yet they are able to keep on borrowing and because of this, benefits, wages etc have been cut and food costs, fuel prices etc have risen.  Once again the people suffer.  George Osborne has admitted that the “age of austerity” (the end of excessive government spending) will last for at least another six years….  Yet weapons are still being bought and wars are still being fought….  How, I ask are they paying for this, with chocolate buttons?
Old George is looking to cut another £4.3bn of spending for 2017-18 which means they need another year of austerity to clear the deficit.  Things are not looking good for us, yet the people in government office who are running this operation, only have to worry about keeping their seats, not their homes or their jobs like the rest of us.  If Mr. Osborne fails to hit the debt target then Britain could lose its AAA credit rating.  
Not that this is at the forefront of we the people’s minds, unlike survival.  Most of us can just about afford a pack of AAA batteries to put in the things that really makes us happy…  Like our TV remotes…..  Well what were you thinking…?  Mmmm.

Friday 7th  December 2012

It’s good to hear people saying what they are doing within their communities; if we work with each other more can be achieved.  Nothing is impossible when problems are shared.  
I am just one persons opinion, think for yourselves and spread the love.
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Article by Citizen Jane / 7th December 2012


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