Themes are like trends.  You either follow or start one......
Do you remember the Vampire themed cinema of the late 90s early 00s? I can't remember who started it, was it Buffy or Blade? In all the excitement I forget, but what I do know is that we now have the Twilight series which so far I have refused to watch. Why? Well with Wesley Snipes playing "Blade" his character is a man playing a multi heritage/creature of the night that has no choice in being what he is whereas Twilight is designed to capture the imaginations of the kids making them think that it's ok to be "dark" but again, I digress....
The current themes in the cinema include; heroes who are super, nice blood dependant teens or money centred.  Now when I say "money centred' the theme can't just tell a story that is completely true otherwise it would have no commercial value and would not be a film rather more like a documentary and last time I looked only Michael Moore makes $ from Documentaries (ok and a few other peeps but you get my drift eh).
"In Time" is a very clever film in that the stars Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfield are fugitives in the vein of Bonny and Clyde (think bad peeps who the cinema present as role models to the young thus Hollywood can make a lot of money from the impressionable youth which is good for Hollywood but bad for the young because it means if you like the characters they present in their "false light" it means that "they' have helped make your moral compass become off centre. 
Remember Hollywood has made $bns from films that as a theme incorporate the Bonny and Clyde blueprint because the two characters are always portrayed as young, stylish, on a mission, cool and the number one reason; they make $. These ingredients will always supersede the moral argument against them.  Why? Because we are bombarded from a very young age that cool, stylish, young and on a mission is what they should aim for.
This incarnation of B & C involves Justin Timberlake who plays a very stylish Clyde who lives in a world where people are genetically engineered to live only to the age of 25 years and money as a currency doesn't exist and has been replaced by time.  So instead of paying with pictures of The Queen or George Washington etc for goods or services rendered, you pay with time.
Inflation isn't eradicated in this version of the future, for example a cup of coffee goes up by 3 minutes to 4 minutes.
Justin is living with his mum played by Olivia Wilde (Thirteen in the TV series called "House" and also starred in Cowboys and Aliens) has a agreement to meet her son downtown which is about one hour away (you getting how this cool world works now?)
Mum boards the bus but is told by the driver that the fare has gone up and it will cost two hours (but she only has 1 hour 30mins.
she asks the driver for mercy but he shows her the exit and advises that she runs fast.
And thus the Mission begins.....
People are contained in "Time zones" and dependant on how much time you have determines where you live (no "change" there eh (did you see what I just did there!)
The law is kept by 'Time Keepers" who are treated just like how the current police around the world are treated..... 
While travelling through Time zones he meets the film's Bonnie played the equally ravishing Amanda Seyfield where they make an instant rapport......
Remember because of the "25 year" theme in the film, all the actors are young and look cool.  As the film moves from downtown to uptown the characters become stylish (you see, cool, young and stylish all covered in my write up, my work is done). 
I have to say that the concept of moving away from money is a great idea but as this film shows, whatever "X" is, as long as "X" is of universal value, "they" will always try to control it and us.
A very entertaining and thought provoking film that keeps the Bonnie & Clyde franchise going through the second decade of the millennium.....
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Article by @gmanzen / 3rd December 2012


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