Remember me asking the question a few editions back regarding does life imitate art or does art imitate life? Well let's consider recent events.
A guy called Bernie Madoff runs a sophisticated pyramid scheme (think Pardner but much much bigger).  He runs it for nuff years and makes billions (see I told you it was big!)
Anyway, when he is eventually captured, the investigators discover that nuff ordinary people had their investments and entire savings tied up in his "Ponzi" scheme and consequently had lost everything.
Bernie and his wife apparently both attempted to commit suicide but were both unsuccessful (I guess they were only good at taking peoples life-savings but not their own lives).
What amazes me though is that Bernie was once the head of the National Association Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ for short) which is the American equivalent to the UK stock Exchange and is the second biggest player in the field.
The question I would like to ask is how can Madoff's organisation (remember he wasn't the only one employed in the company and also it would have required at least dozens of people sending out monthly statements to the clients on the state of their accounts) that defrauded so many people only result in one high profile prison detainment? Hhmmm, the term "cover-up" springs to mind but hey, I digress, back to the first film review....
Tower Heist plot revolves around the occupant of the penthouse of a great hotel Arthur Shaw played by Alan Alda (MASH) who unknown to everyone who works at the hotel is running a Ponzi scheme.
Ben Stiller (Josh Kovacs) plays the role of a building manager and is well loved by his staff.  Talking about staff, Casey Affleck (Ben's bro) works the desk and Gabourey Sidibe (the lead in Precious) is a chamber maid.
One day Arthur Shaw is his normal jovial self when he appears on the CCTV has being kidnapped but after the vehicle in which he is being transported crashes, they all discover the awful truth; Arthur is a big time crook that's taken all of the staffs money and invested it, on himself.........
This realisation mobilises Stiller into formulating a plan to steal back their money but how? Well Stiller and Affleck are both very observant and being long term employees of the hotel remember Arthur had his apartment renovated and had a safe installed secretly.  Now they need a criminal to help them (enter Eddie Murphy).
One of the first scenes in the film involves Eddie being arrested (think the start of 1980s film Trading Places). 
Now if you are as old as me then you would have grown up on "vintage Eddie" (i.e. Trading Places, Coming To America and Beverly Hills Cop 1-3), if you're young, then all you have to reminisce (?) about is Donkey in Shrek (sad, not good in my opinion).
This is a surprisingly funny film, why? Because Eddie and Ben work very well together plus the other characters give this film, about a rip off merchant some comedic moments.
While watching this film it made me think of all those people around the World who are fighting back against corporate greed (i.e., Occupy Wall St/London et al). Now this film tackles greed but rather than be victims they fight back...
Go and get this on DVD and laugh out loud, however do suspend your logic during implausible moments in the film.....
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Article by @gmanzen / 3rd December 2012


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