Monday 26th November 2012

My boss was trying to tempt me with a monetary bonus so that I would work over the Christmas period, he thought that he could buy me off like a lady of the night, but his suggestion was more for a lady of the dusk.  Pathetic…..  It’s not money that motivates me it’s the passion for what I do.  When I told him this, he got all excited, after I doused him with cold water; I explained that the word passion can be used in different contexts.  What a hound.  He actually thought the extra bonus would bring me ‘apenis’.  How wrong was he? 
He’s obviously been listening to Downing Streets Behavioural Insights Team, they specialise in trying to alter peoples behaviour through the power of suggestion (wow, do people actually apply for such a job.)  These guys have a new theory that money can buy us lasting happiness.   All you have to do folks is spend it wisely…  What a statement….   So stop being frivolous with the little money that you have….  Give it to the government….  Oh yeah, we already do.
This is taken from an article by an American psychologist that is being tipped as a ‘big idea’ for 2013. The article states that “If money doesn’t make you happy then you’re not spending it right”.  I think if they spoke to the people they would find it would be because they haven’t got any money to spend, in order to be able to spend it right.  Is the reason we haven’t got any because the government is taxing us left right and centre? If we haven’t got it, then we can’t spend it…..  So what’s the big idea?
Society puts pressure on people to think that having money means you’re someone.  Not true….  Speak to the happy poor, who, whether they have it or not doesn’t determine them as people.  My childhood memories are of me and my siblings not having much yet wanting for nothing and we were all very happy (well when we wasn‘t getting a beating).  They say that the wealthy don’t just have better toy’s but they also have better diets and healthcare, yet previous studies have shown that the rich tend to not be much happier than the poor.  So what’s the deal there?
I would say the key to happiness is not to just think about ourselves but others too, random acts of kindness, think about how what we have can benefit others.  You may think this is difficult, but very simply the end result brings ‘har’‘money.’ 

Tuesday 27th November 2012

A friend of mine came home from work early to find a guy in his house sifting and rifling through his things with the TV on watching Jeremy Kyle….  The cheek…. The intruder had even made himself a cup of tea.  My friend confronted the intruder and would have pulverised him if the guy hadn’t run off shouting “You could have come back later, now I won’t know whose baby it is on Jeremy Kyle.  Some people have cojones bigger than Bobby Ball and Ed Balls put together. 
Legislation to allow homeowners to use “disproportionate force” against intruders will be put before Parliament this week.  Which will be a big turn around considering people defending their property have been jailed for this very thing?  The Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has stated that “amendments to the Crime and Courts Bill will remove all shadow of doubt over the rights for homeowners to protect themselves from burglars.” [Independent Article]
The new legislation will mean that if you are confronted by an intruder and have reason to fear for yours or your family’s safety then using a ‘reasonable’ amount of force for the circumstance will not lead to prosecution.  This could possibly not bode well…..  There’s a little glimmer in my eye as I plan to arrange for people I’m not fond of to come round to mine, rough them up and then play the intruder card….  Sounds like a plan.   

Wednesday 28th Nov 2012

My friends mum is a bit absent minded.  She started to run herself a bath the other day and totally forgot about it….  By the time she’d got back from the shops (Yes she went out and left it running) parts of the house were flooded….  Now my friends mum hates waste, so she actively tried to collect the water in a bucket, reheat it in the microwave and put it back in the bath….  Needless to say she was picking carpet fibre out of her hair for a week.  Tight git.
At least it was only surface damage, unlike those around the country whose homes have been flooded.  MP’s are in strong talks with insurers 200,000 people in high risk flood areas have been warned that they could lose there home insurance cover.   From next year people who live in areas of high flood risk could become uninsurable.  Is this fair?  Does this mean people will be discriminated against because of where they live? 
After the flooding in 2000 the Association of British Insurers (ABI) agreed on a statement of principles with the Government, that people who lived in high risk areas would still be able to make a claim.  Should the insurance situation be an issue when people are dying in the floods? Should insurance companies be able to decide who they insure? Is all of the flooding due to climate change? Are we the cause of this change?  How can we make a difference or is it too late?
Let’s face it the flooding situation is getting worse causing billions of pounds worth of damage, yet every year we are unprepared, is there anything that the local governments can do to be able to combat this or is it another sign that the end is nigh and we should be building our arc’s like Noah did.  
When will the flooding end….  I’ve always wanted a swimming pool in my back garden but this is ridiculous.

Thursday 29th November 2012 

My daughter is looking to go to university next year, I told her to keep looking because the fees are now astronomical and unless the University will accept weekly payments of 50 pence a week, her dream will remain just that….  A dream.
For some female students the pressure of the tuition fees isn’t a problem as some of them are being offered up to £15,000 in exchange for having sex with a stranger….  Even I think that’s wrong….  And I’m me…..  This is all arranged through the website called where women between the ages of 17-24 have been funded through their studies by UK businessmen looking for discreet titivation…..  What the……  When will they find time to get any work done? (I’m talking about the students).
Surely this must be an incentive for the government to lower the fees.  How can Scotland and Wales who are connected with us on this teeny tiny island, not have to pay tuition fees? Do the UK’s inflated fees cover the cost for Wales and Scotland?  How can our Government get it so wrong? Will it revert back to the fact that only the rich will get an education? How would you feel as a parent that your daughter was prostituting herself (because lets face it that’s what it is) just to maintain their education.  
Ask yourselves this, if the students are getting up to £15,000 how much are these big business men handing over to the agency involved?  Due to the grey area in British sex laws, escort agencies are allowed to operate legally if they offer introductions between clients and sex workers.  How are these young people meant to function, because unless they’re made from stone, this is bound to affect them later on in life if not sooner and the ring leaders are hiding behind the false company that is If they think they’re doing the right thing, why hide behind a false company eh????? 
The law really is an ass which in this instance seems to have been bared far too often.  I guess everyone has a price….  Anyone got change for a pound.

Friday 30th November 2012

I find it very sad when I hear people saying that they don’t need anyone in their lives, without out my family and friends, difficult situations would just be…  Very difficult, but when you have love and support, life is a blessing.  Take time out today to ask someone how they’re doing, smile at a stranger, these are not difficult tasks; you never know you might make someone’s day.
I am just one persons opinion, think for yourselves and spread the love.
Citizen Jane 

Article by Citizen Jane / 30th November 2012


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