As someone who is passionate about film and film making, the Bang short film festival at the Broadway cinema was something which really caught my eye. 
The event consisted of 15 short films, covering pretty much every genre and presented something for everyone. Before the festival evening began, the organisers of Bang! spoke to the audience about the work which had gone into the festival itself and also handed out free bags of popcorn which I felt was a very nice touch, however, it did lead to a crescendo of rustling as everyone opened there bag before the feature started. During the organisers speech they mentioned how society was very much a key theme across the festival and I completely agree with that. During the two or so hours the various short films covered lots of different areas within modern British society and presented it in lots of different ways whether that was through comedy (Big Society by Nick Scott) or drama (The Cake by Esther Richardson) or a Nottingham taxi driver who has a taste for kidnapping (Cardinal by Jack Curtis).
It was very refreshing to see plenty of local films in the festival alongside the more established international films. For example Latex, which was a music video for the welsh musician Plyci, but was shot on the streets of Beeston, or The Cake which was shot in Sherwood. On the flip side there was the Bafta award winning Pitch Black Heist by John Maclean, which featured established actors Michael Fassbender and Liam Cunningham, or the French short film ROBERT which was very powerful in its own right, and a personal favourite of mine. 
One short film in particular which I would like to give mention is Candy Crime by Ben Jacobson. This was a very short film which attempted to look into the stereotypical violent youth of today using a gang of male teenagers, and also featured Jacobson’s daughter in an acting role, who must be no older than 10 which impressed me greatly. I was also pleased to notice that she in fact was sat the row in front of me, which I feel is brilliant because people of all ages are included in the local film industry, which has to be healthy.
The Audience at the festival were every bit as impressive as the films. From the excitement that filled the room when popcorn was launched to every corner of the theatre, through every applause at the end of each film, there was a real sense of local achievement and pride, and I would be very surprised if anyone left feeling let down or disappointed. 
Bang! short film festival, in my honest opinion is a very well put together event which showcased some very impressive local talent. There was a great atmosphere and all 15 films were enjoyable in their own right, my only disappointment was that there wasn’t more people there! 

Article by Shane Dobbing / 29th November 2012


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REVIEW: bang! Film Festival