Monday 9th January 2012
I decided to have some friends round for dinner this evening, I went to the Supermarket and did the big shop which I hate, the queue as per usual was ridiculously long and when I manage to get to the front of the checkout the lady first apologise for the delay and then ask if I wanted help with my packing…… NOOO….. I JUST WANT YOU TO OPEN MORE CHECKOUTS……I decided to pay for my goods because the laws states I should…. Maybe Anthony Worrall Thompson didn’t get the memo, apparentlyBritain isEurope’s shoplifting capital, losses hit up to £5billion last year…. If only someone would steal the crap programme ideas that involve Anthony Worrall Thompson which would stop him offensively appearing on our TV screens.

Tuesday 10th January 2012
I was told I couldn’t go into a shop today because the electric mechanism on the door had broken… now to give me this information the security guard manually opened the door, I asked him why I couldn’t just open the door like he did, his answer was because I could strain my hands and Sue the company….. Now believe it or not, I’ve been opening doors for most of my life without any problems I might add… We Brits have gone health and safety mad…. Like hero Eric Carter found out to his peril, the 91 year old who was a WWII spitfire pilot was invited by the Potteries Museum in Stoke-on-Trent to inspect a newly revamped Spitfire…This guy fought for Queen and country in very dangerous situations, he put his life on the line… ok… so its nice that the museum were thinking about his well being…. I do believe that Health and Safety is implemented whenever it suits…. Clearly no Health and safety in War though right.

Wednesday 11th January 2012
My boss asked me to take £5 out of the petty cash tin to get some milk and coffee… now on the way to the shop I mislaid the money… needless to say my neck was on the block when I got back….written warning the lot… If only I worked for the Royal Bank ofScotland or Lloyds because you can lose £750million in six months and get away with it… why does a state owned company need lobbyists??? Maybe they should spend their money providing better services.. And now David Cameron is dropping the plan to stop ex-ministers profiting on personal gain…. I wonder why… Could it be that when he gets shelved he doesn’t want to miss out on a great opportunity…. Geez the politics of it all….Eric Cantona for president that’s what I say!!!!

Thursday 12th January 2012
What is it with us as a nation at the moment that countries are trying to split from us….Jamaica are looking to get rid of the Queen as head of state and then there is the SNP leader Alex Salmond who wants Scotland to be independent from the UK.. It seems that Nick Clegg wants to send in the big guns in the form of his Darling Alistair, the former Chancellor and MP for Edinburgh. On one hand we have people fighting to stay in this country and on the other we are treated like lepers… Lets hope that the whole thing doesn’t play out like a bad movie… speaking of movies George Lucas has stumped up a load of his own money to release a WWII film called Red Tails but he has had problems at every turn…. Problem being it’s an all black movie with no major white roles… It tells the story of the Tuskegee Airmen a squadron of African American fighter pilots, but studios failed to invest in it stating that they wouldn’t know how to market such a movie….. “Follywood” the place of dreams eh… Fair play to Mr Lucas…. But when did he start to look like Rolf Harris 
Friday 13th January 2012
Just looking at the date some might say it’s a day when everything goes wrong a day shrouded in “Bad luck“… but lets forget the negative connotations and think about how we can turn it into a positive… Do a random act of kindness for someone who is least expecting it.. Pay for an item of shopping for the person behind you in the queue.… Give a colleague a lift to or from work…Just smile or say hello to a stranger who looks like they might need it… we could make this place a whole lot more bearable if we only put our minds to it… Remember a problem shared is a problem halved.

Article by Jenna Tayleah / 13th January 2012


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