Searching for a different “cinematic experience than any other”, well I have the ideal place for you to visit. Tucked away in the quaint village of Hockley once branded the ‘Soho of Nottingham’ and now reaffirming itself as Nottingham’s arts capital is the Europe’s smallest cinema. With just 22 seats this is a cinema unlike any other and I was intrigued to discover why I hadn’t heard of it sooner. 
As I entered Hockley I realised this was certainly not like the main streets of Nottingham, with its trendy bars, cafes, clothes shops and two art-house cinemas I could understand its attraction to those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of the main streets. Those familiar with the Screen Room will know the exact location of Screen 22 but those like me who do not, I would advise checking out the location beforehand as it’s not so obvious to the eye and can be easily mistaken for just an old building but upon entering I realised how deceiving this can be. 
Once inside it was bigger than I had imagined and it was as though I had been transported back to a time of the past where cinemas were less about glitz and glamour but more about comfort. I was greeted with a warm welcome from the cinemas company director, Amy Gathercole who had renovated the building bringing us the new all new Screen 22. 
Amy, kindly allowed me to ask her a few questions initially to discuss career development within the film industry but also to find out more about Screen 22 and the Sunday Club. I soon discovered that this was more than just your average cinema. Home to both Indie and as Amy puts it; the “more obscure” films, Screen 22 solely has the film enthusiast in mind, finding out “what they’re really into” by giving them a voice to choose.  Audience’s can even select the films they wish to see via voting on Facebook and Twitter. 
What is really exciting is, if you’re favourite film isn’t showing, then you have the opportunity to make this happen as the cinema welcomes requests and will grant these where possible.  This Sunday, they are doing just that with ‘The Blues Brothers’, showing as part of November's musical themed ‘Sunday Selection’ delights. Film enthusiasts will even have the opportunity to demonstrate their full admiration for such classics with competitions awarding the best costume. I’m already getting mine ready for my favourite musical Grease which is screening on Sunday 25th November and with this being a multiplex sound system, I’ll have no trouble hearing the words as I sing along.
With a new theme each month, there’s something to suit every taste and as you would expect next months is ‘The Naughty and Nice List’ that Amy is particular excited about as Die Hard will be screening and for her “Die Hard and Christmas go together like that”. 
Amy, describes herself as a “film-buff”, she speaks passionately about all aspects relating to film and I found this truly inspiring. A prime example of how pure determination, and going the extra mile can result in achieving your ambitions, especially meeting Steven Spielberg as she did and which like she says “is a dream come true for any film fan”. So if you’re a true film fan, visit the Sunday Club at Screen 22 and experience “the comfort of your living room with the technology and experience of the multiplex”, believe me you will love all the leg room and as a bonus you’re also be able to brag about sitting in the seats James Bond did in ‘Her Majesty’s Secret Service’. 
Further detail of ‘The Sunday Club’ can be found on the Screen 22 website.

Article by Amber Benson / 19th November 2012


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REVIEW: Screen 22