Monday 5th November 2012

My kids asked me to take them to watch a firework display; I told them that I’d take them only if they could tell me the story behind it.  They stood in front of me with wide eyes blinking quickly, opening and closing their mouths.  Needless to say we stayed in and watched our ‘gas fire work’.   They knew nothing about Guy Fawkes aka Guido Fawkes, he joined forces with Thomas Wintour who introduced him to Robert Catesby, who was the leader of a group of provincial English Catholics.  
Their plan was to assassinate King James I (he commissioned the authorised version of the bible, published in 1611) and restore a Catholic Monarch to the throne.  Long story short, Mr Fawkes was captured with the gunpowder in the undercroft/cellar beneath the House of Lords, sentenced to be hung drawn and quartered, (yes folks us Brits had the skills to be medieval) but he jumped of the scaffolding and broke his neck before his punishment was dished out.  
I’m glad Guy Fawkes didn’t blow up Westminster and not for political reasons but due to the fact that it’s one of my favourite buildings, although the people who walk the halls are a different matter altogether.  Making crazy decisions for us (without our consent) within those beautiful walls.  Decisions that benefit them and help to balance political quotas.  
One of the ideas to come out the saved Westminster building is the bill that the government is trying to put into place for companies, so they don’t have to pay compensation to their employees if they have been injured at work, well that’s not entirely true, the employee just has to prove that their employer hasn’t met the Health and safety requirements before they’ll get a payout.  Will the “where there’s a blame there’s a claim” adverts be changed to “where there’s a blame there’s a frame”. 
Unions are up in arms; they think that it’s going to be harder for workers to claim legitimate compensation, which could then increase litigation costs which in turn could erode safety standards in the work place.  Figures show that 173 people died last year and 22,433 suffered major injuries and these are the numbers ‘they’ have given us, so think bigger, because that‘s not including casualties of war.  
So as much as Guy Fawkes ‘Fawked’ up, aptly there is always fireworks in the House of commons where political parties behave like children, mocking one another in an effort to have 10 Downing Street printed on their business cards, and just like some fireworks, their ego‘s can end up blowing up in their face….  I guess time off work for this wouldn’t be a problem though; they’ve been compensating themselves with payouts for some time now anyway.  Did I say that out loud?  Ahh well.

Tuesday 6th November 2012

When it comes to health, my mother really looks after herself, she watches what she eats, and she is constantly telling my brothers and sisters what we should and shouldn’t eat, telling us that our health is very important.  I tell her that I constantly go for a run…..  I just don’t tell her it’s to the chip shop and back.  If we go out for a family meal, you know you’ve pulled the short straw when you end up sitting next to the old dear…  Throughout the whole meal you are told about your salt intake and how too much is bad for your heart or three potatoes are more than sufficient, four is just too greedy.  To be fair she is just concerned about our health.  Bless her…  Even though her constant berating throughout the meal causes you to bend your fork like you’ve passed with honours from the school of Uri Geller……  I do love her….  Honestly.
Speaking of health.  Now I‘ve heard of the North and South divide when it comes to music, but never when it comes to our health.  Apparently only if you live in the rich South can you survive heart disease.
They say that heart disease has halved since the 1980’s but the ‘health gap’ between the wealthiest and the poorest communities has widened, especially among the elderly.  Apparently there is a big difference between the healthy and wealthy South and the poor and sickly North.  Death rates are up by 20% in the poor North and down by 20% in the rich south.  So if you can afford private medical care you are laughing….  Well….  Only if you’re not dead.  
It’s funny how we’re told that we are all equal, yet statistics such as these are quoted (if you believe in statistics, because it‘s impossible to count everyone).  We all know when it comes to health, money is always the divider/issue, it‘s nothing to do with whether you live in the North or South.  Take the royals for instance.  I don’t know any other ninety year old other than Prince Phillip, who would be able to have an operation on his heart (and survive,) but like I said that’s what money can buy and I guess he is part of the so called rich south.
There is a political concern (apparently) regarding our health, yet they are happy to shove Genetically Modified (GM) foods down our throats.  I would say how ’ironic’ but there’s not an ounce of iron in the crap they want us to eat.  Herein where part of the problem lies.  Bring back the seasonal foods that we love, provided by the handsome strapping farmers…  Be still my beating heart….  Erm wrong choice of words I guess.

Wednesday 7th November

Well folks…  The race is finally over and the best man won…..  We had a pie eating competition in my local pub where the fastest pie eater won and Big Joe is the reigning champion for the third year running…..  Oh…  You didn’t think I was talking about the US election race, that’s not a race it’s a farce, all that money spent on campaigns, yet veterans of war are on the streets without aid and support, people are working two/three jobs to keep a roof over their heads and still the campaign money pours in from the rich Americans. What about the poor communities? Oh I forget they’re all wearing the cloak of invisibility.
All of the big hype based around these two “chosen” opponents mentally sparring with each other is rather dull.  I love the quote by James Meredith (first African American to go to the Mississippi) when he said “the current President of the USA was elected by the same people and for the same reasons as the last forty three presidents“.  Well technically the number has changed slightly since he made that statement even though the same guy has been voted back in, but you get my drift.  I believe that ‘they’ place in office the man that will help to meet ‘their’ needs first before the needs of the people.   
Folks we shouldn’t kid ourselves that our vote actually counts…  I don’t mean to burst any bubbles but there it is.  Do we actually care? Why is the ‘American’ election always splashed over the British news anyway? I bet half of the American nation (if not more) don’t even know or care who David Cameron is.  I bet our election doesn’t even factor in their TV viewing.  Yet for some reason the American election is all over ours…  Cutting in to my “Murder she wrote” TV viewing schedule, aahem…  How is it possible that certain parts of America plead poverty yet money is in abundance when it comes to the presidential campaign or the G8 summit etc? Yet we continue to sit in silence and never question what the powers that be are doing over there while they trick us into looking the other way so that they can get up to their political shenanigans.  So Barack has held onto his job, no P45 for him.  I guess it’s the Welfare queue for Mr Romney (yeah right).  The media has dramatically stated that this election has split America….  Please….   “And the US election Pulitzer Prize goes to…..”    

Thursday 8th November 2012

My very scary friend was telling me how she took her daughter who wasn’t feeling very well to the hospital, she said the wait was horrendous and she felt like cattle waiting to be slaughtered.  After her daughter was seen, she was told to go back the following week for a follow up check up.  She said she realises now why they were treated like cattle because she became a right cow when she was told that her daughter’s notes had been lost and she had to go back to the beginning, filling out forms etc.  Needless to say she wasn’t impressed and only calmed down after the third security guard sat on her.  Shame.
If only she’d taken her daughter to a hospital that runs under the bonus scheme.  This is where hospitals get bonuses for providing the best care to patients.  Eh…  I hear you cry…  Surely this should be the basic requirement….  Caring….  Unfortunately no…  Apparently 900 patients were saved in 18 months due to this scheme.  Twenty-four hospitals in the North-west have been paid tens of thousands of pounds which is an incentive for them to follow the best practice in three areas - heart failures, pneumonia and heart attacks….   
This is outrages.  We should be receiving the best care anyway…..  Shouldn’t we….  The top 50 percent hospitals received bonuses of up to £5m.  They want this scheme to run nationally where their statistics show that 9000 lives could potentially be saved, death rates in the bonus scheme hospitals have fallen by 1.3 per cent.  It makes you wonder what is happening in the hospitals that don’t operate on this bonus scheme.  Money is talking with its mouth wide open and very loudly here.
It really is a shame that money is the key factor here and not the natural caring skills of the staff.  Now I’m not saying people in this profession don’t care but, how is it that when money is thrown around health rates statistics have changed.  At the moment NHS works on a scheme where if performances are poor then money is withheld…..  Whaaaaat….  We’re not talking about a naughty child who has been grounded and their pocket money withheld…  We’re talking about peoples lives.  If the Bonus money is available, then distribute it so that we can all receive the correct care warranted, rather than other hospitals feeling like the poor relation.
I wonder if an organisation can suffer from sexual abuse, because the government has well and truly raped the NHS.  

Friday 9th November 2012

If we all went through life treating each other how we would like to be treated, think how well we could live in harmony.  Biblically it states that “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” proverbs 15 v 1 (NIV) we could all learn from this verse.  Especially if we choose to think before we speak.  Remember the only thing stopping us from making a positive change is ourselves.  
I am just one persons opinion, think for yourselves and spread the love.
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Article by Citizen Jane / 9th November 2012


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