Pop Up Nottingham is an online creative network that boasts a wealth of local talent, Julie Glynn and Pete Spowage are two such artists.  Both based in the city, but with completely different approaches to their craft, they are both celebrated members of our network and have come together to exhibit at the Lace Market Gallery
Julie Ellis, is a bold contemporary artist who up until now, has mostly concentrated on commission based work.  This is her first exhibition in Nottingham, and she has chosen the Lace Market Gallery, because of its connection to education and because it is the heart of the creative quarter. 
juliepaints@hotmail.com | 0115 9248234
Pete Spowage, is a self-taught artist and a familiar face around town, he has his own gallery on the historic Byard Lane which currently plays host to the bulk of his collection. Painting in Nottingham for 20years, he rarely exhibits elsewhere due to the fact he now does a lot of charity work in Africa. 
pspowage@googlemail.com | 07935 945677
Both artists have a strong belief that art should be accessible, and both believe that The Lace Market Gallery achieves that for everyone.  As such, they have both hand selected some of their most personal images to introduce themselves to a new audience.

Article by Julie Ellis / 5th November 2012


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