Monday 29th October 2012

My nephew wanted to learn how to drive, so my sister offered to take him for a spin in her new car….  Who told her to volunteer?  My nephew nearly crashed into a park car and when he attempted a hill start he rolled back and missed an old woman pushing her shopping trolley by inches, but after a few chest compressions and some air blown into her pipes she was soon revived, (and I’m not talking about the old woman.)  
My sister’s a fast learner though (unlike my nephew) she very quickly booked him some professional driving lessons just to get him of her back (literally due to him having no wheels and the broadness of her back.)  My eager nephew asked my sister to take him for a drive on the motorway.  To be fair, he might as well do it in now due to the fact that Whitehall officials are trying to figure out how to make more money by reforming vehicle excise duty because the £6bn they make a year of our money for treasury isn’t enough…..  Please…  
Their idea is to set up a two-tier system of road tax.  This would mean all motorists would pay a basic charge to use local roads as well as smaller A-roads, but if they dared to want to travel on major A-roads and the motorways, they will have to pay a second added top-up charge.  But be warned if you don’t pay the extra charge but still use the main roads, then your ass is grass, you my friends will be caught on the automatic number plate recognition camera, which isn’t a surprise because “they” are always watching us. 
It’s another way of separating them from us.  This means that the poorer motorists (and I don’t mean in driving skills, although they should be banned from the motorway) would be relegated to the minor roads which in addition would cause major congestion.  Is this a sign of things to come, having a first and second class system on the roads.  
The department for Transport and the Treasury are looking for an alternative which includes more toll roads…  Not a great alternative, we still have to part with our money….  Isn’t paying road taxes enough?  Obviously not.  If Whitehall officials were to take to the roads and ask drivers their opinion, I think ‘road kill’ would take on a whole different meaning.   

Tuesday 30th October 2012

My fella was complaining about the high winds the other day, but you can’t beat nature aided by a big bowl of fresh fruit salad which caused the high winds….   There was a great storm brewing in the south which caused total devastation (note to self buy new underwear)….  I couldn’t stand to be in the same room as myself.  Sorry too much information.  
Hurricane Sandy which is being called ‘Frankenstorm’ has caused catastrophic destruction.  Half of Jamaica, Cuba and Haiti is underwater, power lines are down, tourists are stranded, people are homeless and parts of the beautiful tropical islands have been destroyed, yet all we hear about is what has happened in New York. No disrespect to the victims in New York New York, so good they named it twice. It’s like these small impoverished countries that have been named once don’t count.  
It will be interesting to see how quickly the City is rebuilt and back to it’s old never sleeping self because rest assured it won’t take as long as New Orleans, which is still being restored after Hurricane Katrina….  If only there was an equivalent of Wall Street in New Orleans, things might have been different.  I guess if you haven’t got the dollar you count for nothing yet they‘ll still take your taxes….  
The Money people will be all of a quiver due to Wall Street closing and this being its second day.  There is talk that it also affects us here in Britain, due to trades being low in London there will be hundreds of millions of pounds of economic value lost, although volumes are expected to be up and it to be business as usual by tomorrow.  How wonderfully swift….  Tell that to the victims of Hurricane Katrina who are still living out of their cars after seven years.  Probably a slight exaggeration but you get my drift.
I guess where there’s money things will always progress very quickly.  The president of the United States (United being the operative word… Well only if you live in a state that has money) has taken time out from his election campaign to warn the Americans that millions of people will be affected by Hurricane Sandy…  An absolute genius statement…..  (Just in case you’re not sure, yes, I’m being sarcastic.)   So, you might not be able to take a bite out of a tropical Pineapple for a while, but the Big Apple will always be green and crisp…  Just like its Wall Street money. 

Wednesday 31st October 2012

I’m thinking of sending my kids to a Steiner School, they integrate practical, artistic and conceptual elements into a child’s learning.  
I went to my children’s present school’s parents evening and I didn’t get the answers I required to enhance my children’s education; they passed me from pillar to post.  I wanted to throttle somebody; I cowardly decided it wouldn’t be the so called PE teacher who taught geography more than Physical Education….  Six feet two, size 10 feet, broad shoulders built like a brick poo poo house…..  She was scary.  
It’s frustrating how schools are no longer catering for the creative students, just the academic ones.  Michael Gove’s new English Baccalaureate (EBacc) Certificate will exclude arts courses, so if your child is into dance, music, theatre etc, they’re probably going to have problems progressing.  The GCSE replacement that is going to be introduced in 2015, its main curriculum will be English, science and maths. History, foreign languages and geography will be added on to the curriculum a year later.  Design and technology, physical education, drama, art, music, dance and religious studies will be excluded.
Are we happy to allow this to happen? Not every child is an academic; this is going to cause a lot of pressure on the creatively gifted children.  How are our children supposed to let off steam if the structure of their lessons is purely academic?  Whatever happened to the good old days when there was a good balance of both within the curriculum?  No wonder the majority of our youth are aggressive because they don’t have an outlet.  
They aren’t even allowed to compete in sports day because educational authorities don’t want to upset the kids if they lose…  Please…  How are our kids ever going to have some back bone as well as learn how to work as part of a team or individually.  If they don’t learn this in school, when they leave they are going to be in for a big shock.  I feel sorry for tomorrow’s children. 
It’s important that our kids receive an education, but we as parents must also educate them with the truth, what is really going on in the world.  An education in life….. Well we might as well, now that we can no longer beat them.

Thursday 1st November 2012

My friend came round to see me in tears to tell me that her daughter who is 15 was pregnant and for the life of her she didn’t know how it had happened….  I didn’t know whether that was my cue to give her a quick biology lesson or would that have been inappropriate…  More than anything my friend was more bothered about what people would think.  I told her a person shouldn’t judge someone by how many mistakes they’ve made in life but on how they’ve learned from those mistakes.
Seventy thousand girls aged 15 and under paid a visit contraception clinics last year and of that number 27,000 were aged 13 and 14...  Wow…  I remember when I was that age; I thought boys were dirty grubby things that could be found under a rock.  But how can we be surprised when everything from buying lipstick, perfume even a bag of chips is sexualised.  Then you get the so called pop idols (I use the term very loosely) who look like they left the house and forgot to put their clothes on, which encourages our four, five, six year olds and upwards into mimicking their moves and style of dress, wanting to be just like them and we ‘coo’ and ‘aaghhh’ saying how cute….  No…  It’s not cute…  It’s not right…  A child should be just that…  A child.
The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) has said that the pill has become the most popular form of contraception for the first time.  These things get handed around like they are sweets.  Now I’m not condoning teenage pregnancies but what hope have these youngsters got when everything is highly sexualised.  
People say sex sells…  Yes we know prostitutes have been doing it for years and get arrested when caught.  Yet advertising companies use it and dangle it in front of us like the proverbial carrot.  We need to educate our youth rather than encourage them to sleep around, which in itself could potentially cause problems.  When you hear of youngsters naming their first born Chlamydia as a memento for the disease they caught conceiving them.  Not good….  That’s when you know we’re a “ gonorrhea.”

Friday 2nd November 2012

We need to be the light in this very dark world.  We need to protect our children and our communities.  Things are being shaped for ‘their’ benefit. Greed which has no creed or colour is dividing the nation; people are dying because of the love of money, which my friends, is the root of all evil.  If we all worked together, how much easier would our lives be. Let’s invest in what’s really important…..  Each other, it’s the only way forward.
I am just one persons opinion, think for yourselves and spread the love.
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Article by Citizen Jane / 3rd November 2012


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