My experience of Branch out festival was that of the opening acts of the day on the Rock city Basement stage and the Broadway Cinema stage.
I entered the Broadway venue with a very open mind and looking to be entertained, which I most definitely was. There was a very relaxed atmosphere amongst the audience that had turned out, of which there were many. The audience age range varied from students up to 50+ which only really complemented the afternoon’s musicians and their acoustic style which was prominent at this venue. There was a very sociable and friendly vibe to the venue which was very welcoming and comfortable to be a part of. 
I watched two acts perform at the Broadway, the first was a young male singer/songwriter named Frankie Rudolf. I thought he played a very simple but effective set, with only himself and an acoustic guitar, he managed to create beautiful harmonies between the two and his tapping foot as the bass drum added an easing rhythm. His music was very enjoyable and he seemed to receive a well-deserved round of applause after each song. Personally I think he could be likened to Ben Howard whose acoustic style he was very much in tune with. 
The second artist I watched at the Broadway was another male act called Joe Dank. Again he was a young man with an acoustic guitar, a slightly baggy jumper and a scruffy hair cut but his music was once again entertaining. His style of acoustic guitar was slightly different and he created more of a folky sound which was helped along by his accompanying violinist who was also very good. He had a very soft voice which was very easy listening and I thoroughly enjoyed his 30 minute set. 
I opted for a change of scene, and after the last song of Danks I dashed over to Rock city’s Basement stage where I again was treated to a very entertaining set. The basement room in Rock city is one of massive contrast to Broadways café for a number of reasons, its dim lighting, the strong sent of spilt beer and the slightly younger audience which was attending. However it was still just as vibrant and friendly with lots of twenty, thirty and 40 something’s socialising and having a couple of alcoholic beverages. 
The band I was treated to were called Parks and consisted of two guitarists, one bass player and a drummer, a very traditional rock and roll 4 piece. They played a very healthy mix of songs which combined great vocal harmonies with thrilling guitar riffs and catchy chord sequences which I was particularly impressed by. I would recommend this band to anyone in the Nottingham area and urge you see them in case or before they get any bigger because they have a lot of talent amongst the ranks. 
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Branch out music festival and could only have wished to have stayed longer. I can only assume the other venues were as entertaining as those I attended and sincerely hope the people of Nottingham enjoyed it as much as I did.   
A sample of the talent that was on offer here.

Article by Shane Dobbing / 29th October 2012


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EVENT REVIEW: Branch Out Festival