This year we've had very highly anticipated films being shown on the big screen including Marvel's Avengers Assemble ($1.5bn), Batman ($1.1bn) and The Amazing Spiderman, which looking back, is my favourite.
Gangster Squad looks interesting but won't be on the big screen for a while, so what have we got to look forward to in the, err, now?
The next big film that we, the big screen viewers wants to watch has to be Daniel Craig in his third outing as James Bond in SkyFall. But is it any good and worth the wait? Well that's two questions which I'm gonna try and give you my opinion on so continue reading and chew my thoughts on the eminent agent in world cinema.
The current advert on British TV states that SkyFall is the "Best Bond Ever!" But is this true? In a word, No, Casino Royale is; but as I point out repeatedly in my reviews, it's only my opinion but my opinion just like yours matters.
The film starts off with Bond and a very beautiful black lady pursuing a mercenary agent who has stolen the NOC list (oh sorry, that's what happened in the first Mission: Impossible film).
So JB (in this case James Bond, not Jason Bourne) is trying to retrieve the stolen hard drive that the mercenary has stolen.  The chase is epic just like all Bond films, and he is about to retrieve the hard drive, just as the train they are fighting on top of is about to enter a tunnel.
BBS (which stands for Beautiful Black Sista) has an earpiece on which she is connected to M back at the base and Bond.
BBS (Naomi Harris) tells M (Dame Judi Dench) that she has a shot but it's not clear. M tells her to "take the bloody shot!" which she does and JB falls off the train like a stone into the river below which reminded me of the scene in the Bourne Ultimatum film where he also falls into the river from a hotel room, appears dead then his body suddenly flicks into life then (cue the Moby composed music).
NB: I do think it's funny that BBS isn't really featured in adverts, which is a pity because her role is significant and prominent.
We then see M writing an obituary for JB, however, he ain't dead just chilling and partying but returns for duty based on the threat to kill M.
Now remember that these series of Bond films are prequels to Dr. No, the first being Casino Royale which just like the recent Batman re-boot was all about showing you how he became this brooding, twisting vigilante, aka, The Dark Knight.
Both JB's do a lot of running in their respective franchises and in this film JB does exactly that, I thought he was auditioning for Forest Gump!
Remember in Casino Royale when his love interest Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) explains on the train about his under privileged background, well in this film you get to see where he came from.
In this film Bond is more promiscuous than in the previous two films, getting nearer to the could be calculating Bond of the books.
The Bond in these series of films is Mr. Resourceful due to not having a Quartermaster, however, this film introduces us to the character that was played brilliantly by Desmond Llewelyn from 1962 till his untimely death in 1999.
Well in this film we are introduced to 'Q' or rather he introduces himself to JB.
In their interaction on screen, JB points out that he feels old in comparison to the young 'Q'.  Having read that the current screen writer of Bond, John Logan, will be doing two more Bond films, just like Daniel Craig, it appears that that there maybe a Dr. Who type transfer of power however how they do it I await with anticipation...
In this film and in the opening scene in Casino Royale you see Bond's eyes darting around figuring how to use his surroundings (i.e., when chasing the guy through a building site and ensuring that obstacles were utilised).
Now every Bond film has a baddie and in my opinion the greater the threat of baddie, the better the hero. For example, Heath Ledger's Joker was truly off the chain also think of Sherlock Holmes’s nemesis Professor James Moriarty. The reason these baddies are legendary is due to the fact that when we would consider our limitations on the evil we would be prepared to do, they have no such qualms (remember the scene in the classic martial arts film Enter The Dragon when Roper (John Saxon) is talking to Mr Han (Kien Shih 1913-2009) who puts a white cat in a guillotine explaining it takes a special person to be truly evil. Now he was a baddie par excellence!)
I mention the above because the baddie in this film don't ramp (aka, he don't joke) and is played by the excellent actor Javier Bardem who also has a 'Jokeresque' face (watch the film and you'll understand what I'm talking about).
I did not expect the ending to be what it was, however, I do reckon it is appropriate and sets us up nicely for the next two installments that Daniel Craig has agreed to do.
So back to the two original questions I posed at the start which was; is it any good and is it worth the wait?
Yes, it is very good but it ain't Casino Royale which is my all time favourite; and "worth the wait?" well we waited not because the company was in trouble as they told us, rather I believe they wanted to release it so as it coincided with the 50th anniversary of the longest running film franchise ever.
So in concluding, SkyFall is a quality film with a quality cast that has in my opinion made the JB franchise a credible work of art for the new YouTube generation...
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Article by @gmanzen / 29th October 2012


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