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Monday 22nd October 2012

A friend of mine’s daughter is feeling a little bit lopsided (she’s looking it too).  She was walking through her local park when someone took a pot shot at her with an air rifle.  The pellet hit her directly on her right buttock, (no laughing please, my friend and I had a bit of a chuckle and she wasn’t happy).  A couple of years ago she flew to America and had implants installed in each butt cheek, she’s a bit of a diva and sadly likens herself to quite a few ‘rappettes’ (another made up word, I know, but my friends don‘t call me “The‘a’ Saurus” for nothing although they are now calling my friends daughter “The‘a’ Soreass”).
The irresponsibility of the aptly nicknamed “Badass sniper” as well as the well aimed pellet caused a little deflation of her spirit as well as her right buttock (which again is no laughing matter).  This incident could have potentially been serious but thanks to Theresa May the Home Secretary, tougher sentences are going to be introduced for those who supply guns to criminals…..   
Erm….  Does this mean that guns smiths, armourers and government arms dealers are all going down? Especially the government arms dealers…  Surely these are the true criminals, where does Theresa May (or May not) think the guns actually come from….  Well we know that she knows….  She just hopes that we don’t.  Is the terminology ‘organised crime gangs’ another way of saying ‘them’ or the powers that be even though they try and tell us it‘s them others.  Well, they take money from us in an organised manner and we feel that we don’t have a choice; (remember we always have a choice). 
They start wars and rumours of wars.  They put the guns and drugs in the hands of the people and then tell us that we have a problem on the streets.  At the moment there isn’t an offence for someone to possess a firearm with intent to supply to others.  Their rules. Theresa May said and I quote “The people who are supplying the firearms are as guilty as the people using them.” Yet the sale of guns from country to country still continues, in some of these countries children haven’t got fresh water to drink yet they could lay their hands on an AK47 and this happens without convictions.  In Britain they’ll hide alcohol and cigarettes behind the counter in shops but you can walk along most high streets into a gun shop and view weapons of mass destruction with your kids in tow, like it’s a day out at the zoo. Yet we sit back and accept their “po‘lie’tics”. 
Banks, Drugmakers and arms dealers are the new face of our piractical past - Guardian article
Anyway rant over (for now)…  Back to my friends’ daughter….  She is now the ‘butt’ of every ones jokes, when she plays golf she always gets a ‘hole in one’ and when she sits down she constantly thinks about changing her name to ‘Eileen’.  I could go on but I think I’ve made enough ‘bullet’ points.

Tuesday 23rd October 2012

I used to work for the BBC a few years ago it was in my comfort eating days, when my friends and I sought solace in good food…  This caused us to swell from the base of our spines down to the tops of our thighs.  That’s when we joined the BBC….  The Big Bottomed Club….  The head of the club always knew what was going on with its members; I guess this is why it is very difficult to believe that (the way they tell it) nobody knew what was going on in the company with the same letters as our club (BBC).  
Jimmy Savile whose name has been bantered around that much at the moment it’s a wonder it isn’t #trending on twitter.  Statues of Jimmy have been torn down, his head stone dismantled and his wax figure in Madam Toussaurds has had a melt down and will probably be used as candles on our kids’ birthday cakes….  Oh the irony.  I wonder if statues of other shady famous figures from the past that have raped and pillaged.  The ones that have been written down in history books will get the same treatment….  Or are we to forget about these people and their antics because that was then and this is now…..  
What about characters such as Elvis Presley who met and married a very young girl, yet nobody questioned this, people still flock to his grave, some even dress up and impersonate him.  It appears that people have adopted the philosophy of Alistair Crowley also known as the worlds wickedest man, who stated “do what thou wilt” I find it very hard to believe that the BBC bosses were naïve enough not to have a clue about what was going on.  Are we to believe that not one victim spoke out about what was going on.  Or is there a very big rug in room 101 that has a big pile of hidden secrets swept underneath it.
Should the BBC Director have the opportunity to fight for his job…?  If his name was Joe Bloggs he would have been asked not to let the door hit him on his way out of the building.  In “normal” jobs, people have been sacked for checking their emails or using the phone at work, yet something as serious as this and people are allowed to have a discussion about it.  Are they having a laugh?  People’s lives have drastically changed due to the incompetence of supposedly rational and responsible adults.  
They say that Jimmy was powerful in TV and radio land in the 1970’s.  My question is…  He wasn’t so powerful in the ‘80’s 90’s and 00’s, so why weren’t questions being asked then? How has the BBC condoned such poor behaviour because let’s face it old Jimmy wasn’t and isn’t the only culprit and I find it hilarious how it is being called the Savile scandal, he’s dead so therefore is the easy target…  What about the other guilty parties who are still alive and trying to hide beneath their slimy rocks.  Heads should certainly roll all the way to the soon to be cutback benefits queue.  
These guys have been on mega bucks for years and have got away with dodgy TV programming which for some of us was murder.  Now they’ve been exposed.  What will become of the head of the corporation? BB see ya.

Wednesday 24th October 2012

My son came home from school all excited today and told me he was running for class president.  I’m not sure but I think I burst his bubble when I told him that if he actually thought he would be running things and his head teacher wouldn’t have the final say about what goes on in his school then he was to throw in the towel now.  My son is quite head strong, so there was some shouting, some arguing, stamping of feet an some tears until my son comforted me and told me to calm down.  To my shame.
Cue Mitt and Barack….  I find it hilarious how Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are having these debates and are squaring up to each other like boxers before a fight to build up the hype of the match.  There are some of us who actually see through their little dance, do they think we don’t realise that after the campaign and the man of the moment that the Bilder Berger group have chosen as their puppet enters office, both men will be working for the same side anyway.  Let’s not fool ourselves that these men are chosen by ‘we’ the people.  It is said that the people get the leader they deserve.  It sounds harsh but in my opinion it is true.  No matter who is in office only what ‘they’ want to change will.  We look to them to lead us.  Big mistake, they will only destroy us which is their sole aim.  We are slaves to their rhythm (thanks Grace).  But if you’re like me, I’m not dancing to their beat.  
I don’t know why they go through this routine every four years.  The world is in a terrible state and it appears it is only going to get worse.  Countries owe trillions of Pounds, Dollars and Euros….  To whom we ask ourselves…  To the same people who have bankrupted these countries and employed these Presidents and Prime Ministers, who we think are big, but are small enough to fit in ‘their’ back pocket.  
There will always be more of us than there are of them, so technically we are the government and they work for us, but they have brain washed us into thinking it’s the other way round.  
So whether we care or not, the Presidential race continues, who will get Gold or Silver has already been decided, so for me from the beginning it was always going to be a false start.  So to these men in politics who have been pimped out by ‘them’…..  To the White House and don’t spare the ‘whore’ses.

Thursday 25th October 2012

I over heard two little old ladies talking, one said that she was glad that all of the jubilee ‘recessions’ for the queen were over as she was sick and tired of the upheaval, she then said that she wasn‘t a total party pooper and she loved a good ‘sanitation’ as well as the next person.  I thought she’d gone batty until I heard her friend correct her with the words processions and celebration… Poor love.  
Speaking of recession, I love the way that governments try and keep there figures down by telling us something so that we believe it to be true.  They are now trying to fob us off with idea that we have come out of the double dip recession.  Downing Street and the Treasury have told Mps to say that the UK is ‘rebalancing’ its economy and is ‘on the right track’, but to avoid any boasting……  Please.  How can they boast about something that isn’t true now and wasn’t true in the beginning.  They put the word recession in our heads aided by the media….  So therefore it must be true…  Right
They talk about unemployment figures statistically dropping by 50,000 in August but statistical figures are always false because they can never account for everybody.  Statistics are there just to make ‘their’ books look good.  They’ve put us in this predicament and want us to feel good with more of there pretty words and speeches, yet we still feel the squeeze because like feeders they want us to be dependent on them.
They try to give us that glimmer of hope with their “green shoots” philosophy, yet here I stand, foot tapping waiting to see signs of this new growth.  Does anyone in parliament know how to tell the truth or is “must know how to tell lies” written in the jobs description.  The government keeps fobbing us off with words, but are not backing them up with actions.  Folks face it, nothing is going to change for a while… Well…  Maybe for the worse because they have us by the short and curlies with menaces.  
Can we still roll under the title “Great Britain”….? What was the last great thing we did as a Nation? Are you scratching your head trying to think? That’s exactly what I’m doing, although my head scratching might be due to the fact that my hair needs a good wash.  How long can we say “come on England“, before it starts to sound like we are saying it in an exasperating manner?  Well I seem to have gone of at a tangent…  Now what was I talking about….  Oh yes….  Recession…  It’s a word that usually makes you think of lack of money…  Yet they still want us to pay the price.

Friday 26th October 2012

We need to start communicating with each other more, even though we are told technology is the way forward, we still need to keep it real and not be afraid to actually have a conversation with a human being, rather than cyber space.   Big businesses are failing on the high street due to our lack of people skills and the element of the human touch.  
We have come to the point when if someone says “hello” or “you look nice”, we are filled with horror because they spoke to us.  Be different, say hello to someone you don’t know, you never know, they might just say hello back, before you know it the art of conversation will have come back into fashion.
I am just one persons opinion, think for yourselves and spread the love.
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Article by Citizen Jane / 26th October 2012


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