Mission Impossible-Ghost protocol 
Now I wasn't allowed to see this film when it first came out due to "ticketing issues" so my review is several weeks after it's release date and I've included it because it's worth watching.

Main guy in the film is Tom Cruise, again playing team leader Ethan Hunt but there’s a new character that has that certain je ne sais quoi which could make him a new action hero (more later, keep reading) Also on the team is the British Comedic film star Simon Pegg who plays the tech back-up which is similar to the M character in the James Bond franchise.

Also worth mentioning is Jeremy Renner (aka new action hero) who was then main character in “The Hurt Locker” and plays an Analyst for the American Government that joins the team when an event forces them together. During the film he displays combative skills beyond the remit of his earlier mentioned title which leads Ethan to question whether his new found colleague is 5th columnist (I know, great title, look it up)

Talking about "action hero" I couldn't help but think that even though this film takes bits from the James Bond and Jason Bourne films, it isn't either, which is good but talking about Jason Bourne, apparently Jeremy Renner will be starring in the new Bourne films which sounds brilliant. Anyway, I digress, back to the review.

This film tries to learn from its previous mistakes in terms of its previous direction (i.e., did you watch Mission Impossible II? exactly!!!) and as I mentioned before it adapts bits from the Bond/Bourne franchises.

I did think that the film is commercially driven with scenes that are clearly a product placement (the new BMW Coupe Prototype) but don't let that put you off.

Their mission if they choose to accept it is to avert a possible New Killa war (as pronounced by the G W Bush's) 

Fast paced, slick and easily watchable. Is it the best MP of the lot? In my humble opinion the first is the best but do watch this and give me your views...?
Iron Lady

For those born in the last 20yrs the name Margret Thatcher would mean nothing to you whereas people like "yours truly" who was born during the first world war have seen many leaders come and go in the UK but what makes Margaret Thatcher so unique is the fact that she was the first female Prime Minister.

Britain has what the media/Government have coined as a "Special Relationship" but I have to say what’s "special" when the USA say "Jump" and the UK say, "how high?" But hey, I digress........ 

If you want your kids (if you're a certain age) to know why we (The UK) are so capitalistic and an education on what killed off the Mining industry then you need to get them to watch this.
MT got her unique nickname from the Russians due to her toughness....

The film isn't a straight forward biography on MT, it’s based more on what the film makers imagine she would be thinking if we were privy to her thoughts. 

Some people have been critical about the film because it portrays MT suffering with dementia, alone in her home, apart from a home help and her conversations with Denis her long departed husband.

I loved the film because it brought back memories of a by gone era. The film doesn't show MT's previous decisions in a good or bad light more it focuses on her toughness and her being so driven (don't forget she started off as a Green grocer’s daughter and the rest is history.) 

What isn't depicted in this film is the rioting that took place in the early 80’s after only one year of the Conservative and MT's rule.

I remember an advert appearing on TV during this period showing a woman hanging up a picture which turns into an angry animated Gorilla. The aim was to advertise that the future of TVs would be flat screen. Fast forward to 2011 and just like the 1980’s riots the Conservative party are back in power and within one year of them being in power our TV's are filled with the images of the rioters stealing flat screen TVs! 

This is a film that "the yout’s of today" should watch to understand that this generation are going through a similar time to the kids of the 80’s, who also suffered the first mass unemployment in this Country's history also under a Conservative government.

The Artist
I went to the cinema and the young man at the entrance took my ticket and said to me "Gman, why are you gonna watch a film that's silent and in back and white?"

As I’m explaining my detailed answer to him, an assistant manager comes over and tells the ticket collector to make himself busy which made me think to myself "how rude! and to recall the famous saying about power (but hey, I digress)

The main Characters are Jean Desjardin who plays George Valintin and Bérénice Bejo who is beautiful as the up and coming Peppy Miller.

Here's a brief breakdown of the story...
Hollywood, 1927: As silent movie star George Valentin wonders if the arrival of talking pictures will cause him to fade into oblivion, he sparks with Peppy Miller, a young dancer set for a big break.

So the basic story in a nutshell... but let me try and convey the emotion this film conjures up.
Last year I had the privilege of watching over 80 films at the cinema with some as good as this one “Rise of The Planet of The Apes” and “Machine Gun Preacher to name but 2”, in my opinion none bettered it. Why? well this film doesn't rely on special effects to keep you interested, they use great storytelling, good accompanying music and a great supporting cast including John Goodman (Roseanne Barr Show), James Cromwell (the corrupt Cop in L.A Confidential) and Roddy McDowell (Clockwork Orange).

I loved this film!!! It wasn't too long, the story was really easy to follow the characters were believable and more importantly, loveable.

I did remember when I was a boy that there was a silent movie star called Rudolph Valentino who though having a similar name, also had a similar story to Valentin though the difference is Rudolph died before he could potentially face the same fate as valentin (there, I've said too much)
A facts I can tell you about is that the film cost $12m to make and so far has already grossed $12m world wide.

Can I make a suggestion? This film will not be at the cinema for long, so go and see it while you can but do take a handkerchief with you (sniff, sniff, I’m filling up)... 

Article by @gmanzen / 9th January 2012


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