Monday 15th October 2012

My friends Grandmother needed an operation on her knee, but for some unknown reason she has been put on hold.  The operation dates have changed on numerous occasions.  She thinks it’s because of her age, or they’re hoping that she’ll pop her clogs rather than waste tax payers money (even though she has been a tax payer for years, I guess that doesn‘t count though eh).  Of course, they would never tell her that. The poor dear is in so much pain she can’t even get down on her bended knees to plead with them.  
Leading surgeons have reported that elderly patients have been denied life saving treatment due to their age.  So if you’re over 70 and you need an operation, you are screwed.  I think it’s terrible that the elderly have put a lot of their time, money and even their lives into this country, yet they are treated so poorly.  People say we no longer have a class system and we are all treated equally (yeah right)…..  But if you are a member of the royal family or an elitist and you need an operation, there will be no waiting list, no lost notes and no denial of an operation. Where as the rest of us have been stitched up - no pun intended.
How many of us have heard horror stories from family or friends about elderly relatives in hospital who have been pushed from pillar to post in regards to operations, medical results and sometimes beds.  It’s a traumatic time for the elderly not only worrying about their illness but wondering whether they will be able to receive treatment.  Now is the time in their lives when they should be able to get out what they have put in to the so called “Big Society”
The Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) report states that doctors should look at a patient’s health rather than an age cut off.  It’s illegal to discriminate against age; it also goes firmly against the NHS principles.  Yet the elderly are shown such disrespect as if their role in society is no longer required.  It may sound corny when I say this, but we need to look after our elderly seeing as they looked after us first and if we are blessed we too will be the elderly one day, so sit up and take notice and invest in your future.  Remember, where there’s a ‘will’ there’s a way…..what? Too soon?

Tuesday 16th October 2012

Why is it when ever we receive spam or hacked emails it’s generally about rubbish, never anything interesting, beneficial or educating, usually about penis enlargements which we mustn’t mistake for government growth.  How is it that Gary McKinnon the computer hacker who suffers with Asperger’s syndrome (this can cause difficulties in social interaction as well as restricted and repetitive patterns of behaviour) he broke into a string of American military networks from his bedsit in North London.  
There was a worry for his family that he was going to be extradited to the USA where he would have been facing a possibility of up to 60 years in prison.  His life lay in the hands of Theresa May the Home Secretary, who announced that she is blocking Gary’s extradition on health grounds for fear that he might be a suicide risk.  
I find it funny (not the suicide bit) but how Gary McKinnon who is known for hacking had Governments braying for his blood. Yet only a last month, the Government’s Communication Headquarters (GCHQ) (the electronic intelligence service) was advertising for Hackers to work for them by taking part in a competition….talk about double standards.  I guess it’s all about control so when Gary threw them a curve, they had to put pressure on him to set an example for others, unless you’re on their pay role, working under their roof, where they can keep an eye on you as well as pick your brains and use your skills to build up their own profile/portfolio, and I assure you it’s not for our protection but for their own.  
I hacked into someone’s computer once and read sensitive material about a woman he was seeing on the side… When I say hacked, I mean it was already switched on and the sensitive material was already on the screen…  When I say someone I mean my boyfriend…  When I say boyfriend I mean my ex-boyfriend who was ultimately ‘hacked’ off at me, I never thought that anything could ever come between us, until I received the court order that states I have to keep my distance by 500 yards.  

Wednesday 17th October 2012

My Aunt told me that her next door neighbour doesn’t work and is supported by the government which she thought was good of them; she said that she has seen her neighbour going out in the evening wearing a uniform from a cleaning firm, so she was able to top up on what the Government was giving her. My aunt is very upset at the moment, she said that her neighbour is no longer speaking to her and she doesn‘t know why, she said she was singing the praises of her neighbour to the man from their local city council who went round to talk to people on their street about benefit fraud.
My aunt told him how amazing it was for them to help her neighbour with benefit money which helps her top up the money she makes working in the evening for cash in hand. She said she didn’t understand why her neighbour is so cross, she was only trying to help.  Oh dear.
Speaking of benefits, the Government is talking about freezing them next April, due to the very clever George Osborne imposing new welfare cuts.  Which doesn’t make any sense, not everyone is a layabout who is on the dole, there are some people who cannot find a job in this very tight ‘Big Society’ due to so many cuts, jobs are scarce, companies are closing down and not just independent ones but large reputable ones too.  How can they freeze benefits? Are they going to freeze the budget in April too?  See what Comedienne Ava Vidal has to say on the BBC programme 'This Week'. Very interesting.
Is George Osborne going to stand outside Downing Street holding up the battered briefcase and say “I tell you what, we are not going to bother with the budget this year, we‘re feeling generous…”  I don’t think so.  Food and petrol prices will still escalate along with everything else, yet benefits will stay the same, parents who once had a job but due to the cuts are now out of work, they still have to feed and clothe their children.
This Government states “it’s for the risk takers,” what a joke.  The risk takers are the people who are still trying to provide for their kids, lets face it everything is geared up for the rich, the Government is making it difficult for those from poorer homes to survive, they are even making it impossible for the poor to attend university which would be a great opportunity to try and better their circumstances, it’s like we are regressing rather than progressing.  
This Government tries to pretend that they are on our side and that they’re our friend, yet they hit us with benefit cuts etc….  I have to tell you folks, this is not my idea of friends with ‘benefits.’

Thursday 18th October 2012

My older brothers and sisters used to tell me about the old school loan system, which consisted of when one neighbour used to come round to borrow a cup of sugar and when my parents needed the loan returning they used to go round and get the sugar paid back, sometimes with interest.  If the loan didn’t get paid back, there was never any animosity or Bailiffs involved, it was just written of or something else of necessity was loaned.  Bring back this system that’s what I say.
The Financial mess that we are in today is ridiculous, ’they’ have allowed us to get into this situation, more people are struggling and are having to take out multiple payday loans just to get by.  Since 2009 more people have had to turn to debt charities for help due to the fact that they have over 10 payday loans on the go.
The Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) states that it has experienced three times the increase in debtors that are very distraught due to the amount of loans they have accumulated…  Of course they’re distraught; they’re not going to be jumping with joy are they. Taking out the high cost loans isn’t helping either; it’s going to take forever to pay of such loans with 4,000 percent APR.  It’s the same payment plan as the ‘never never’ but in a “supposedly” prettier package and with a different name.
The external affairs director from CCCS stated that “Measures must urgently be put in place so that more people don’t find themselves in this situation”.  Aarrghhhhh…..  Who put us there in the first place?  Now we are back to square one, we are not in this situation because we choose to be, it has been made nearly impossible for us to have our heads above water with today’s government riding on our backs.  They’ve made it that difficult for us to communicate with one another, and we’ve fallen into their trap of every man for themselves to the point where we’ve actually forgotten how to stand up for what we believe in.
Through us being dumbed down have we brought this financial ruin on ourselves? Are you that person who says “I’m only one person, what can I do?” If we communicate then one becomes two and two becomes four etc.  Before you know it there is a group of like minded people standing up for their cause. My ex said he was with me for a cause…  He was all for saving the Whale… The cheek.

Friday 19th October 2012

If we were to think about the people who are running our country and what they have in store for us, we would never get out of bed in the morning. Let’s think positively and bring our communities together so that those who are trying to control us will realise that united we stand and we are no longer interested in their divide and conquer rule.  Through positive actions we can make a difference
I am just one persons opinion, think for yourselves and spread the love.
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Article by Citizen Jane / 19th October 2012


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