I attempted to write this last week on the 7th October but I had an issue where I was making long distance calls via my toilet (it wasn't pretty people!)
This won't take long so read on for my thoughts....
Warning... There are nuff spoilers but I think you need to know. My job is not to sell the film rather to reveal the hidden truth of what I see thus passing on the gift of sight to you so you can see.
The film opens on Super 8 footage (think the Spielberg film of last year starring those excellent kids called Super8 and you'll understand the type of camera we're talking about) where a family of four are standing under a tree with bags over their heads and nooses around their necks. The family is lifted by their necks and strangled until they are dead.
Months later, true-crime novelist Ellison Osborne (Ethan Hawke) moves into the same house as the murdered family with his wife and two children aged roughly 10 and 12.
Ellison's aim is to use the murders as the basis for his new book. Supposedly, there were five members in the family, and one of the children went missing after the murders.
Ellison finds a box in the attic which contains a projector and several reels of Super 8 footage that are each labelled as if they are innocent home movies. He watches the films, all show families that are being killed on film (think Snuff movies).
In one of the films he sees a dark figure with a demonic face. Upon seeing this figure, strange things begin happening around the house. Ellison continues to observe the films and discovers strange things in them, such as a strange symbol painted near the murders and the demonic figure which begins to show up in every film. He calls the local deputy (James Ransone) to help him find the location of these murders.
All horror films have a character that is real (The Rite/Exorcist) or made up ones from the imagination of the writer or director, Sinister, apparently is one of the latter, or is it?
The character in Sinister is called Bagul and appears to have similar characteristics to the historical demon called Abyzou. "She" is known as the consumer of children. 
The name of a demon is everything. Reveal the name then you can conquer it.....
In the myth and folklore of the Near East and Europe, Abyzou is the name of a female demon. Abyzou was blamed for miscarriages and infant mortality and was said to be motivated by envy (ancient Greek belief), as she herself was infertile. In the Jewish tradition she is identified with Lilith, in Coptic Egypt with Alabasandria, and in Byzantine culture with Gylou, but in various texts surviving from the syncretic magical practice of antiquity and the early medieval era she is said to have many or virtually innumerable names.
Abyzou (also spelled Abizou, Obizu, Obizuth, Obyzouth, Byzou etc.) is pictured on amulets with fish- or serpent-like attributes. Her fullest literary depiction is the compendium of demonology known as the Testament of Solomon, dated variously by scholars from as early as the first century AD to as late as the fourth.
The demon appears to have the power over the watcher of the film that he has produced and they are watching. It kind of reminds me that if the demon was working fully in this present generation he would be called Tell-Lie-Vision or Dis-Nee or my personal favourite, Holly-Wood.
Remember, "They" have an agenda and it doesn't involve our children growing up to full term rather it involves their sacrifice to appease their deity....
As shown in the Sinister trailer, Bagul is identified as a Pagan deity that jumps through dimensions. Demon Bagul is the consumer of children, whereas Abyzou is the taker of children. The two demons are a match made in Hell.
Look at Disney and it's consuming of the young children via its own channel. Bagul as an entity maybe a made up name, the children entertainment industry/Hollywood isn't... 
If we tolerate this (attitude) then our children will be next. Resistance is NOT Futile. Join or start up a resistance....
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Article by @gmanzen / 15th October 2012


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