Monday 8th October 2012

When my siblings and I were kids, we used to think that our mum had X-ray specs because she always new when we were lying to her, it was like she had an inbuilt lie detector as well as other things to suss us out.  Oh and the fact that my little sister used to grass me up and sometimes even lied about things I’d done just to get into our parents good books, anything to cover up her wrongs, but when I showed her the size of my fist and taught her about loyalty and the sister code, she soon wised up.  It was either that or a knuckle sandwich every day until one of us left home. 
My way was no where near as harsh as to what the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has planned; they are reducing the sentences of Murderers, international drug dealers and gangsters who are willing to ‘grass up’ fellow violent criminals even when informer’s reliability has been questioned in court.  All this is in aid of getting their harsh sentences reduced which some have by 90 percent and all some of them had to do was spin a yarn. [Panorama – Return of the Supergrass] 
Someone who was serving a life sentence for two murders had their time reduced to three years in return for information even though the judge said that the offenders statement was a lie a whole lie and nothing but a lie.  
Another who was serving 17 years had their time reduced to 5 years that’s to name but two out of the 158 ‘supergrass’ deals that have been signed.  So I guess this is a great incentive (or should I say insensitive) for people to commit crimes, grass others up and get their sentences reduced, everyone’s a winner right……Apart from the victims and the victim’s families who thought they had seen justice being done.  In the end it’s just them that have been done.  
I understand the method in the CPS’s madness but what ever happened to compassion, are we that blind to other peoples hurt and pain because this ‘supergrass’ deal is going to cause a lot of heartache for a lot of people who already think that the “law is an ass” but prays that it will work in their favour.  Is cynicism the ugly twin sister of idealism? And no….They are not the names of my kids…..  Although, there is always deed poll.

Tuesday 9th October 2012

A friend of mine told me how he got pulled over by the police in a red light area….  He said he’d stopped to ask a young lady (that happened to be standing on a street corner, dressed rather scantily) for directions.  She offered to show him the way and preceded to get into his car, he asked her what she was doing and was leaning over her to open the door of his car to let her out just as the police pulled up, he managed to explain the misunderstanding which got quite confusing because that was also the name of the lady in question….  (Miss. Understanding….) Well all the boys thought she was after she made them weep).  He told the police that he wasn’t anybody’s pimp…..  
Unlike George Osborne who seems to be acting like one by offering employees more money in return for their rights….  I envision him walking into someone’s work place saying “They have no rights….  I own them; they rolled over for £2000 so their ass is mine.” (Shudder).
From April next year companies will be able to offer their staff from £2000 and £50,000 in tax free shares but only if they give up their rights to claim unfair dismissal, request for flexible working, time off for training and redundancy pay.  New firms/business could make such contracts compulsory.  Although if you are in an existing job, you cannot be forced to sign the contract, but new recruits could.
This legislation is to be rushed through parliament…  Why?  We are becoming more and more Americanesque (if I can be so bold as to make up such a word).  The American government are looking to change the law so that people will give up their rights to bear arms (which was adopted on the 15th December 1791 with the rest of the bill of rights), not that I’m pro guns but if the people listen, they will end up shooting themselves in the foot….  Or the government will do it for them.  How will they protect themselves when the government turns against them? Believe me they will.
Anyway back to our pitiful government.  In return for this bribe……  Errr I mean pay off….. Erm I mean money, workers wouldn’t have to pay capital gains tax in any rise in value of their shares when they sold them.  The chancellor is hoping that thousands of people will become “employee - owners” the clue is in the title.  Democracy and liberty is beginning to sound like an urban myth.  Is this what the people want?  Really…  These guys are like orange peel rustlers…..  Constantly taking the pith. 

Wednesday 10th October 2012

A friend of mine came to me very upset and in tears, she said that she’d made the mistake of joining a club where people get together to talk about how much weight they have lost or gained.  Now she isn’t the most confident of people so for her to join such a group was a very big achievement.  
She also made the mistake of dating one of the guys from said group, who had lost quite a bit of weight and had become quite cocky with it.  My friend said she’d over heard him talking to some of his friends from the club saying, he didn’t know how to end their relationship without being too brutal, he felt she hadn’t made any effort with her weight and he didn’t know how to tell her and on their last date (which ended with a walk in the park) he said  she’d fallen over, landing on her back and in trying to get up due to her weight she ended up rocking herself to sleep, which caused titters all round.  Hence the tears and rightly so….  Not a nice guy….  (I didn’t laugh inside once…  Sniff).
She felt he was a very selfish man and lacked compassion which is quite the opposite of what our dear Prime Minister is trying to prove about his party.  He insists that he hasn’t abandoned “compassionate Conservatism” as he tries to convince us that welfare reform and spending cuts will be good in the end for the weak, poor and vulnerable.  My question is who put these people in this position in the first place?
I loved Mr Cameron’s disclaimer speech at the end of the Tory conference where he warned “Britain could get left behind unless difficult and painful decisions are taken”.  In other words, “take it on the chin chaps, your suffering is for a good cause, the British Government needs you on its knees (and not in prayer) but in submission.   
What do they know about difficult and painful decisions, when they can afford to put their heating on full blast (unlike our some of our vulnerable people) and their main concern is keeping votes and looking good?  Are we forgetting that the word ‘conserve’ means, hold in reserve, keep, look after, protect, safeguard, save, store up and use sparingly (courtesy of the quick reference Thesaurus).  Yet none of these words seem to work in favour of ‘we’ the people but if you are an elitist then I guess Bob is your auntie’s live in lover.  For most of us there isn’t enough space on our belts to put any more holes in to tighten them, but talk of cuts, cuts and more cuts is constantly ongoing. 
Yet Mr Cameron wants to show us that the Conservative way is not just good for the strong and successful or the way we grow a strong economy but a great way to build a big society…..  Mmmm.  But to also help us poor miserable lot.  Yes folks the rhythmic pressure that you can feel on the small of your back would be the governmental patronising pat.   There is a massive difference between ‘big society’ and ‘high society’….  One stars Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby and the other…..  Doesn‘t…

Thursday 11th October 2012

I decided to complete a course to improve my English Literature and Language skills, so that I can speak much proper, ya get meh.  I did the course for me…  Not to become a statistic in the system.  In his party conference, David Cameron has promised to be on the side of the “strivers,” who work hard to get on, which is what I would class myself as, yet I still find myself that broke I’m struggling to ‘pay’ attention.  
Are we deluding ourselves to think that, ‘they’ will don the same kit as us and play ball fairly?  Mr Cameron has stated that “he is all for the risk takers, the doers, the young people who dream of their first pay cheque“….  They can but dream I guess.
He claims that work isn’t slavery….  Really, try to start and leave work when you feel like it and see what happens.  The PM states that poverty is slavery and it’s not where you come from that counts but where you are going….  Well for most of us, that’s straight to debtor’s prison.  Don’t they get it, we the people are suffering, and the streets of Britain should be awash with our blood, that’s how severe some of the cuts have been.  
Does it really matter who walks through the door of number Ten Downing Street, there will always be grumblings amongst the ranks, murmurs above and below those metaphorical stairs.  Have plans for wars already been put in place? Are there names of countries on a list to be invaded? Are Economic Hit men packing their suitcases in preparation for their manipulation trip? And are the jackals sat waiting in the wings for their phones to ring so that they can fly in and peck out the eyes of the needy only to drop them in the mouths of the greedy.  Government talk is cheap, the fact is the rich are getting richer and the poor are slaves to the system.  This has been the way for centuries.
The Tory’s want to be known as the modern compassionate Conservative party….  It’s a bit difficult to say when you’re on all fours chained like a dog with a red ball strapped to your mouth.

Friday 12th October 2012

I hate surprises, that’s why I like to know what’s going on out there.  Let’s not become what they want us to become…..  People with eyes wide shut and with no feeling from the hairline down.  Be in the know.  But be warned, as a very dear friend always tells me… “Once you know, you cannot un-know.”  Ghandi said “Live as if you would die tomorrow and learn as if you would live forever”.
I am just one persons opinion, think for yourselves and spread the love.
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Article by Citizen Jane / 12th October 2012


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