Monday 2nd January 2012
Well now that all of the mayhem and madness of Christmas and New Year is over, we’re all able to relax and concentrate on getting back to normal …… Wrong…It’s the crazy January sales.. Insane people leaving their nice warm beds to go and queue up outside naff shops waiting to buy a pieces of junk that will only be forgotten about before the New Year is out. When has material crap become a cause to kill someone.. How can this be justified?… How can a pair of trainers or a tracksuit be that important?…Especially when the fat ones who wear them know that they are never going to see the inside of a gym anytime soon.

Tuesday 3rd January 2012
Well it’s good to hear that Prince Phillip has come through his heart operation which he had over the Christmas period without a hitch… Gosh some people will do anything to get out of buying Christmas presents… I wonder if us taxpayers will receive a thank you note from the royals for helping to contribute towards the old boy’s Op’….. My Gran has been waiting for an operation to remove a splinter from her finger for a while now but she has been turned down due to the fact that she is too old she’s only sixty eight… It’s no wonder why the YES people walk funny, that’s because of the rolled bank notes shoved up their back passage. Me…. Bitter…… No!!!!!!!! 

Wednesday 4th January 2012
If I was a bird I would be a Magpie, due to the fact that I love trinkets and pretty things that shine, I got a few baubles out of a Christmas cracker that I’m trying to pass off as genuine articles…. I might get away with it if Stevie Wonder was my broker…speaking of which; Elizabeth Taylor’s jewels have been sold for 75 million pounds…. Its amazing how much you can get from Cash for Gold.

Thursday 5th January 2012
I’ve just received news that I’m one of the 10,000 who has been oversold a ticket for the synchronised swimming at the 2012 Olympic Games…. Well someone didn’t synchronise those sales did they… Not happy… ok they’ve said I can get tickets for alternative events.. But why have I been offered snail racing, it’s a very slow event… beds have been provided, salt has also been banned from the Arena….. Why me… is there any justice in the world…
Well I guess there is for the Lawrence family after a nineteen years battle two of the five allegedly involved in the attack have been sentenced.. Gary Dobson got 15 years and 2 months and David Norris got 14 years and 3 months… which for them is a breeze seeing as Stephen Lawrence got LIFE.

Friday 6th January 2012
To begin the New Year we all pray for peace and prosperity.. But in the hearts of many people simmers hate….. Let us be the ones to turn things around and spread love and peace.. It is inside everyone of us. Only WE can make a difference in this world… As Ghandi said “Let’s be the change we want to see”.

Article by Jenna Tayleah / 6th January 2012


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