Monday 1st October 2012

My brother called me asking me to bail him out, well not him physically but his car.  He’d parked off the beaten track trying to save some bucks on car parking fees only to find that an outfit wheel clamping company had messed up his day by putting a trade mark bright yellow clamp on the wheel of his car.  He always says he isn’t tight but he just doesn’t want to hand over more of his money to the robbing barstools…  Well he wasn’t as polite as that.  He wasn’t happy, especially as earlier on in the day his girlfriend had put a clamp on their relationship.  He didn’t like the fact that he’d been locked off by a Cowboy and a Cowgirl.  
Although Cowboy wheel clampers are going to be banned from clamping cars on private land as from today due to the Protection of Freedoms Act.  Scotland had the right idea from 1992, where it has been illegal to Clamp or tow cars away on private land.  These rogue companies that feel they can shaft us with their trumped up charges and now due to the change in the clamping law, motorists will be saving £55m a year (although remember law gave them the rights in the first place) so their loss is our gain, although I’m sure we will lose out somewhere else in the system such as taxes doesn’t anyone question the fact that we pay taxes on our wages, clothes, holidays, food, electrical goods, cars etc.  
You name it we pay extra on it; the scam alone of deducting from our wages is enough to make me see red…..  So ‘we’ have to go out to work (some of us to jobs we hate) and if that’s not enough, we then get punished by getting “our” hard earned cash deducted, so that the “fat cats” can continue to purr; only they have us licking their backsides so that they don’t have to.  They’ve crossed “fe-line”.

Tuesday 2nd October 2012

 I decided to stay in last night as there is only a certain amount of entertaining a girl can do (unpaid).  I was flicking through the TV channels and came across News night with Jeremy Paxton, I have to say I found it very enlightening, especially the ending and I don’t mean when the credits were rolling.  A guy called Sol B River interviewed a gentleman called James Meredith who was the first African American to attend University in Mississippi in 1962, he graduated in 1963 and due to the colour of his skin; he had to have armed guards for protection whilst he was studying.  He said the colour of his skin wasn’t the issue for him, it was about citizenship with rights and privileges and the reality of enjoying them ….  Or not.  What a statement.
James Meredith stated that after riots broke out on campus John F Kennedy sent in troops from the National Guard to protect his rights as a citizen.   Meredith tried to encourage other blacks to vote and through this he was shot and injured, he claims he’s a soldier fighting for his cause and his country.  
How many of us would die for a cause?  
James Meredith mentions that the current President of the USA was elected by the same people and for the same reasons as the last forty three presidents, which is definitely food for thought.  Maybe that’s why when we seek change, it never happens because it’s always going to be the same ideals from the same elitists.  You may agree or disagree with his philosophy, but it’s about understanding it.   
Have a look for yourself [here] I it was quality TV viewing for a change.  James Meredith seems like the kind of guy you could have a large one with whilst being educated at the same time.  Which wouldn’t be the first time for me I guess…? Ehemmm.

Wednesday 3rd October 2012

My mother was moaning about how she got out voted at her Darby and Joan club members meeting.  She said that she promised more free cakes and would get the old boys from her group to play their favourite songs.  Which I guess will be guys like Boyzone for the next generation, now there’s a frightening thought.  My mother seems very put out seeing as (a) she hates to lose and (b) the woman she lost to is her nemesis.  
This woman promised to provide transport to and from the meetings as well as a change in the clubs activities.  Which is more than my mother offered; I think she offered fashion advice on how to stop the oldies from wearing the colours Taupe and Ecru.  But what is really bugging my mother is the fact that when her nemesis got elected, nothing changed.  Is this what we must expect of our governments, we hear pretty speeches from the likes of David Cameron and Ed Miliband who made a speech this week on promising a ‘One Nation’ party.  He states that “In One Nation responsibility goes all the way to the top; the rich in society have the biggest responsibility to show responsibility to the rest.  In One Nation no interest from people like Rupert Murdoch to the Banks is too powerful to be held in account.  (This I’ve got to see).
So we must become One Nation party to become One Nation government to build a One Nation Britain.”  Which sounds like a wonderful speech, but unfortunately at the moment that’s all it is?  I have to say though every party has its pretty speeches, but I pose the question, what changes, they don’t; only we do as we become more and more bogged down in bitterness and disappointment.  Do these people all come from the same stock but just wear different coloured ties?
This isn’t even a cynical statement, it’s a reality.  People are fed up with what they think is out of their control, we forget that there are more of ’us’ than there are of ‘them’.  Yet we constantly seek their approval, accept their ideas, expect change yet rest on our Laurels, whilst burying our heads in the quagmire filled with lies.  After Ed’s speech how many will jump on the Mili ’band’ wagon.  Is he the better option? Or does the baton just keep getting passed on.  
My mother called me up and asked me if I’d heard about the ’One Nation’ party, she said she knew that the Ed Miliband were performing and asked me to find out if Tom Jones was on the bill and if so could I get her tickets. When I tried to explain her mistake, she went on to say the reason she’d had kids was so that we could look after her in her dotage and that I was not to answer back and I was to make sure that her ‘Labour’ wasn’t in vain.  

Thursday 4th October 2012

My kids have been blessed with a good education, not just through schools but through my good friends and family around them, they say it takes a village to raise a child, although I have to admit, there are times when I could send them back to the village with just a one way bus ticket.  My kids went to a state school and left with great results (bribery paid no part in their results, they were just told they wouldn't receive any pocket money, holidays or late curfews if they didn't).  If we the people had the opportunity would we send our kids to a public/private school? 
It’s been said that more than eighty independent schools have pledged support for an “open access” scheme, which means doors will be opened for about 30,000 kids from the poorest homes will get the opportunity to study in institutes such as Manchester Grammar School and Windsor.  I love the way they put the word ‘scheme’ after the name of these projects as if they are doing us a big favour.  This proposal means that places will be offered on academic merit to the brightest children irrespective of their background.  
Eton College which was founded by Henry VI in 1440 as a charity school to provide free education for up to seventy poor boys.  So that they could graduate from there and go on to Kings College in Cambridge which was set up in 1441 by the same King.
How far from this kind gesture by the King has the college come, only if you are an elitist can you walk through these doors.  To sum it up, David Cameron is the 19th Prime Minister to have gone to the college, not that I’m denying them an education, but obviously money talks.  Very loudly.  

Friday 5th October 2012

If we want to see change, we have to be the change, let’s not just accept what they feed us as the truth; do not be embarrassed to question what they perceive as being their truth. For subjects such as football, Eastenders, Emmerdale etc, our opinions are like bum holes, we all have one, but let our opinions be for something of substance, for something that really counts.  Spread the love.
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Article by Citizen Jane / 5th October 2012


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