The cost of making this film that has been described as this years ‘Matrix at $30m which I find very hard to believe considering that ‘Anna Karenina’ cost $45m and The Campaign cost $56m so rather than get to the bottom of the cheapness of this film, let's explore the expansiveness of the plot...
2044 is the year in the future that ‘The Looper’ is based. Twenty-five year-old assassin Joseph Simmons (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) works for a criminal gang based in Kansas City as a "Looper".  Looper's are killers and dispose of people sent back in time by their employers from Shanghai from the year 2074. Looper's are foot soldiers, paid with silver on the condition that all targets must never escape. When crime bosses want to end a Looper's contract, they send the older version of a Looper back to be killed by his younger self and pay with gold and this is called "closing the loop".
Joe's boss is Abe (Jeff Daniels), who was sent back in time to manage the Looper's and also owns a club that Joe frequents, where Joe spends time with a showgirl named Suzie (Piper Perabo).
One night, Seth (Paul Dano), Joe's friend and a fellow Looper, visits him in a panic telling him that he was supposed to close his own loop but couldn't do it when he recognized his own voice. Joe hides Seth in his safe while visiting Abe, who explains Joe can either give up half of the silver he has saved as a Looper or give up Seth. Joe eventually tells Abe where he hid Seth, and is racked with guilt over betraying his friend. 
One day Joe has a routine kill which turns out to be not so be routine. Sitting in front of him from the future is a future version of himself played by Bruce Willis.  Bruce escapes and plots to kill the person who started the whole Looper's business.
Now this is a very boring explanation from me however it was a film that had the entire cinema who were in the not so cheap seats (£12 a pop me bredrins!) engrossed right through till the very end.
I thought that the Lopper's were incredibly selfish young people who ultimately do not have a long term future thus they live fast and die younger than their body clock was designed to last for.
I also thought that the currency of Silver was indicative of the fact that their acts are cowardly and treacherous a la Judas who also received silver as payment.
I don't think this is a "Matrix" of our times however I think that the script which deals with time travelling (hindsight), lust and greed (unregenerated man) develops into people exercising vision (foresight), Love, self sacrificing and ultimately redemption (i.e., qualities bestowed on man through the gift of GOD).
I loved this film because it made me think.
Go and watch it intently. You may need to watch it twice or even three times to truly get the plot but it is worth seeing and is in a similar vein to ‘Inception’ and ‘Shutter Island’.
"To truly be free we must die to self."
Enjoyable, thought provoking and entertaining to say the least... 
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Article by @gmanzen / 1st October 2012


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