I have always wanted to live in a tower block. Maybe it's because of the times I’ve been to the big Apple and seen those fine buildings, even imagining living in the apartment next to Terry Henry that he bought in NY for $16m then it dawns on me that there are 16million reasons this ain't gonna happen. Therefore, the only tower block I would be living in would be the name of the block featured in this film called "Serenity Tower" which to be honest you'd rather stay in Broadhurst or Pentonville (but I digress, on with the review...)
The film centres on a period of time in the "not too distant future" when Tower Blocks are being demolished due to their abject failure and that they are a breeding ground for crime (not my words but the narrators of this film).
The residents of the lower floors have long since departed to better accommodations leaving an assortment of occupants residing on the top floor.
One day two masked thugs decide to give a young kid a good kicking on the top corridor. Everyone stays indoors except for one lone resident, Becky, played by Sheridan Smith. She comes out of her apartment and tries to help the boy being attacked for which she got a terrific beating, taking "man licks."
The police explain to the residents that the young boy died of his injuries, and proceed to go around the top floor asking for witnesses. However, no one, including Becky, comes forward.
One year later, we revisit Becky, she has just woken up after sleeping off a heavy night and remembers that the person lying in bed beside her is a person she had met at a party the night before.
Slightly embarrassed and thinking about everything that previously happened, she quickly gets dressed. "No name bwoy" also gets up and puts on her small dressing gown, they exchange pleasantries, he gets changed and they share a coffee at the dinner table at the window.
Roughly while this is going on, we are introduced to the other residence and their morning activities. Now back to Becky and her "bwoy."
The small talk is interrupted by the sound of breaking glass....
Becky makes it out of the apartment and meets other neighbours who have all experienced the same thing, but what's out there and why are they being targeted? They try all means of communication but all the technology is down.
They all quickly realise that the assailant has targeted them due to their silence when the young boy had been murdered. All plead their innocence in the events of last year and console themselves with the thought that "what could I (the individual) have done?
Will they make it through the night? Their only hope is if they work together but can they?
Watch this space... 
As an aside, the theme made me question our neighborhoods. If violence escalates in an area, due to our lack of vigilance and true community spirit, are we to blame?  As Batman states when taking the blame for the death of Harvey Dent "maybe we deserve the heroes we get." Is this true? (Discuss).
Whilst discussing the above, also take into consideration that we elect people into high office with low morals. "They" are the ones who live in palatial multiple accommodations while just like Dredd 3D "they build these prisons called Tower Blocks with names of standard that doesn't match the true living conditions. 
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Article by @gmanzen / 24th September 2012


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