Let me get right to the point. This is the Film of the week. Period. Let me tell you a bit about it without potentially spoiling your viewing pleasure because if you're into watching films you’re gonna love this.
The film is an adaptation of a book written by George V Higgins called "Cogan's Trade" and happens to be the name of the main character called Jackie Cogan.
Cogan's Trade is fixing problems for the mob/underworld (fixing it with a gun if you get me drift).
So what problem has Cogan been invited to solve? Well Markie Trattman (Ray Liotta) runs an illegal gambling den which had been previously robbed. Markie gets a light beating just to send a message to those who had done it and to find out what Markie knows about it.
During the film we discover that the joint gets robbed again but this time the mob invites Cogan to "sort it all out" (i.e., take out the trash if you follow me?)
Now Cogan reminds me of the Mr Wolf character in "Pulp Fiction", you know the guy who sorts out cleaning up the interior of their car that has got brain matter in it.
Also in the film, are two undesirables who are implicated in the robberies played excellently by Scoot McNairy and Sam Rockwell.
Now during the film the mob contact for Cogan is a man called "Driver" (Richard Jenkins) and during the film they discuss the economy which is pitched during the start of the Bush Administration driven recession and the TV seen in the background features the man tasked with sorting it all out, Obama.
During an exchange with Driver, Cogan points out that he does not like to kill people he knows because they cry, beg for their lives and it just gets messy, which is why he, (Cogan), prefers to kill them softly (taken from the Roberta Flack/Fugees song).
Cogan, suggests hiring a friend of his to kill the guy he knows. The friend is Mickey who is played by James Gandolfini, and just like the other characters mentioned plays the role excellently. 
Mickey was in his day the epitome of efficiency but not today, today he is a washed up bum who has become a liability.
How will it all pan out? Watch this funny, brutal and excellent film.
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Article by @gmanzen / 24th September 2012


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