While researching this film I thought I would see what people thought. We all know that by virtue that a Critics job is in his job title, I thought I’d go see some of the comments posted on the web.
see below...
Yuk. I wouldn't watch this movie if it was the only film available on a transatlantic flight and my eyes were propped open with toothpicks! - Jim from Texas.
I enjoyed the movie. It made me laugh out loud (VERY loud) and cry my eyes out. It wasn't Oscar worthy by any stretch, but, it was an honest look at what happens when people have been married a long time and reach middle age. - Maggie, Toledo.
Critics also slammed Disney's "John Carter" and that was an awesome movie that I missed at the theatre for believing the critics' comments. After watching "Hope Springs" I agree to disagree with this critic as well. The movie was funny but not an entire comedy because, given the subject, it would have had to be filed as "fantasy" in order for it to be full of funny lines, and that's precisely why I loved the movie, it was closer to reality (with the best/fun dialogue lines).
Those are some of the opinions of some of the people who have or who are going to see the film. Below is mine...
This wonderful film stars Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones as a 60 something couple who have been married for 30+ years with two grown up kids and now their life has gone stale.
Meryl decides that she can't take the boredom so contacts an expensive counsellor and books them both in for some intensive counselling. Tommy Lee refuses, thinking that it's a waste of time. Meryl tells him that the flight is tomorrow and she expects him to be on it. With great reluctance he is on the flight much to his wife's happiness.
Their daily sessions are with the counsellor played by Steve Carell who plays a very straight role.
Some of the sessions based on the tension between the couple is truly cringe worthy and the advice/suggestions given by the Counsellor would be normal for a young couple however these two people are not young, they are past middle age and remember, the bible points out that the average age for mankind to live is 70 years so based on that number, middle age is 35 years and they are not 35.  The director of this film is David Frankel, the same guy who did “The Devil Wears Prada” which is a great film I'm sure you would agree? 
This film will not break box office due to its subject matter and its demographic, however if the aimed at demographic went on mass to see this film it would be classed as a success and based on the bravery of the makers in not using the characters by giving them guns instead they have been given great lines to recite. It deserves to be a success in a similar vein as “Shirley Valentine” was in the 1980s and “Mama Mia” was a few years ago. 
A film doesn’t have to cover all bases to be a success. Think of the yeast based spread called Marmite. Their tag line is "You either love it or hate it" which clearly denotes the makers know some won't like it yet the product is still successful and has been making money for the company for decades...
Finally, it's not necessarily a kids film like Batman/Spiderman/The Avengers however if you liked those films mentioned and if you're not from an Orphanage then send your parents to see this film just so that you can watch them squirm when they return and you ask "did you learn anything from watching the film?" 

Article by @gmanzen / 17th September 2012


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