Those who personally know me, know that I’m always broke. That's it, on with the review....
I recently sold my Specialized Fixed wheel bike and I’m in the process of having one made up, which looks similar to the one featured in this film.  
So imagine my excitement when I had the opportunity to watch a great film about a bike messenger rider who delivers via a brake-less fixie!
Now most would think that a bike messenger is a person who is either into fitness and lacks a formal education (yes that describes me but not the main character played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt).
JGL plays Wilee (as in Wi-lee Coyote I imagine) who studied Law however he doesn't want to spend his life behind a desk so spends it on the streets of NY delivering parcels and being a menace to pedestrians.
One day he takes a job from the dispatcher to deliver an innocuous letter from A to B however the letter is not an ordinary letter, it is worth a lot to whoever owns it. 
An NYPD officer has a gambling debt that he owes to some Chinese mobsters who explain that they will remove his debt if he gets them the letter. Reluctantly the cop agrees and the viewer goes on a "real Time" journey where ‘Wilee’ has to stray one step away from being taken out by a man with an attitude pursuing him in his car with murderous intentions.
I loved this film because I could imagine being on my fixie and doing all those stunts. With this film, think Lance Armstrong (no matter what the doping bodies say, he's the 7x Tour De France winner, end of) in the body of the legendary skate border Tony Hawk doing the speed and the stunts but not on their respective weapons of choice rather a fixie!
Do you remember when Kato from "The Green Hornet" could see stuff in "slow-mo" thus aiding his ability to fight? Well ‘Wilee’ can see multiple endings based on his actions on the road and some are horrific.
While watching this film, I began to think of the method of money transfer, that the Chinese have perfected to avoid going into any of the corrupt Western Banks. The West uses a system that is embraced by the world, however if you do not adhere to this system then you can be prosecuted for money laundering.  However, the system is weighted in favour of those who created, maintain and control it. The Chinese method as demonstrated in the film, just like acupuncture and their peculiar use of medicines (i.e., herbal) should be classified as ‘alternative’. Remember alternative isn't always wrong, it can be just different.  In the 1980s we had the bike film that featured Kevin Bacon called "Quicksilver" which failed at the box office however "Premium Rush” deserves to succeed and become the bike version of "Easy Rider" or "Quadrophenia" (OK, I’m losing the plot but ya get me!)
Go see just for the bikes featured.....

Article by @gmanzen / 17th September 2012


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REVIEW: Premium Rush