Monday 10th September 2012

So the Paralympic and Olympic Games is now finally over, I wonder what the Olympic committee would have done without the hard earned cash of the British tax payers that went towards building the park and stadium (the Olympic shed doesn’t quite have the same ring to it) unlike the Olympic Park which of course will now be used for……..  Concerts…. Oh yes we’ve got the new Wembley Stadium for that…..  Football… Oh yes we have the new Wembley Stadium for that….  What the heck are we going to use it for?  All that money spent so that we could have four weeks of hopping, skipping and jumping.  If we were to ask for a refund would we get it…..  NOOOOOO….  They’ll probably fob us of with the excuse that we haven’t got proof of a receipt, so no refund us suckers.  
What now though…..  The Olympic organisers must be feeling  withdrawal symptoms just like a bride after she’s organised her wedding and the next thing she knows she’s sat on a beach in Benidorm feeling very depressed and that’s not because she’s in Benidorm (well….. Possibly).  Unlike everyone else whose job has come to an end, it won’t be the dole queue for them.  So until four years from now for it to all happen again…..  I’m off to have a Brazilian seeing as nether afro‘s are no longer in fashion….  Ola` Brazil. 

Tuesday 11th September 2012 

I received a letter from my bank which cost me £30 to tell me that I’d gone £10 over my overdraught limit, needless to say I wasn’t very happy.  I contacted my banker with a capital (W) and gave him a piece of my mind, I ranted and raved about how long I’d been with the bank only for him to say, “well you should have known better, that will be £30 please”.  Banks, they’re always on the hustle and no one is ever convicted, yet the UBS trader who is in the dock for the fraud of £900m might not fair so well, one rule for one and all that.  It’s amazing how the Libor (London Interbank Offered Rate) scandal, has gone quiet, where are all of those main players? There is going to be a big mound under the carpet where things conveniently have been swept, if this UBS kid gets convicted, how fair will that be? Not that I’m condoning such behaviour (if he did it).  Who’s to say that this guy isn’t the mouse amongst the fat cats and the £900m is the cheese in the trap eh? It’s a case of Swiss cheese with lots of holes in it. 

Wednesday 12th September 2012

My friend’s husband wasn’t happy when he received a parking ticket, which he got for parking in a space where the sign had been turned around; needless to say his expletives and anger was as colourful and fiery as my underpants after a vindaloo.  He insisted the sign was hidden deliberately, I guess it wasn’t his fault though; he generally doesn’t see things, like the dirty dishes or the laundry that needs putting away….  Mmmmm.  In his defence, no one likes to feel like they’ve been had.  Especially when we hear news of the Hillsborough Policing scandal, where evidence was “apparently” doctored.  
This must have come as a shock to families, fans and friends of the victims. As well as a time of victory and closure.  Is it right to blame the police? Or does the fault lie with those higher up the ladder.  Surely Officers can only work with the tools that they’ve been given and if testimonies and statements have been crossed out and deleted, who has the authority to make such decisions.  Is Policing (or the lack of it) getting worse due to cut backs? How can we overcome this?  Cut backs are never good as I learned to my peril, when I tried to cut my own hair, now I understand where monks got their style from, well my philosophy is “why be the same when you can be different“.  Erm….  Does anyone know a good hair stylist? There’s a big difference between being different and looking ridiculous.  Help. 

Thursday 13th September 2012

My next door neighbour’s dog called Sheba keeps coming into my garden and digging up my lovely lawn and marking her territory…..  What’s wrong with her owner’s garden that she has to keep coming into mine to cause mayhem?  How would they like it if I dug a hole in their garden and did a number two in it, then dragged my backside along their lawn to mark my territory.  Sheba also keeps bringing me things that she’s dug up, like a long lost toy, a dead bird or my next door neighbour’s first husband…..   Not good…  
Speaking of digging, Archaeologists think that they’ve found the skeleton remains of the missing Richard III, which was discovered in the unlikely place beneath a car park in Leicester.  The skeleton is said to have wounds consistent with the King’s death at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485.  I guess we all should be excited as its part of the history that they teach us in school, because clearly, other things didn’t take place in the past.  Not wanting to take anything away from the diggers, but it’s frustrating to know how much silly money this is costing them or should I say us, to test the bones DNA against Richard’s descendants which could take up to 12 weeks to complete and when the results finally do come in, who will care? There are unsolved crimes with DNA samples sat in laboratories that have been there for years, yet this project will take only 12 weeks, I guess us “common folk” as they like to call us without shame don’t count above a King…  
A dead one at that, the powers that be need to get their priorities right and work for….  Not against the living, they should try throwing money at things that are of genuine importance and that will benefit the people, but until we stand up and be counted, nothing will change.  They say that a sharp implement caused trauma to the Kings head, I remember the trauma I had at the Kings head when they ran out of rose wine, it wasn’t a pretty sight, they had to rebuild…  The King is dead long live the King.

Friday 14th September 2012

Who have we encouraged or inspired this week, lets make our conversations seasoned so that people can benefit from them which in turn can help others, therefore allowing the positive and informative cycle to continue which will enable us to keep growing.  Let’s not be afraid to show people that we care.  Remember it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all….  Spread the love.

Article by Citizen Jane / 15th September 2012


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