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It's become a fairly regular trip for me to the States, so my intention to achieve my goal was simply to pop to a dollar store via either public transport or on a Deco Bike.
Bus journeys are just $1 for senior citizens and children (although $3 for adults). There's also a free, yes FREE monorail transport network, which is the best way to get around in downtown Miami. It’s very similar to the UK's tramlines, but it runs overhead. The Deco Bike (rental bike system) is a great way to see Miami Beach. It’s fast, convenient, green and well within budget at just $1 for 15min, you can pick up a bike on one side of town and drop it off at another! 
That said, on my arrival our hotel had changed from South Beach to the Biscayne Bay area. Whilst the hotel had spectacular marina-front and bay views it had very limited expensive hotel shops and was a long way off from the attractions of Miami. To give you some idea of the distance a taxi to South Beach costs $50-60. My face must have painted a shocking picture, as I walked away from the concierge somewhat defeated.
Another guest overheard my conversation so told me to walk two blocks where I'd find a Burger King, Subway, Health store and Publix supermarket. I'd never heard of Publix but apparently it's the largest and fastest growing supermarket chain in the US. Sounds a bit sad to get excited about a supermarket but I could see why. Their foods were Marks & Spencer's standard yet Lidl/Aldi prices, their fruit and veg was the variety of that at a fresh farmers market and they had a large natural health section including affordable organic foods.
There were countless of items I could have bought, but might not have been allowed to bring back to the UK. I opted to purchase a few healthy essentials!
#healthy lifestyle #pamperingshouldn'tbepricey
- 1kg Epsom salts ($1.19 - for a relaxing bath soak eases pain, increases energy)
- Fresh camomile ($0.80c - to add to the bath soak)
- Cayenne Pepper ($1 - an anti-inflammatory with detoxifying benefits)
- Vitamin E oil ($0.99c)
- Fruit ($1.09 selection of freshly cut fruit)
- Sushi ($1 for 4 pieces)
- Hydrogen peroxide ($1.29 - many uses around the home and for the body)
All that natural goodness, then I go and spoil it with a double cheeseburger and cinnamon bun from the $1 Menu in Burger King!! But it was within budget though eh?!
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Article by Dawne B / 12th September 2012


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