Monday 3rd September 2012

Most parents are breathing a sigh of relief as the end of the school holidays draws to a close, in fact at the school gates parents are singing in unison and harmony “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”. I know some people who were frantically trying to find places open to be able to buy their kids school uniform yesterday, even though they’ve had six weeks to prepare for it. Research has shown that parents have spent £2bn on kit and equipment for our kids to go back to school….. £2bn and that’s before they’ve even walked through the school gates. 
Ofsted have announced that school inspections are going to be harder to pass from today, at the moment London are the best performers with 76% and the West Midlands are the worst with 65%. So I guess £2bn worth of school uniforms won’t be saving some schools, they might have to come up with an alternative, rather than “Ofsted“, for the low rated schools, there will be “instead”.

Tuesday 4th September 2012

The race is on for the Republican and Democratic parties in America, a lot of money has been ploughed into the support of Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Now that the novelty of having a black man in the White House has worn off, how will Obama fair? Do we care? Have the powers that be such as the Bilderberg group, 
already decided who will be sitting behind the oval desk. Who will be their puppet this time because do not be misled into thinking that the President actually runs the country. Or any other government leader for that matter. Do we think that voting is the fairest way to elect these people in office? Or is it just a smokes screen? 
Am I throwing a spanner into the works? The word government broken down means mind control, are we happy for them to do this? Both parties have sent their women in to give the elections that feminine touch, with their we are the woman, mother, daughter, sisterhood blah blah blah spiel…..  Sisters are really doing it for themselves, just ask Ms Summers....  And I don't mean Donna.... Wrong, I know. 

Wednesday 5th September 2012

My boyfriend likes to think that he’s the hunter gatherer type, when the only thing he can hunt is the food that’s fallen off his plate and down the back of the settee and the only thing he can gather is dust as he sits unmoving on the settee watching crap on TV. Like insects and animals should we be gathering food and crops now due to the fact that food prices will increase which has been caused by the extreme weather we have had, there is talk that this will become the norm over the next 20 years, yet we as a nation are now one of the fattest in the world, not to far behind the Americans if not on par. 
Oxfam have predicted that catastrophes such as droughts, floods and bad harvests will become more common. What can we do to heal our world? Poverty is rife, children are going hungry, even though there is enough money out there for us all to live comfortably, yet we are constantly playing the role of the down trodden (a role that most of us could win an Oscar for). We need to stand up and refuse GM foods that should have a health warning on them and insist on quality. Henry Kissinger once called us, “The useless eaters“ aka “The bottom feeders”. The cheek of it, no pun intended, well I would defy anyone to try and feed my bottom. The Bermuda triangle is less scary and smaller, although lives lost due to our functions are on par.

Thursday 6th September 2012 

I was at the petrol station the other night when my phone rang, I answered it and was talking to my friend, when I heard a voice over the surround sound tannoy in the petrol station saying “pump number two please refrain from using your phone“, which I must say startled me, causing me to drop my phone behind the pump where I couldn’t see it, so I used my lighter to enable me to get a better look, I heard the faceless voice screaming something about a cooking idiot, which made no sense to me at all. Just like the price of the fuel. 
The OFT (Office of Fair Trading) are to investigate fuel firms high rising petrol prices, which climbed 38% between June 2007 and June2012. I remember when, we the people protested over the price of fuel. Which forced the fuel company’s to grovel and say “sorry for the inconvenience” and then quietly under their breaths say “but when you’re not looking, we’ll gently put the prices up so that before you realise what we’ve done it will be too late”. Cars have been built that can run off water, vegetable oil etc, but strangely, these said cars haven’t been manufactured…. Why not? Surely should be the question we ask ourselves. I had a car that ran off peanuts years ago, good times, now it runs off the re-mortgaging of my house, bad times. In the 80’s Gary Numan sang a song about “Cars” and in 2012 due to recession he’s released a remake of the song “These boots were made for walking” under his new name….. Gary Oldman. 

Friday 7th September 2012

Whenever I go away, my next door neighbour always buys bread and milk (the staples) for my return; she is thoughtful and will go out of her way to help me. How many of us could boast to be such a neighbour. Let us not waste our energies on breaking one another down, instead let’s build each other up which is far more rewarding. Spread the love.

Article by Citizen Jane / 7th September 2012


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