Ever wondered if you could purchase anything decent for under a pound in the UK? Do you think that we are rip off Britain,  well we have sent two researchers of around the world to see what they can buy for 80 Pence, there's nothing quite like playing FTSE underneath the table.
Devon is an absolutely stunning place, the best of British for beaches and countryside rolled into one. 
We stayed in Dittisham, one of the most attractive and unspoilt villages in Dartmouth, Devon.
Via short ferry trips down the River Dart, we visited Salcombe, Totnes, Kingswear, Tuckenhay and the Greenway Estate, home to the late crime writer Agatha Christie.
The cheapest shop was about 20 minutes drive out of Dartmouth was Lidl, the discounted supermarket chain, where there slogan is 'Where Quality is cheaper'. A familiar UK wide store, which definitely got my attention.
The nearby market town of Totnes, was my choice (and affordable) place to shop, It was reasonably priced, they even had a Peacock and Primark! It was a kind of new age, natural remedy shopping experience. I did purchase a few items within budget;
A bag of ginger/sugar cane sweets (55p)
Sunflower seeds and Pistachios (75p each)
Bag of Linseed (82p - ok slightly above)
If your curious it was to make my home made hair gel instead of paying £3.99 in Boots. Try it a natural (& cheap) way to define, shine and soften curly hair.
Tucked away in a deep river valley was Tuckenhay, home to the renowned The Maltesers Arms restaurant, formerly owned by the original TV chef Keith Floyd . We indulged in a superb, absolutely delicious evening meal, but waaaaay above budget. Incidentally, Tuckenhay, was the first place in the world to have gas lighting, even above London and Manchester, you could still view the original gas-engine house from the restaurant. But that little fact of history clearly only inflated local prices.
All of these places were truly stunning postcard picturesque. I'd never been to Devon so although I thoroughly enjoyed the beauty, I was on mission and these tourist driven destinations made it a challenge!
As it was still in the UK, I thought surely every town at least has a Pound shop, but I was sadly mistaken - not in Dartmouth. Overall, it was an overdose of fishing-sailing shops or for the serial retail therapy shopper lots of expensive boutiques including the over priced preppy basics clothes shop Jack Wills (their slogan, Fabulously British- University Outfitters) my my my where a basic tee-shirt costs £29.50 or a hoodie £59.50.... So, well above my price range.
At most cafes, little corner shops etc, a bottle of water was 65p, carton juice 75p (although we opted for the pack of 6 for 99p from Lidl) and cans of sodas was above budget at 85p!
My best budget bargain though... (There’s a story behind it)... I'd packed only one tee-shirt so thought I’d buy a vest top or two in Asda. The only clothing they sold was the 'Back to School' range for kids. So I bought a pack of three white vest tops for 8-9 year old boys for £2.50.
It met a practical need (and actually fit me, LOL) so, at just 83p each I’d say that's "Mission Accomplished", wouldn't you?!

Article by Dawne B / 7th September 2012


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