This film had plenty of trouble even before it was released in the UK this week. Let me explain the problems it has faced.
Some have seen this film and say that it reminds them of "Attack the Block" which was a 2011 British film about aliens attacking a high rise block in inner city London but the truth is “The Watch” was written in 2008.
Then earlier in the year the trailer of the film which was called “Neighbourhood Watch” that featured a bullet ridden sign was pulled in Florida and the world when an over zealous Neighbourhood Watch Volunteer George Zimmerman killed an unarmed member of the black community who walked through a gated community. 
If all of the above wasn't enough, the film gets a 27th July release in the USA which happens to be the week after the Aurora Cinema shooting in the cinema during the midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises.
So all these things externally affect the film, but what is the film like? Rotten Tomatoes has slated it but is it that bad? Read on Mr and Mrs Curious...
The movie starts off with Ben Stiller the manager of Costco congratulating the nightshift security guard (who looks South American in appearance); he informs Ben that he’s been granted US citizenship.
Ben congratulates the guard and tells him that if a 6 pack of Coke goes missing then he won't complain because he deserves it!
The guard thanks his boss and when Ben goes the guard helps himself to a bottle of spirit and drinks in celebration, turns on a bank of TV’s and smokes a joint.
The guard hears a noise which startles him. He shouts out in the direction of where he believes the sound/rustling is coming from.
He pulls his gun and explains that he's had minimal training with it and cannot guarantee his ability to be accurate.
We then see the guard running away and shooting in the direction of the noise. He makes his way to the main door and tries to unlock it and while he's struggling, "something" attacks him from behind and all we see is blood!
The next day Ben goes to work and before he can enter the building, the Police inform him that he cannot enter due to it being a crime scene.
Once Ben is informed of the death of his employee, after the shock, he decides to form a Neighbourhood Watch group, the recruits consist of Vince Vaughn a dad of a teenage daughter who behaves in a whorish manner and posts her actions on the net. 
Also joining the group is Jonah Hill (the statistician in Money Ball) who's a wanna be policeman but is rejected due to his unsuitability on many levels and the final member of "the watch" is Richard Ayoade (afro haired guy in the excellent IT Crowd), he plays a recently divorced Brit who has a secret.
In their investigations they discover that they are pursuing a creature that isn't of earth and they only have a limited time to stop a plan that could signal the end of mankind but how can they warn the community?
This film has been panned by the critics due to its poor plot (point) and its potty humour (valid point) however I went to watch this film mainly due to the fact that Vince and Ben were starring in their first film together since the legend that is "Dodgeball". I also wanted to see another film that focuses on Aliens and whether they were gonna show them to be peaceful (ET) or not (Alien/Predator).
The answer is that it’s a bit of both.
Confused? Well watch it while you can, because it won't be on for long... 

Article by @gmanzen / 5th September 2012


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