I am old enough to remember the original film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone. The Critics can also remember if their venomous comments were an indicator. 
I watched the 1990 version at the Showcase in Derby that at the time was newly opened and a garish carpeted dump. Twenty two years later the remake is shown at the Showcase Deluxe which by any person’s standard is a Palace and a very suitable place for an excellent viewing experience....
So with the excellent surroundings which include a well stocked bar and restaurant, I enter with my recently purchased treat which consists of chicken and chips (£2 because as per usual, I’m broke), I take my seat not to compare, rather to enjoy the movie and enjoy I did.
The plot 
The story in this version does not include Mars, but is set in the future aka the 21st century where there are two major regions on the Earth that are inhabited. 
The Earth is divided into two territories — the United Federation of Britain (UFB) and the Colony (formerly Australia) — after chemical warfare devastates the remainder of the planet. Many residents of the Colony travel to the UFB to work in their factories via "the fall", a gravity elevator, which travels through the Earth. Habitable space is at a minimum in both the UFB and the Colony.
One of these workers is played by Colin Farrell (London Boulevard/In Bruges) who is troubled by nightmares of being an agent who is on the run with Jessica Biel (A-Team) and his vision ends with him getting captured while Jessica escapes.
When he wakes up from his dream/nightmare he decides go to a "Total Recall" shop to have memories implanted to make his mundane life more appealing. I should point out that when he wakes up; he is in bed with his wife Kate Beckinsale (Underworld/Van Helsing). Colin, some advice for you, if you're married to Kate and you feel the need to "get more stimulation" then I would suggest you don’t need implants rather you need your head examined! (But I digress and the story isn't mine rather it was written by Philip K Dick (1928- 1982) he also wrote Blade Runner, Minority Report and The Adjustment Bureau).
While having memories implanted of being a secret agent, a built in alarm in the machinery alerts the authorities that they are attempting a procedure that could trigger memories of who he really is. He is quickly surrounded by ten Soldiers who recognise him as being a very dangerous fugitive. He goes into attack mode and takes them all out in a similar fashion to Jason Bourne.
He goes back home and tells his wife that he is a killing machine, but he doesn't know where the ability came from because he has no prior knowledge of his past life (as a killer). Wifey has a secret too, thus the action begins.
Colin's character reminded me of Jason Bourne; the reason being is that they are both Manchurian Candidates. MC's are programmed with (and in a lot of cases) without their conscious knowledge so tend to work on "auto-Pilot" mode. 
Is it a coincidence that so many Hollywood films are popularising the concept of mind control as being acceptable? Why is this so? Well my thoughts are that if your mind accepts the concept in film, it will accept it in reality. "When does it happen in reality?" You cry! Think the shooting of Bobby Kennedy (JFK's brother), Mark Chapman the killer of John Lennon and the killers in the Aurora Cinema and the Texas Sikh Temple.
Film examples of Mind Controlled agents include "Universal Soldier", "The Manchurian Candidate" and "Rambo".
The above are loved characters by the Western audiences even though these heroes are literally mindless killing machines.
Remember as the Manic Street Preachers said in their song a few years ago, "If you tolerate this, then your children will be next".
Finally, my advice is this; do watch films for their enjoyment and entertainment however, do be aware that "They" that instigate their nefarious plans do not slumber.... 

Article by @gmanzen / 3rd September 2012


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