Monday 27th August 2012

It’s the August Bank Holiday a time when most people head to London to join in the frivolities of the Notting hill carnival one of Europe’s biggest street festival, this year marked its 48th year. If you have never experienced this carnival, it is awash with vibrant colours, wonderful smells and music that you can feel right to your bones. It has a great atmosphere….. Unlike on the moon… Speaking of which, Neil Armstrong the man who they say was the first to walk on the moon died at the weekend, questions have always been asked regarding the moon trip, such as the how the flag was flying and the shadows etc…. Did it really happen? Why hasn’t anybody else ever been back? Would Russia or China really allow America to have all of the glory, without them attempting the journey? I guess it’s easy to believe what we are told without question. What I’d like to know is why there is no mention of Michael Jackson or Jeffery Daniels trip to the Moon, seeing as they’d both perfected the moonwalk.

Tuesday 28th August 2012

I had a house full the other day when my family came over to stay, I only have one bathroom but three sisters who like to preen and three brothers who like to read on the toilet, needless to say by the time I got to use the bathroom, I was found in the foetal position in pain with my bladder stretched to the size of a hot air balloon. Yes my house was a little overcrowded, but at least it was only for a couple of nights whereas overcrowding is occurring in two thirds of prisons in England and Wales and they can’t just go home. The Prison Reform Trust found that there are 7,294 more people in the system than it was set to cater for. How can we get around this? Has our crime risen due to the “recession”? Have we become desperate people and think that crime “will” pay, rather than working for things? Have the government cut jobs in far too many industries for there to be enough jobs to go around to the point where laziness and resentment settles like lead in our bellies. Do we care?
I remember when I was placed in handcuffs…. Oh I guess I’d better not tell that story, it could mean a law suit and I don’t where those kind well.

Wednesday 29th August 2012

I remember when my kids did chores around the house for free, then they heard that their friend’s parents paid them money to do house work and they became brave enough to demanded money from me to pay for the work that they did around our house….. Now they are doing twice the work and still for nothing, I think that they forgot who they were dealing with. They call it slave labour; I call it payback for the food they eat, the clothes on their backs, gas, and electricity when they continue to leave the lights on. They soon caught on very quickly. Although they were heart broken when they heard that 18-24 year olds who have left education with no job to go to, they will be asked to do three months full time unpaid work experience with charities and social enterprises if not they will have their benefits cut. Is this a good incentive for our youth? Will it teach them discipline or will it once again increase crime waves. Well, I believe the children are our future, teach them well and they will clean the house from top to bottom, while you get to put your feet up.

Thursday 30th August 2012

The Paralympics has begun, which once again a lot of money has been ploughed into it, dare I say just for sport….. Hurricane Isaac is building up fast and strong with talk that once again it might hit New Orleans, where money was slow and weak to help rebuild it when hurricane Katrina hit. The people are still suffering from the damage that it caused and now they have to prepare themselves for another battering. It was the place that the American government at the time forgot…… Or did they. It will be interesting to see what this government does in preparation for the storm….. To be honest high winds are no joke, just ask my doctor.

Friday 31st August 2012

Let’s take time out for those who need us, if you are unsure of what to say, just listen, everybody needs somebody, it’s not just about taking, let us try giving too, whether it be of our time or resources. A problem shared is a problem halved.

Article by Citizen Jane / 5th September 2012


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