Bar watching "The Loraxx" in the last couple of weeks, my cinema experience has been sparse due to “The Games”, however this was a great film to usher in the post Olympic area.
What made it great? Come closer and I'll try and explain what the films' plot is about and what I saw, that I think will connect the dots....
The last outing of the Bourne franchise seemed to tie up the strings very nicely it seems, but this film goes a little deeper into what makes these "Bourne" types that they recruit so special.
Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) is a member of Operation Outcome, one of the Department of Defence’s black ops programs, which provides its agents with green pills that enhance physical abilities and blue pills that enhance mental abilities. 
He is given the moniker of "Number Five" (think 005, 006, 007 etc, they are given no names so they are easier to dispense with) and is deployed to Alaska for a training assignment, where he meets another Outcome Operative, Number Three (Oscar Isaac). Their exchange is initially intense, as Number Three questions Cross as to why he is two days ahead of schedule for their rendezvous. Cross explains to him that he had to take a shortcut through a mountain ridge after having lost his kit of program essentials during his travels, including his requisite blood work that he draws on schedule to send back to Outcome for analysis. 
This confuses Number Three, as the mountain ridge is generally acknowledged as being extremely difficult for agents to essay even when assisted with a program kit.  Yet Cross has done it in record time without one, a fact that apparently irritates Number Three, since it is implied that Cross has bested Number Three's unofficial "record". After a further exchange in which Number Three agrees to re-package and send some of his blood work and label it as Cross's, both men call an uneasy, implied truce to their tension. 
A fast-moving blizzard is on the horizon, and Number Three says Cross can stay an extra day, since he won't be able to get ahead of it, despite his early arrival. While lying in bed that evening, Cross happens to notice a number of carvings done in the woodwork above his head, including one with the name "Jason Bourne".
So that's the start of the film. As a viewer you are taken on a high octane journey which crosses various parts of the globe because the plot takes the main characters there.  It's very entertaining and also incredibly believable.
Cross is a more talkative operative than Bourne because I think that Cross volunteered and kept his memories whereas Bourne was a Manchurian candidate.
Talking of MC or Mind Controlled people, the tell tale signs are their lack of memory which helps with "Plausible Deniability (if you don't know the less harmful memories you'll have plus just like a robot you'll kill/harm without remorse). No obvious feelings, no remorse or guilt.
Where the plan usually breaks down is when the MC is captured, they tend to look dazed (i.e., the shooter in the cinema during the Batman showing and Sirhan Sirhan who killed Bobby Kennedy (Robert Kennedy's Killer Sirhan Sirhan says he was brainwashed)
Bourne/007/Our Man Flint are acceptable to us. Why? Because they're ours but if they weren't ours, we would scream for them to be hunted down like the unfeeling dogs they are.
Example of a cold assassin in the Bourne/007 mould is the nameless killer who apparently used an umbrella to inject a toxin into an east European diplomat who then took weeks to die in front of our very eyes.
(Litvinenko Justice Foundation)
So there you have it. A film that seems to be science fiction however on a deeper look it appears to be science fact.
My thoughts and writing concludes with the tweet I sent @markdugganfilms in reply to his question, if this fourth instalment in the franchise is also scathing on the American government?
Yes it is. If a nation can treat it's operatives as numbers and they are so easily expendable then why would you trust them? 
Dots connected.
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Article by @gmanzen / 15th August 2012


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REVIEW: The Bourne Legacy