Monday 6th August 2012

I decided to exercise and watch what I’m eating due to the fact that I now probably need to employ somebody to help me carry my own ass. The summer has got most people on a health tip, doing lots of exercise and eating healthy foods….. But do we really know what’s in our food? Or as one author stated, “Are we in a food war without soldiers? Genetically engineered bio weapons made in facilities that have been independently contracted so the government can deny they exist, but all hidden in plain sight such as a test field in the middle of a farmer’s crop”.
So what we think is organic unless we’ve grown it ourselves and even then how do we know if seeds haven’t been contaminated, in supermarkets organic foods are more expensive. Why? Surely with fewer products to enhance them, this should make them cheaper, once again we buy into the lies, pay more because it‘s better for you, pay less and pay with your lives. I grew my own vegetables once…. Well when I say vegetables I mean mushrooms, I didn’t even have to do anything to cultivate them; I suppose the damp in the bathroom helped.

Tuesday 7th August 2012

I remember when I was at school; sport was compulsory, all of my friends had spikes to run in, I might as well have been like Zola Bud and ran bare foot, that’s how useless my trainers were. I always wanted adidas trainers, tippex came in handy to alter my very cheap trainers, although spelling adidas with two d’s wasn’t very clever and ironically you can’t tippex over tippex…… We had to play against other schools in team sports, we also had athletic meets, where various schools competed against each other, (needless to say I was very competitive) which was nerve wracking but also very thrilling. 
Then the government decided that the school curriculum didn’t warrant much sporting activity as well as not wanting young people to feel that they have to compete by abolishing sports day competitions (it‘s not about winning it‘s about taking part…. Yea right). Hence very obese and selfish young people without the ability to be able to work well as part of a team, unable to put their views across without becoming angry or some even violent due to the fact that there is no outlet for them to vent their frustrations. But for now that we have the legacy of the Olympic Games to inspire and create hope, or do we?  For the conspiracy theorists among you, have you studied the Symbolism behind the games? Watch this if you dare...
Lord Sebastian Coe wants us to go back to the old school ways by putting more emphasis on sport in schools, due to the fact that the coalition government has sold over 21 school playing fields, and we wonder why our youth are restless, the devil gives idle hands work to do eh… I think I could win the 100 metres sprint…. Well only if there was a plate of steak and chips at the finish line…… Mmmmmm. Oops I’ve just dribbled on myself.

Wednesday 8th August 2012

A friend told me that he went to a party the other day where someone had baked some special cakes, he said that they made him feel very…… Yea that’s as far as he got. I’m amazed at how (now I’m not condoning this) people who sell drugs on the streets get the book thrown at them, but the ones who make the so called legal drugs, are given a laboratory and a license to kill. 
How are we supposed to know what’s in these drugs, drugs that (because it’s got the government stamp of approval) we can legally buy over the counter, we are so happy to pop such pills, that are by no means a natural product…. These guys are the biggest drug pushers. Yet they are still walking around freely. It would be interesting to have a peek in their medicine cabinets. 
Billions of pounds are spent on research and mass distribution of these products that we are happy for them to feed us, the bottom feeders. But again they say we are in a “recession“…. Right. I think the ’R’ word is banded about when it suit’s the governments needs enough for them to want us to believe their hype, but ask yourselves this, who profits from these legalised drugs. Let me give you a clue…… It certainly isn’t us. I’ve been called a conspiracy theorist, which is just people’s opinion, but I would say I’m a seeker of the truth. The truth can hurt us, but it also sets us free…. 
Maybe I should be truthful and tell my sister it was me that dented her car door, when I opened it onto a lamppost, she’s been ranting on about people not owning up and being honest and truthful with their transgressions, and then she mentioned the police and Tyrone the local heavy….. I think I’ll leave it this time. 

Thursday 9th August 2012

I remember when I went to Florida when hurricane Wilma was raging, I was staying in a villa, which granted, had its storm shutters on, but the sound of the wind as it passed through the villa was like the sound of the nazgul’s from “Lord of the Rings”, quite terrifying, it really was a case of there goes the neighbourhood as roof tops, garden furniture etc, went flying up the street. When we eventually ventured out, there were people everywhere with shopping trolleys piled high with TV’s and other electrical goods (but minus electricity), whilst on the flip side there would be shop owners sat in there stores, in rocking chairs with a loaded rifle resting menacingly on their laps. 
I suppose it was a similar scenario to what happened in the riots here (minus the hurricane). So HMP has 16 more guests due to the rioters being sentenced and jailed for a total of 73 years between them, law states that people should be punished for such crimes but as they say the law is an Ass, because as much as these rioters created havoc and mayhem on the streets of London, surely the Libor incident is just as bad if not worse, seeing as this involves the world‘s economy and seeing as you live in the world, that means your money… 
Yet not one person has been charged or sentenced, and no one questions this. The Prime Minister, wants to clamp down on people not paying their taxes to the British government (i.e. going through their so called correct channels), yet the banks can get away with such fraudulent behaviour. The law is obviously selective in who gets sentenced. I guess now isn’t the time to mention my over due library book; they might throw the book at me.

Friday 10th August 2012 

It’s the end of the week again, can we all say that we’ve done something positive to help our fellowman. Whether it is through kind words but more importantly our deeds. If we were to die tomorrow, what would people say about us, would people want to turn up to see us on our journey or to say good riddance? Be a good example; remember action speaks louder than words.

Article by Citizen Jane / 10th August 2012


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