Ever wondered if you could purchase anything decent for under a pound in the UK? Do you think that we are rip off Britain,  well we have sent two researchers of around the world to see what they can buy for 80 Pence, there's nothing quite like playing FTSE underneath the table.
Barbados Dollar (BBD) $2.51 = 80p
Touching down in Barbados, the view was as you may well imagine... Stunning turquoise sea, clear blue sky and endless sandy beaches.
But my trip on this idyllic island was incredibly short. 21 hours - not a lot of time to fully explore such delights at swimming with turtles, visiting the world famous Oistins fish market, Harrisons Cave, cruising and viewing the colourful array of fish on a glass bottom boat..... Or indeed shop!
Staying in the tourist area of St Lawrence Gap, the restaurant and bars were predictably fairly expensive, however we chose to eat from the local ladies fried chicken, fried fish or a 'dutty' burger for roughly $8, above budget, but reasonably priced compared to restaurants price of $30!
In the spirit of the warm breeze, the vibrant, buzzing, soca rhythm backdrop on a Caribbean evening, we had a few rum punches and Cocomania (a coconut/rum liqueur) ($4), before heading off to bed.
So with only 5 hours left of my trip, and I had to think creatively to complete my mission of spending just (80p). There's nothing like a stroll on the beach to get the creative juices flowing......
I firstly 'delsey dined' by the pool, i.e., ate my own (delsey suitcase) packed lunch!
Determined to stay within budget, I headed off to the local supermarket and bought; oats, bag of lemons, eggs, honey, sugar, castor oil, pint of milk, cotton pads, green tea... For a self indulgent pampering session! (Each item below my $2.51 budget)
My glowing face mask - egg yolk, applied left to dry then rinsed off
Face exfoliation - lemon juice on the cotton pads, and a sprinkle of sugar and scrub
Refreshing Face Toner - Cold green tea splash
Full body scrub - oats, mixed with the milk and sugar, (fab for cellulite, ladies!)
Castor Oil - dabbed around the eyes and lips
Body Lotion - olive oil mixed with coconut oil, whisked with my own Shea butter and deep moisturising body lotion
Deep Hair Conditioner - egg yolk and honey mix
Admittedly, items purchased were not exclusively representative of Barbados, but as I love to say - "Pampering shouldn't be pricey" - no matter where I am in the world!

Article by Dawne B / 7th August 2012


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