Monday 30th July 2012

I was offered a ticket to go to the Olympic Games on Saturday; I’m not sure whether to say unfortunately or fortunately…. I couldn’t make it. The ticket sales have actually turned into a farce, half of the seats are unoccupied in the Aquatic, Equestrian and Gymnastic stadiums. What went wrong? All of those people who tried to buy tickets online, who were then told that tickets they required had been sold out…… Clearly not though eh, or if they have, then the invisible man bought a shed load of tickets for him and his family. This obviously needs to be addressed and not by offering the tickets to school kids and member of the armed forces. If the sale of the tickets had been fair in the first place we wouldn’t be in this situation now. I noticed however that the beach volleyball was totally sold out, funny that. I wonder if the crowd would be so vast if the girls were wearing Bridget Jones pants and an Olive from on the buses bra…… Works for me….. Well maybe not.

Tuesday 31st July 2012 

I was going to take the time off work so that I could watch some of the Olympic Games, but my boss said that if my Grandmother died one more time, he was going to ring the Guinness Book of Records. What a spoil sport, now my Gran is going to have to watch it by herself. 
So how are the Brits fairing at the Olympic Games, lots of medals…… Not…. But I guess they’re doing their best, the Athletes have worked hard over the past few years to get where they are today. Are people sick of hearing about the Games? I’ve overheard people saying that they can’t wait for it to be over. What I can’t wait to be over is the rumour of Boris Johnson taking over from David Cameron…. Some would say he’d probably do a better job. I know it is just a rumour, but it would make good comedy. Old Boris has made a name for himself with his crazy antics… Long may they continue, because they never fail to amuse me. 

Wednesday 1st August 2012 

I found my neighbours cat dead in my backyard, it was in the throes of giving birth, so cat and kitten perished. It wasn’t pleasant to witness, so I contacted the folks who would know what to do with it and I was instructed it was ok to bury it, so my neighbour and I gave it a good send off. Now that’s a cat, when Multi-millionaire Hans Kristian Rausing discovered his wife’s body, surely a phone call should have been made…… And made very quickly. If that was us mere common folk, they would have locked us up and thrown away the key. I guess money talks eh. Unlike he did to say where the body was…… Wrong I know, but yet so right.

Thursday 2nd August 2012

So now that the Olympics are on, apparently there isn’t any other news to report….. You may say I’m baa humbugging again, but I don’t care. I find it amazing how countries can come together peacefully in aid of sport, but once the games have finished, then what eh? World leaders need to take note on how we the people can live in harmony, if only they didn’t feed us the lies of money which leads to division which leads to wars which leads to hate. We need to stop sitting down and do as Bob Marley said and stand up for our rights. We are fed that we are in a recession, but ask yourselves this, who caused it and why? Who are these people that all these countries owe money to? What have they got on them to be holding them over a barrel? Have the Economic Hit Men purchased a Land mark for the price of a loan, which in where the problem begins. The powers that be have the power to eradicate these problems…. That’s why they’re called “the powers that be”…. Or not if they so choose. Judging by the state of the world’s economy, I believe they choose not to. Control eh….. I took control once, but I lost the hand cuff keys, my husband wasn’t impressed at all, especially when the fire brigade had to be called to cut him loose. 

Friday 3rd August 2012

Today is a good day to take a long, hard look at ourselves and see what we could change about ourselves; it’s about turning our negatives into positives. Let’s be the example and as a dear friend always tells me, let’s try not to become the thing that we criticise. 

Article by Citizen Jane / 3rd August 2012


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