Ever wondered if you could purchase anything decent for under a pound in the UK? Do you think that we are rip off Britain,  well we have sent two researchers of around the world to see what they can buy for 80 Pence, there's nothing quite like playing FTSE underneath the table.
Jamaican Dollar (JMD) 109.79 = 80p
I’m off to the birthplace of the man who brought reggae music to the world. I'm referring to Bob Marley and the beautiful island of Jamaica.
It is in fact my heritage, with both my parents being born in JA and moving to the UK in the late 60s. There is an air of familiarity as I step of the aircraft and the Caribbean heat hits me hard. Yet I am still a tourist "English gyal".
I'm sent to the outdoor bar for a Red Stripe beer and rum punch...at $267 (£1.94) neither are within my budget. Labelled, treated and I guess the very obvious fact - I am a tourist, I begin to ponder on how little I will get for $110. Especially as a local taxi driver shouts "gimme one a dem red stripe nuh man", he hands over a US$1 bill and gets back some local change. 
Unfortunately, I was not wrong. Whilst I stayed in the all-inclusive, amazing 5star Ritz Carlton Spa Resort the prices reflected that. In the hotel shops I could only buy small bottles of water, soft drinks and light snacks and sweets at $100.
Just to leave the hotel it costs $35 US a staggering (£22.50) for a 15min taxi ride into town! I guess they want me to spend my money at the hotel eh!
After three days of sitting by the pool, feeling a little cooped up and becoming increasingly friendly with the reception staff I put on my best Jamaican patois "look yah, I ah yardie too y'nuh, beg u a liff in a town nuh man" ...she ends up telling me if I walk off the resort onto the main road I can get a cab for $100 (.73p) as opposed to the hugely overpriced hotel taxi of $3,105 (£22.50).
From that moment on....that's how I got around.
That said, the taxi driver took us to the tourist end of town, think they thought I would be too scared to go anywhere else, ('im nuh see I ah yardie!) where prices were only slightly cheaper than at the hotel.
However, we did stop for lunch at Scotchies a local moderately styled outdoors eatery. I got a quarter jerk chicken, mutton soup and a Guinness punch all for $150 each, slightly above budget (£1.05)…… But a girl’s gotta eat!
Forearmed is forewarned, heading off to JA again very soon....so, ‘til then, spend wisely.

Article by Dawne B / 31st July 2012


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