Monday 23rd July 2012

I thought that cycling to the shops half a mile away from my house was quite an achievement, but put into perspective then it has nothing on the gruelling, epic journey called the Tour de France, which is now finally over and to our shock because never has a Brit ever won this prestigious race, but at the end of this years race there’s one collecting the first place prize and taking his rightful place on the winners spot on the podium. This is definitely something to go down in the history books. So, good news for Bradley Wiggins. 
Now for the bad news, the government are cracking down on and are going to name and shame tax dodgers. But should they be named and shamed? Are we just jealous because they had the balls to go through such schemes? Do we know why we pay our taxes, considering we get taxed on every single thing? We originally started to pay taxes so that the government could fund wars and clearly still do. Is it fair that we work so hard, then at the end of the month a large chunk of our hard earned cash is awarded to the government, (for some reasons unbeknown to us), yet we continue to pay without question. Is there any difference in us driving to a cheaper petrol station, or waiting for the sales so we don’t have to pay that little extra? We all want to pay less than we need to. Something to think about eh. Now where did I put my discount coupons?

Tuesday 24th July 2012

I went to watch Batman “The Dark Knight Rises” the other day, only to find that it had sold out. I was in the queue, but needed the loo, so unfortunately for me I had to step out of the line and lose my place in the queue…. My bladder doesn’t work in the capacity that it used to, hence the film being sold out. But when I did get to see the film, thankfully it was in a safe environment, unlike the very sad incident that happened at the cinema in Aurora Colorado, where a gun man who emulated the Joker, opened fire, killing 12 people and injuring 58 others, for reasons that, at the moment remain unknown. Now some people are campaigning for the government to put contingencies in place so that the people will lay down their arms, whilst others are still all for being able to protect themselves, there is that age old adage of “guns don’t kill people. People kill people”. The president has a plan he would like to put in place for people to relinquish their weapons, now you should know by now, that where the government is concerned, I have trust issues….. I pose this question, why does the American government want the people to give up their weapons? Why do they want the people in a position where they won’t be able to protect themselves from “Them?” (I’m not saying that I’m all for guns now), but the word ‘government’ does `mean ‘mind control’, there are billions of us and few of them, yet we still allow them to control us, who put these weapons in our hands in the first place. We’ve all seen a violent movie yet us sane ones, don’t go out and commit heinous crimes afterwards….. Emphasis on the word ’sane’. We need to ask more questions, rather than just accepting their lies. 
After I went to the loo at the cinema a woman approached me she held up two five pound notes and asked “have you got a tenner lady please” needless to say that judging by her face she wasn’t impressed with the female incontinence pad that I offered her in exchange. 

Wednesday 25th July 2012

Today, I tidied my house from top to bottom, did all of my washing, did the shopping, cooked dinner and fed and watered the kids, but will I get a medal for coming first in each of these events…. Nooooooo…. With only 2 days to go before the Olympic Games starts, problems are still arising; trains were failing to stop at Stratford tube station, due to the heat affecting the overhead power lines. There is also talk about the security; apparently there are more troops at the Olympic Games than in Afghanistan, 18,200 armed personnel to be exact. What do they know that we don’t eh…? It can all only go uphill from here….. Right. Are we feeling the excitement for the Games yet? Have all of the hiccups put a dampener on the whole thing? Or are we waiting in anticipation for the thing to get underway? Well whatever our thoughts, it’s going to be 2 weeks of interesting. 

Thursday 26th July 2012 

Why is it whenever I go to the airport, I get asked to take my belt off, my shoes off, sometimes even to take all of my clothes off, asked to bend over and take a deep breath. But a child of eleven can bypass all security and end up in Rome. What is that all about eh? Thousands have been spent on the Olympics security, yet where we really need it, we fail to be competent. How did this happen? If an eleven year old can do it without even thinking, what about someone who is street savvy? Maybe rather than the Olympics, this is where some of the money should have gone. Speaking of money, the Chancellor is having a tough time at the moment since the GDP has fallen by 0.7%, do we not know about priorities, we spend money on meaningless things in the hope that it will generate money elsewhere, yet still the news is our economy is in a bad state. Yet we continue to vote these people in, so who is to blame…… Anyway I’m off to buy myself a white elephant.

Friday 27th July 2012

Another positive Friday, let’s reach out and give each other a helping hand in these tough times. If we see someone on their knees, let’s help them to their feet. It is hard for all of us, but together we can achieve great things.

Article by Citizen Jane / 27th July 2012


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